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Court in Ntungamo presided over by grade one Magistrate Abraham Achok has started hearing of a case in which Maj. Ian Kangaho, a nephew to First lady Janet Museveni is accusing several Ruhaama sub county leaders of trespassing on his land claiming it belongs to the community.

Maj. Kangaho a chieftaincy military intelligence (CMI) deputy director testified before court accusing the former Ruhaama sub county chairperson Tom Rwomushana, Kyarwehunde parish NRM chairperson Kassim Karyeija and the former sub county councilor Cosmas Kakuru for trespassing on his family land and removing boundary marks he had elected with surveyors in Mirama hills village Ruhaama Sub County.

Maj. Kangaho 53, the first witness in the case identified himself as senior serving officer of the UPDF attached to the elite Special forces command, resident of Ruzira zone in Kampala and son to the Late James Arthur Rutaremwa Kangaho who was MP of Ankole in 1980s and paternal Uncle to the First Lady.

At least six local and sub county leaders have been arrested and charged in court over criminal trespass on this land, accruing from a community meeting, that destroyed the boundary marks in 2014.These include Tom Rwomushana, Cosmas Kakuru, Kassim Karyeija, and Yeremia Kanyesime as well as elders Elidad Buluhani and Moses Karikwende.

Magistrate Achok accused Maj. Kangaho of coming to court unprepared and adjourned the hearing to September 29th 2016 when other prosecution witnesses will testify in court.