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Media Forums The Uganda Useless Elite Class Yoweri Museveni is the Biggest Parasite in Uganda

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    Cairo bank ,ABC bank ,DFCU, have all transfered their money out of Uganda.

    This follows receivership of crane bank claiming that it had gone bankrupt yet there are more banks that are bankrupt than crane bank .
    After information reached masses ,they all rushed in long lines to these banks to withdraw their money

    All account holders in the above mentioned banks are most likely to lose or receive less than 20% of what they have there.
    U will all praise me when time comes am at school but all my heart and soul is with my fellow country men.


    Dr. Besigye meeting the gay funders promises that when he takes over gays will be allowed to marry . In return he is to receive 6 million dollars.

    He will be officially ACCEPT GAY RIGHTS IN UGANDA… have u ever had him fight against them…

    Ebintu bino bizibu i hope i can clearly explain nabillaz trip longtime ago and attending gay marriage…




    So today l engaged Dr. DEUS KAMUNYU and the sole reason was to give me more light and indepth analysis of how MUK operated in early 1990s.

    In the early 1990s, a new department was established at MUK , MDD-music , dance and drama. The pioneer department heads were
    -Prof. Rose mbowa…. RIP
    -Mr. Mangeni
    -Mr. Kisense… and others.
    They were given a task to have the department hit the ground running. They then took a decision to recruit performing artists. The department by that time had no specific qualification for admission, all that was required was to be a performing artist.

    Then there was a boy, KATO PAULO LUBWAMA. who set out to use the golden opportunity of the new department to his advantage. He sought the help n guidance of

    these not only guided him, the stood as REFEREES during his admission.

    As if Kato lubwama had a cloud of luck above him, the department head , Prof. MBOWA was the head of production at BLACK PEARLS……. owned by omugave ndugwa.
    This was a catalyst to his admission.

    With Kato being an already established performing artist,he was a star and a darling to the audience.. Things were moving in his direction.
    Okumanya kato is lucky, the government funded his stay at campus, facilitating his tuition and accommodation requirements.

    KATO PAULO LUBWAMA indeed went to school, the difference wth him and other students was that after his misfiring with class matters, he never lost hope , he embarked on a task to have him get academic papers for his talent.
    “When one door closes, many more open, failures Concentrate on the one closed door, successful people Concentrate on the many opened doors”
    To all those trying to bring Kato down

    TEMULI BAVVU……………….


    The photo above is for an identity of one UPDF solder in the names of Opio Ebangit Emma. He uses too much abusive language and threatening words on media to the opposition, I don’t know whether a once time professional army UPDF is turning to partisan politics. Anyone who knows him, should advise him, or he faces court martial.


    Cairo, ABC ,DFCU, Orient , Bank of Africa, Diamond trust bank DTB have all transfered their money out of Uganda. They started by defying museven’s request to clear petrol stations money for police car fuel. Each bank is crying saying museven is drying them.
    All account holders in the above mentioned banks are most likely to lose or receive less than 20% of what they have there.
    For any leader to quicken his exit , he dries up income sources. Its very clear that he intends to escape or resign and very soon he will be going to Europe to mit his 30 year’s robbed billions.


    100% Bad NEWS!! After Crane_Bank, M.T.N Mobile money NEXT! HAHAHAHAaaa oba tulagawa uganda??? anti kisanja hakuna muchuzzi. any way days are numbered for Yoweri Museveni the leopard anus.


    Joseph Bossa is a Con Man

    Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) under the leadership of Lira Municipality MP, Jimmy Akena has warned its members and the public against working with its former Vice President, Joseph Bossa who claims to be the party president.

    Addressing the media on Wednesday at the party headquarters in Kampala, the party president, Akena noted that Bossa has “continued to hoodwink Ugandans by impersonating as the party president claiming that he was given the mandate from his predecessor, Olara Ottunu.”

    Akena says all that Bossa received from Ottunu was an empty package since Ottunu’s mandate had expired and was therefore leading the party as a defacto president only to organize elections for new leadership which he did.

    Bossa allegedly received the mandate to steer the party on July 1 2016 and ever since he has been organizing several party meetings that will culminate into a National council in which his leadership will be endorsed by the delegates.

    Akena revealed “We are not going to accept jokers to play around with the party which has long heritage and a strong mission; they can sit in their cacoons and make pronouncements but UPC has its members and historical mission which they won’t stop.”

    The party spokesperson, Michael Osinde Orach said that the party has received credible information that Bossa is trying to use the structures of UPC to recruit members especially the youth to Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward pressure group with the aim of formulating a new political party.

    It should be remembered that both Bossa and Olara Otunnu were members of the Go Forward’s National Task Force and National Campaign team during the presidential campaigns.

    Osinde said, “Ac