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Hi I have read, with great disgust, Kagina ‘s misplaced praise of Museveni as a good leader. I don’t know why you write such things or which Uganda you are talking about. Even if he pays you a lot of money you should feel embarrassed to write such things, if for nothing else, there will be accountability at some stage.

The Museveni you are talking about has brought Uganda to ground; some say deliberately. Whether they are right or wrong the truth is that Uganda is now lagging behind a lot of countries some of which had not started when Uganda was already ahead in education, agriculture and business and the well being of the people. Makerere University was ranked highly all over the World. Now the minister of Education Janet Museveni who allocates resources does not seem to know what education is about ; by her show of children in Karamoja when she was a minister there not so long ago.

Museveni has destroyed all the institutions of government by controlling them so that they can hardly deliver freely the services they are meant to deliver. These will have to be rebuild when a new person with imagination and positive thinking comes in. The sooner the better. Never mind 2021. Work begins now.

Your leader lacks respect for people. He regards them as tools for use to get where you want to be regardless or tools for making money. Hence, he has no respect for them. He himself has confessed to people that he has no friend. This was confirmed by the person in his house he grew up-late Byanyima.
Sadly, he has no respect for the country; or for that matter any other country. He hardly knows where Uganda ends and Rwanda begins or where Uganda ends and DRC begins. He is. therefore a risky fellow as a leader. How you can say that Ugandans are blessed to have him as a leader has no evidence. Right now Uganda is facing a colossal bill to pay DRC after The Hague court awarded Damages for his Robberies in RDC disguised as a Uganda defence affairs. This bill will have to be paid at some stage or settled. He is not the man to do either.

Museveni has institutionalised corruption which will kill off development. His family is involved in all sorts of racketeering that a trace is impossible when he is still their cover. Please let your father ( for he is only your father not father of the nation) Museveni go in peace so that Uganda can start rebuilding itself.