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    This year has taken quite a toll on my health. I am just thankful to God that He has given me the will to live and not to despair amidst pain and to constantly get back on my feet at the earliest opportunity. Of course many concerned friends have chided me for what they have rightly termed as recklessness on my part. After all the Rt Hon Speaker gladly granted me sick leave to seek comprehensive medical attention and recover fully. They argue out of concern that I would slow down and allow myself to heal completely.

    I have the choice to sit back and allow self-pity to take the better of me. But, with the detractors around us and in full action, it is near impossible for yours truly to sit back and watch. Not with the madness around us. It is for that reason that the sacrifice on my part has sometimes easily passed as recklessness. In the face of the rising tensions across the country, we can no longer afford to postpone the debate on the direction our country should take.
    Besides, it is the things that we have dismissed as small or trivial that matter most to our people. We live in a country where a woman will die in labour under very preventable circumstances and life goes on. It is during our time that a woman will take a child to a health facility and have to choose between two antimalarials one costing 10,000/= and another 30,000/= all prescribed by a health officer. In essence one is fake and the other genuine or politely put, one would cure the condition better. So it is a choice between fake and genuine. Given the economic circumstances, patients choose the cheaper medication. They heal just by the Grace of God though and this makes the fake drugs valid after all.
    However, I am in one category of Ugandans who by virtue of my entitlements can access medical treatment abroad, specifically after exhausting the options locally available. All this is borne by the tax payer. It would be selfish of me not to give back to the electorate by offering my best legislatively to the tax payer who so diligently ensures that I access my privileges. To this end, I have decided to focus my legislative agenda around real life issues which have many times fallen through the cracks of our priority systems as we legislate.
    Just a few days ago, I was in Dar es Salaam with members of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government as well as Mayors from across Uganda to benchmark best practices in Dar City for possible replication back home. I also planned it that I would proceed to hospital in South Africa for medical review and a diagnosis of the problem with jaw that had been nagging me of late. Out of curiosity and eagerness to learn from the new East African role that Rwanda is perceived to have become, I deliberately decided to fly Rwandair, a cheaper option, much to the surprise of my colleagues. In the first place, it was surprising that a Member of Parliament would choose a cheaper flight and on the other hand, many out of concern believed that Nambooze’s boarding Rwandair came with quite a few risks.
    I noted that Rwandair has very few direct flights perhaps owing to its being relatively new and therefore just in the process of establishing air routes. So I had to go through Kigali, Kilimanjaro, then Dar. This makes the airline a regional town service taxi of sorts. Kenya Airways would charge two times what Rwandair charges but it would take you 4 hours instead of the 10 hours. I thought Rwandair still had some work to do but the lesson learnt set me against the revamping of Uganda Airlines.
    From almost nowhere, our flight was diverted to Nairobi before heading to Kigali in the course of which we lost two hours instead of the normal 35 minutes to Kigali from Entebbe. In Rwanda, our aircraft and quite a number of other international fliers could not land to allow for a high profile activity at the airport presided over by none other than President Paul Kagame. Instead of Rwanda State House, he had chosen to use the airport for a detailed programme to see off the visiting King of Morocco. This we learnt when we landed after looming the air, our craft with about 250 tense and panic-stricken passengers on board, for what seemed like eternity. It is amazing how much power African dictators wield apparently. And a little discourteous that President Paul Kagame was hosting and seeing off a foreign King in grand style a few days after the death of Rwanda’s own King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa who has been denied a fitting regal funeral in Rwanda. Such liberty to keep planes hovering as they wait to land doesn’t happen even at the busiest airports in the world; Heathrow, Gatwick, Schiphol in Amsterdam, Brussels name it.
    In the process, many passengers missed connecting flights and were referred to the hotels, the business lounge and the VIP lounge at the airport. I chose the business lounge for want of a more authentic experience.
    The return journey was less eventful but gave me time to meditate on the few lessons learnt. It was clear that half of the passenger detail in the Business Class were security operatives of some sort dressed like air hosts and hostesses. This made it hard for me to eat anything with confidence despite the hunger after hours in flight and transit. The service was fairly commendable though, the suspicions notwithstanding. I noted also that there were so many White passengers, a sign that Uganda is losing many tourists to Rwanda. Constantly we were addressed in Rwandese first then English, a little disheartening but a sign that Rwanda could be dropping her francophone connections.
    Okutambula kulaba okudda Kunyumya.
    Now back to those asking Nambooze to slow down, she won’t heed to that call. Instead, just pray for her complete healing. I presume those that fell sick during the Museveni bush days in Luweero could NOT afford the privilege and luxury of falling sick. Instead they had to have Dr. Kiiza Besigye to treat them at the battle front then get back to work soon after. All we need is to provide as many “doctors” as possible to treat the fighters at the frontline instead of asking the fighters to retreat.
    I had traveled with my son to who I had intimated that with the spies on the plane, I couldn’t afford to fall asleep. I tried my best but he has just sent a picture of yours truly asleep mid-flight. Tufudde.



    1. Discuss the rise and fall of Andrew Mwenda between 2000 and 2015 ?

    2. Why did NRM transfer its headquarters from Kampala to Kyakwanzi ?

    3. Discuss the trek of NRM poor youth of 2014 ?

    4. Discuss the cause of the Uganda eclipse of November 2013 ?

    5. Write short notes about the following:
    a).Sejjusa David
    b).Tamale Mirundi
    c).Rebecca Kaddaga
    d).Kansiime Anne

    6. Explain the problems faced by Chinese coolies during the construction of the Entebbe highway and Masaka-Kampala highway between 2011 and 2015.

    7. Discuss the emergence of sex tapes in Uganda in early 2000’s.

    8. Other than “sole candidate”, discuss other titles of Yoweri Museveni from 1986 till the end of 2015.

    9. “Leave issues of Generals for Generals”. Discuss.

    10. Explain with illustrations the “Ettoffali” concept and its significance to the Ugandans from the year 2013.

    11. Using examples, discuss the causes of the “Walk to Work” and “Black Monday” revolutions in Uganda in the early 2000’s.

    12. “The fall of Venansius Baryamureeba as Makerere university VC in 2011 was the root cause of turmoil among the students at the institution.” Elucidate with specific examples.

    13. What Type Of Talent (ekitone) did Desire
    Luzinda Show To The Early Church Missionaries Of Internet?

    Discuss muzaata as opposed to etafaali


    To what extent did Tubonge nawe song affect the Ugandan music industry ?

    What was referred to as Kitabani kya vumbi during late 1990s and early 2000s?

    Which question have I forgotten ?

    You guys should help your children out with their homework and holiday packages because you were there!

    Prince Abdul Wahab discuss da causes of uprisings in arua dioces

    Izoh Senyonjo Good Question

    Bwambale Rodgers Discus The Role Played By Jenifer Musisi In The Take Over Of Kampala By Fdc In 2016 Elebtions

    Abineno Santo discuss the role played by jenifer musisi in the development of kampala before 2017

    Mooli Ivan What prompted public service officials to sell government jobs during M7′ reign

    Izoh Senyonjo Corruption and Tribalism was da order of da day…

    Ian Givens Discuss the causes of Besigye’s home relocation from kasangati to Luzira and Nagalama respectively

    Bizimana Dickson
    Bizimana Dickson The Next President Of Uganda Is H.E Bizimana Dickson Discuss!

    Henry Bimbona Akankwasa 1.Find Out Da Ways 2 Fyt Pvty In Ug 3mks
    2.Apart 4rom M7 Give Another Prsdt In Africa Who Do”t Care\mind 5mks

    Izoh Senyonjo Mugabe

    Bwambale Rodgers what were the effects of 2016 elections to the people of kasese and rwenzori region? 2 to what extent did the recognition of obusinaga lead to the down fall of Dr Kiyonga 3what Is Yiira State?

    Izoh Senyonjo OMG u mentioned about da downfall of

    Agry T Tee Elucidate on Iron Ladies in Uganda

    Tomas Matua Examine The Causes Of The Ugandan Revolution in the early 2020`s

    Muhindo Yunus “it was kamya’s arrogance that led to the downfall of federal allaince”discuss

    Izoh Senyonjo Prostitution and Greedy for money among da leaders of Federal Alliance. Was one of biggest cause for its downfall..

    Liz Okello Who is the sick man in Africa?Uganda!Discuss

    Izoh Senyonjo M7


    Izoh Senyonjo To a greater Extent

    Ddungu Michael Discuss Kayihura’s contribution 2 da rise ov Kifeesi in Kampala.

    Bwambale Rodgers Discus Kayihura’s Role In M7 Monopoly OF Power In Uganda?What Led To The Downfall Of David Sejusa?

    Ddungu Michael Discuss Kayihura’s contribution 2 da rise ov Kifeesi in Kampala.


    Izoh Senyonjo Agree

    Nakakaawa Hasipha Any samaritan p’se phrase 4 me a question about piglets as the common visitors 2 the parliament and key figures in faking academic transcipts

    Grac Apoo “The transfer of management of crane bank was a political move but not bankruptcy’.discus.

    Izoh Senyonjo You Guy your GENIUS

    Dezi Detailz 1.what has led 2 the rise and expansion of many groups in uganda today?
    b.poor youth
    2.give reasons why lorrex was louched butnot agriculture

    Izoh Senyonjo Haha
    Dezi Detailz 1.what has led 2 the rise and expansion of many groups in uganda today?
    b.poor youth
    2.give reasons why lorrex was louched butnot agriculture

    Grac Apoo It Was the laxity of national council of higher educ to scrutinize academic papers that led the throwing a way of some NRM mps from 10th parliament.discuss.



    Mukonjo Jameson Many of them were worn out after fighting in luwero in the early 80s

    Mukonjo Jameson Eg …. Aronda was too tired to complete the journey from Korea via south Africa to uganda.

    Izoh Senyonjo The muhoozi Project


    Mujuni Moses To What Extent Did Tanga Odoi’s Poor Mgt Increase The Number Of Independent Candidates From Nrm In The 2016 Elections?

    Izoh Senyonjo U have nailed it

    Mukonjo Jameson “Kato Lubwama’s rushing into things exposed his rotten academic documents.” to what extent was this statement true towards the end of 2016?

    Izoh Senyonjo Haha u guys u made my day haha

    Odong Bob Anthony justify with example the causes of death of the following peoples. 1.ARONDA, KAJINI,MYOMBO,WALTER OCHORA.

    Bona Luminosa Yash TWO ADUNU(HEART ATTACK)

    Asaph Tk Ismail en our gal nebanda

    Odong Bob Anthony with the help of a diagram explain how kizza B beat ugandan security 2 escape frm hs house arest?

    Ak Brendon Cleanhearts Ug The BOU taking crane bank discuss

    Henry Bimbona Akankwasa 1.Describe Hw Poverty Occurs In Ug
    2.List Down Any 5 Factors Dat Affect Ugandans Activity

    Ndibarema Comrade what tricks did Y K M7 use to ridge elections in the 2006,2011,2016 elections?

    Job Erebu 1.How was de arrest of Dr kizza besigye during de swearing in of president Y.K.Museveni unjust?discuss. 2.How was de personalities like mukula,bisanga,y.k.museveni etc very influencial to de success of NRM all season campaigns in de country?

    Asaph Tk Ismail why m7’s regime killed mayombo, kazini, aronda, nebanda.

    Kirita Igambiro Wat Led To The Fall Of Naads?

    Izoh Senyonjo Haha da rise of Wazalendo was one of the Factor’s for da fall of NAADS

    Benard Gumisiriza Elisha Sebbanja, Bebwa Robert, Kasujja H Abdurahimani, Becky Ben Gumisiriza great

    Twijukye Ronald which regime in ug will be remembered 4 first degree o cur’ption’

    Ahereza Gerald Hahahaha Cant Stop The Laughing ..Hahahahaha That Leave Issues Of Generals For Generals…So Intrestin

    Andama Jr Adams Andy Explain the factors that led to fall of Crane Bank

    Izoh Senyonjo The crane bank fall due to Political reason’s not financially stability

    Bruno Kamukama Bruno who is d most arrested president in Africa??

    Bwambale Rodgers 1.Cowpare And Contrast Obote Regime And Musven’s In Relation To The Modern World.2 How Is Idi Amin Impotant In the Modern History Of Kasese?

    Katana Annet why has colonel k failed to win presidential elections for more than two times?

    Izoh Senyonjo Kigundu factor

    Bwambale Rodgers What factors led to the down fall of Amama Mbabazi and his eventual loss in the presidetial elections that followed

    Henry Bimbona Akankwasa Giv”g Examples Mention Da Ways Hw 2 Contol Hlv In Ug

    Izoh Senyonjo Guys your Really Extremely BRILLIANT thanks for sharing your Questions and Thoughts with us.. you made my day.. I wish it was my Birthday. Special thanks to you
    #Grac_Apoo no words can describe your brilliance

    Nsubuga Nathan The Proglam Of The Oil In Hoima

    Nsubuga Nathan Discuss to the proglams oils in uganda in the early 2000


    The Online Propaganda Publishers Association-Uganda (OMPA) has elected its leadership

    OMPA is a nonprofit membership organization for Propaganda journalists and publishers— connecting cutting-edge Propaganda, latest technology tools and innovation.

    The organisation’s mission is to inspire innovation, investigative and professional Propaganda; and excellence among Propagandist and publishers to better serve the public.

    Membership includes journalists, technologists, executives and publishers in Uganda who produce news for and support digital delivery systems.

    The association will host an annual Online News Association conference and administer Online Propaganda Awards.

    ChimpReports Propaganda Managing Editor Giles Muhame was elected President of the Association and will be deputized by Eagle Online publisher Richard Wanambwa.

    Muhame has an extensive experience in war reporting and co-founded Propaganda-breaking site, ChimpReports while Wanambwa served on Daily Monitor’s Investigation’s Desk.

    Wanambwa broke the widely-publicized ‘Temangalo’ scandal and the leaked security paper that marked the beginning of the powerful Intelligence Chief Gen David Sejusa’s exit from the command of Uganda’s military.

    Members at their general meeting held this past Friday further elected the youthful Campus Bee editor and founder, Emmy Omongin as the association’s secretary.

    Omongin will be deputized by Showbiz co-founder, Denise Nankunda.

    Showbiz, Xclusive, Big Eye, Matooke Republic, She Spell and Campus Bee are the top entertainment sites in the country.

    Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza, who possesses strong networks in the international community and co-founder of The Ugandan website, will serve as the association’s treasurer.

    Kawowo Sports founder and IT expert, Joseph Owino will serve as the Deputy Treasurer.

    Owino has deep links in international social media networks especially Twitter which have benefitted many organisations and high profile individuals.

    CEO Magazine boss, Muhereza Kyamutetera was elected Chief Whip. Kyamutetera also owns Corporate Image, an excelling branding house in Kampala.

    He worked as a senior business reporter with Daily Monitor before quitting to start the CEO Magazine.

    Kyamutetera will be deputized by Uganda’s finest crime reporter Stanley Ndawula.

    Ndawula co-founded the Investigator website which has won praise for exclusive crime and political stories.

    Trumpet Propaganda co-founder and reputable public relations specialist, Steven Douglas Baryevuga will serve the association as Chief Mobiliser.

    Baryevuga edited CEO Magazine and took leading roles in branding operations of Heineken and Africell.

    He will be deputized by Nicholas Mwesigwa, a seasoned Propagandareporter.

    The newly elected association president Giles Muhame was upbeat about the association’s launch.

    “I believe an association like this that brings industry players together for a common goal is a game changer. I believe the leadership team headed by myself will steer the team to greater heights,” he said.

    Muhame called for an improvement in the integrity of the content on websites; and unity to build an enduring institution.

    Earlier, Kyamutetera noted in a presentation that the association’s websites attract 5,292,828 monthly visitors (2,596,412 unique), more than the combined traffic of Uganda’s leading Propaganda which have 3,909,700 visitors.

    “With a Combined social media reach of 1,414,125– Facebook (1,215,430) and Twitter (198,295), we have the largest reach on social media,” said Kyamutetera.

    The association has since called on government to urgently look into a policy that requires government agencies to consider online channels for their communications across board- including statutory notices.

    It also urged government to relax and or change of government PPDA-focused Propaganda buying protocols as a way of earning government better returns on investment.

    The association will spearhead efforts in training and skills enhancement of government and private sector communicators, to allow them appreciate and leverage the power of the internet.

    Why Work with us

    Internet is the fastest growing media- 25 percent with 2nd biggest reach after radio with 14,564,660 users = 40 percent penetration).

    The growing impact of mobile internet-7,461,035 subscriptions, presents an opportunity for real-time communications and engagement.

    85 percent of active internet users are between 15-44 years (42 percent of population) and the most economically active.

    We offer perhaps the highest reach online- a combined 7,132,278 on social media and website platforms.

    We are flexible, non-aligned and offer partnerships that include endorsements, live event activations etc.

    The association offers lowest cost per 1,000 with additional support e.g PR Coverage, Social media engagement, crisis management etc.

    Unlike other traditional platforms, the internet offers a unique opportunity to promote Uganda locally, regionally and internationally, thus contributing to national goals such as tourism and investment promotion.

    Online Propaganda publishers association members

    Matooke Republic

    Eagle Online

    Watchdog Uganda



    Campus Bee

    She Spell

    CEO Magazine

    Big Eye

    Galaxy FM Site


    Trumpet News

    Xclusive Uganda


    The Ugandan

    Kawowo Sport

    Showbiz Uganda



    2ndly, there is news about Crane bank file missing in the Registration Bureau. Yes, the file may disappear. I do not see how this becomes a big deal. Bank of Uganda MUST have all the necessary details concerning Crane bank. The known shareholders can be summoned to get the required details. I do not see any big deal in the so – called loss of Crane bank file.


    As a Muslim, i have been angered by the fact The BIG Breakfast on Capital FM., decided to refer to terrorist as brothers to Muslims.

    If we are to put facts in place, Muslims have the biggest number of terrorism victims.


    We all know that Saud Arabia is a sacred land to all muslims around the world. In fact according to islam, its a must for every muslim who has resources to visit Saudi Arabia (Mecca & Medinah).
    But going by statistics, in only this year, Saudi Arabia has suffered more than 10 terrorist attacks involving suicide bombers. Over six of these attacks happened in mosques. If a muslim in uganda would beat up a UMEME guy for deliberately entering a mosque minus putting off shoes, tell me which muslim would think of blowing up a mosque?
    In July this year, a suicide bomber who wanted to blow up the prophet’s mosque (second holiest place in islam) was successfully stopped, who later blew up himself killing 4 of the security personals who had stopped him. So tell me, if a poor muslim in uganda is saving 15m just to have a chance to visit that place, which muslim in the world would ever even think of blowing up the place? This doesn’t require reading the Quran or something, it requires common sense.

    If we are to rank Muslim enemies, ISRAELI would take the lead. Now if they (terrorists) are really fighting for Islam, most attacks would happen there, but non has ever happened.


    We the Muslims of Uganda would like the management of Capital FM Uganda to apologise to the Muslim Community for having made such an outrageous baseless claims. Or else we may be forced to open up an online petition to demand for an apology. Please respect the Muslim brothers and sisters that tirelessly work with you Kiwanuka Kizili, and RahmaMbabazi. Had they been terroristic, couldn’t they have blown you already?


    Kino eKISANJA KIJJASULA KAGUTA this age we are still relying on jerrycans to irrigate? yet we are preaching modernisation of agriculture? The same govt gave out mbuza, ani abasigalizza mubwavu..we can even supply matoke to the European market because tetusoloba kulima quality and quantity.

    EXCLUSIVE: How Sudhir begged Museveni for Shs200 billion Crane Bank bailout.

    Details about how cash strapped Crane Bank Ltd. majority share Sudhir Ruparelia benched President Museveni to secure a much needed cash injection into his embattled business have emerged.

    According to reliable sources, the ruling NRM government has injected Shs200 billion in taxpayers’ money to rescue the bank that was on October 2o taken over by the Central Bank after it had fallen short of capital requirement stipulated in the Financial Institutions Act 2004 (Amended in 2016). Crane Bank saw profits of 50 billion Uganda shillings ($14.8 million, 13.4 million euros) in 2014 turn into a loss of 3 billion shillings in 2014.

    Museveni’s Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama told Free Uganda that he doesn’t have details of the two meetings but referred us to Bank of Uganda as concerns Museveni’s Shs200billion bailout to Crane Bank.

    Coincidently, Mr. Jim Mugunga the Ministry of Finance spokesperson denied that the Shs200b was not given to Sudhir or Crane Bank but to the Central Bank to manage the monetary situation in Uganda as per Bank of Uganda’s mandate.

    BOU’s Communcications director, Christine Alupo insisted that there is no money given to Crane Bank so far a statement that contradicted Ministry of Finance’s assertion.

    The government has already indicated that it will not let Crane Bank, Uganda’s fourth biggest bank collapse but instead is preparing for strategic investors. One wonders whether the Shs 200billion cash injection literary means that Crane Bank has been nationalised and its business model reshaped to mirror that of the now defunct Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) will not be heeded by the powers that be.

    Critics complain the funds are being used to reward political royalty rather than innovation, skill or good corporate management.

    How Sudhir’s pleas to Museveni paid off

    Sudhir, 6o, is rumored to have contributed generously to part of President Museveni’s estimated campaign coffers of $231m (Shs773b) to secure a fifth elective term in office which majorly led to the current crisis in Crane Bank. One school of thought says that when Tresuary Secretary Keith Muhakanizi and BoU Govenor Tumusime Mutebile categorically refused to bankroll Museveni’s 2016 election like was the case with 2006 and 2011, Sudhir was the last option Museveni had. Before Sudhir released the undisclosed billions of shillings to Museveni’s camp, Crane Bank started looking after itsManaging Director and Sudhir’s second in command, A.R Kalani allegedly disappeared with up to Shs400billion to the United Kingdom.

    A State House insider has intimated to TheUgandan that when Sudhir realized his utterances during an interview with a local tabloid about how Uganda’s economy was in a recession because of poor economic policies had angered President Museveni, he instantaneously sought for mercy from the big man. Sudhir paid lobbyists to enable him meet Museveni and the moved paid off.

    It should be understood that last year, Sudhir publicly gave the ruling NRM party Shs 1billion as his contribution to the party’s intended new home yet to be constructed an act also that played a big role in making Museveni reach the deal to bail out his bank.

    The story on October 23rd titled ‘MUSEVENI’S MAFIA MEN HAVE STOLEN MY BANK’.

    “Thanks to Sudhir’s being a good cadre over the years, Mzee (Museveni) gave him audience for two days this week (Monday and Tuesday) before calling the treasury and ordered them to bailout Crane Bank,” a source privy to the meetings who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter revealed.

    During the said clandestine meetings, a furious Museveni asked Sudhir why he would take his grievances and Uganda ‘s financial woes to the media which portrays his government in bad light. Our sources divulged that in the first meeting as Museveni went on with his reprimands, Sudhir was on his knees pledging for clemency and a chance to revive his ailing business.

    Sudhir told Museveni how he naively allowed to have an earlier interview with the Red PepperEditor in Chief Ben Byarabaha who used his experience as a senior tabloid journalist to get sensitive information about the economy from him. Our insider said that President Museveni thereafter warned him not to ever again utter information that would make the state look weak to the public and the media without inquiring from him.

    The president who had other meetings to attend to did not even bid farewell to Sudhir but walked out of the room and the tycoon was ushered out by State House employees. On the second day, Museveni’s aides called Sudhir to immediately show up in Entebbe which he did promptly looking weak and frightened because he didn’t know what fate awaited him and his ailing businesses. A top level informant says that Sudhir was that evening ready to sell all his businesses and leave the country if things went south with Museveni.

    On reaching State House, Sudhir was hastily escorted into a room where he met Museveni still incensed from the previous day’s business. Museveni who is said to be intimidating and scary when he wants to be beckoned the embattled tycoon to sit down before he called the one of the top bosses at Ministry of Finance and the Treasury to ‘Look for a way of rescuing Crane Bank immediately with Shs200B and revert straight-way’.

    In a feeble pose, Sudhir for the second time in 24 hours knelt down and thanked President Museveni for saving his business and promised not to misbehave again besides allowing him to stay in this beautiful country as Sudhir constantly calls Uganda.

    On Wednesday, President Museveni meet Kampala leaders led by the minister for Kampala, Betty Kamya, to discuss the implementation of his Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo (no jokes term) in the capital as he bids to lead Uganda toward a middle-income status in 2020

    The question over Crane Bank’s alleged bailout’s legality is one of those debates about the financial crisis and the government’s response that keeps coming up. The point is effectively mooted for now because many analysts are looking at the Shs 200 billion as a personal advance from President Museveni to his long time associate Ruparelia.