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As a Muslim, i have been angered by the fact The BIG Breakfast on Capital FM., decided to refer to terrorist as brothers to Muslims.

If we are to put facts in place, Muslims have the biggest number of terrorism victims.


We all know that Saud Arabia is a sacred land to all muslims around the world. In fact according to islam, its a must for every muslim who has resources to visit Saudi Arabia (Mecca & Medinah).
But going by statistics, in only this year, Saudi Arabia has suffered more than 10 terrorist attacks involving suicide bombers. Over six of these attacks happened in mosques. If a muslim in uganda would beat up a UMEME guy for deliberately entering a mosque minus putting off shoes, tell me which muslim would think of blowing up a mosque?
In July this year, a suicide bomber who wanted to blow up the prophet’s mosque (second holiest place in islam) was successfully stopped, who later blew up himself killing 4 of the security personals who had stopped him. So tell me, if a poor muslim in uganda is saving 15m just to have a chance to visit that place, which muslim in the world would ever even think of blowing up the place? This doesn’t require reading the Quran or something, it requires common sense.

If we are to rank Muslim enemies, ISRAELI would take the lead. Now if they (terrorists) are really fighting for Islam, most attacks would happen there, but non has ever happened.


We the Muslims of Uganda would like the management of Capital FM Uganda to apologise to the Muslim Community for having made such an outrageous baseless claims. Or else we may be forced to open up an online petition to demand for an apology. Please respect the Muslim brothers and sisters that tirelessly work with you Kiwanuka Kizili, and RahmaMbabazi. Had they been terroristic, couldn’t they have blown you already?