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So today l engaged Dr. DEUS KAMUNYU and the sole reason was to give me more light and indepth analysis of how MUK operated in early 1990s.

In the early 1990s, a new department was established at MUK , MDD-music , dance and drama. The pioneer department heads were
-Prof. Rose mbowa…. RIP
-Mr. Mangeni
-Mr. Kisense… and others.
They were given a task to have the department hit the ground running. They then took a decision to recruit performing artists. The department by that time had no specific qualification for admission, all that was required was to be a performing artist.

Then there was a boy, KATO PAULO LUBWAMA. who set out to use the golden opportunity of the new department to his advantage. He sought the help n guidance of

these not only guided him, the stood as REFEREES during his admission.

As if Kato lubwama had a cloud of luck above him, the department head , Prof. MBOWA was the head of production at BLACK PEARLS……. owned by omugave ndugwa.
This was a catalyst to his admission.

With Kato being an already established performing artist,he was a star and a darling to the audience.. Things were moving in his direction.
Okumanya kato is lucky, the government funded his stay at campus, facilitating his tuition and accommodation requirements.

KATO PAULO LUBWAMA indeed went to school, the difference wth him and other students was that after his misfiring with class matters, he never lost hope , he embarked on a task to have him get academic papers for his talent.
“When one door closes, many more open, failures Concentrate on the one closed door, successful people Concentrate on the many opened doors”
To all those trying to bring Kato down