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Media Forums The Uganda Useless Elite Class Yoweri Museveni is the Biggest Parasite in Uganda

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    It is sad the situation in many parts of Uganda due to draught. Many people have no food in their gardens, nor foodstuffs stored. Food security is a matter of history. Many water places have dried up, others have very little water. Trees including Coffee are drying up. You can imagine the quality of Coffer beans that will be harvested.

    Everyday one sees truckfuls of Charcoal, meaning that trees are being cut at an increasing rate. Yet there is no sound policy in place to see to substitute to charcoal and firewood.

    Under normal circumstances, there would be no famine in Uganda, but trust bad politics and I’ll advised policies, Uganda has got to where it is. A country with two rainy seasons with rivers and lakes here and there, it is a shame where we are.

    Money is being wasted on useless projects as far as the welfare of the locals is concerned. We should by now have many farmers getting proper advice by extension officers over the strategies for better crop husbandry. The irrigation systems should be no news to our farmers. As of now, when its takes sometime without rain, majority of the farmers look on helplessly.

    It is incumbent upon the NRM Government to play mature politics that will see the Agricultural sector properly nourished if Uganda is to improve on food security and as well boost the surplus for marketing internally and for export.



    I heard talk of shs 33m to each of the Crane players if they won the match. Now that the Cranes have the victory, hope the cheques to the boys will be delivered without delay.


    Big up to Islam faith.Am not a Muslim but i respect their charisma and faithfulness to Allah.
    The many times prayed per day should be for all to learn in perfecting their faith too.

    It was the foot of Allah watahala that scored CRANE goal.
    While other players were eagerly waiting to kick start the game.
    Historical scorer Farouk Miya tool a short time to recall Allah in the matter at hand.

    Indeed Allah never betrayed Ugandans.




    Remembering the electoral petition of Musema Bruce Vs Abiriga that was mismanaged by Arua High Court.Also remembering that Electoral commission and Abiriga Lawyers have technically with drawn from the matter,today at Court of Appeal there shall be Conferencing.

    Im to be physically there and observe the Abiriga and Electoral Commission Lawyers try to defend a man who was awarded diploma certificate in the same year he was borne.

    stay tuned for more updates


    THANK YOU OH LORD ThANK YOU ALLAH?…Very hard game it is been today but finally we have made it boys..thanks to all the fans that made it to namboole today you were the best I have seen in my life thank you coach Micho and your team…



    Uganda Government is better termed broke. Businesses that supplied to Government are in a fix recovering their money. A few weeks ago, the non – teaching staff in public universities were demanding for the monies as promised by none the less than the President. Some people want Intern Doctors to give their services for free. The list is endless.

    How on earth does Parliament or even the Ministry of Finance end up releasing shs 2bn to MPs when the economy is in a sorry state? Did they go to counter Dr. Besigye’s allegations about the NRM Government or what?

    It is not clear why it looks like the devil is in the driving seat in Uganda. Things that are going on are very disturbing. God we need Your intervention.


    Another high profile Ugandan dies aboard a plane!