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President Idi Amin never took a single coin from the state. He even publicly refused to take any single item from the tens of thousands of properties across the country that he had nationalized. A quick look at what has happened with government properties ever since Amin left, and one can ask themselves if any other Ugandan leader from the past or present, was in Amin’s position in 1972, could they resist scrambling for properties for themselves? Some people clearly have no self restraint. In fact they have a looters greedy behavior called “tama” in swahili. They then dash to legitimize their illegalities later through the rampant forgery that we see today.
If a leader is found calling public property and national resources his own, tell me exactly what mentality lurks behind such a character sincerely?
Didn’t President Idi Amin simply decree the total redistribution of all nationalized properties to all indigenous Ugandans?