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Brenda Gimbo 36 is an an unfortunate journalist from Namutumba who was diagnosed with a tumor at the center of her brain, where all sense neurons meet. The situation deteriorated leading to double vision and later to loss of sight. The single mother of three cannot walk without help and can’t read. After one surgery in Mulago, doctors referred her to India for neuro-navigated craniotomy followed by biopsy/decompression, followed by radiotherapy. No parents, no husband no help. She couldn’t raise the money. Busoga Journalists Association (BUJA) started a campaign dubbed “save Brenda.” to save their own. They knocked every door of political offices in Jinja( which are 99% NRM) and could only raise a paltry 2.1m after three months. These NRM parliamentarians, RDCs, Secretary general, speaker were contacted and didn’t donate. Frustrated, BUJA started planning to meet H.E KB and talk to him about Brenda. After all, he is the people’s president. When word got to NRM thieves about BUJA’s plan, they crafted the master plan. Go to M7 and tell him that Besigye may be asked to intervene. The news sent M7 panicking and he gave orders to Nakyobe to bank roll Brenda’s India treatment. When the money was procured, the thieves, led by Mayor of Jinja Municipality stormed Brenda asking for kick backs to the tune of 30m. Poor woman tried to plead for leniency but the thieves took the money anyway. And there she was. With a deficit of 30 million, she could still not go for her operation. Journalists intervened. They named and shamed massively. The theft was shamefully master minded by this Batambuze the jinja mayor but involved other high ranking hooligans in statehouse. Unfortunately, the speaker may be complicit too. The mention of Besigye’s name is now the pass word that thieves in Govt use to steal our money. When they mention that name leopard anus makes snap decisions. Now Brenda went yesterday but the deadline had passed. What a shame.