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The Online Propaganda Publishers Association-Uganda (OMPA) has elected its leadership

OMPA is a nonprofit membership organization for Propaganda journalists and publishers— connecting cutting-edge Propaganda, latest technology tools and innovation.

The organisation’s mission is to inspire innovation, investigative and professional Propaganda; and excellence among Propagandist and publishers to better serve the public.

Membership includes journalists, technologists, executives and publishers in Uganda who produce news for and support digital delivery systems.

The association will host an annual Online News Association conference and administer Online Propaganda Awards.

ChimpReports Propaganda Managing Editor Giles Muhame was elected President of the Association and will be deputized by Eagle Online publisher Richard Wanambwa.

Muhame has an extensive experience in war reporting and co-founded Propaganda-breaking site, ChimpReports while Wanambwa served on Daily Monitor’s Investigation’s Desk.

Wanambwa broke the widely-publicized ‘Temangalo’ scandal and the leaked security paper that marked the beginning of the powerful Intelligence Chief Gen David Sejusa’s exit from the command of Uganda’s military.

Members at their general meeting held this past Friday further elected the youthful Campus Bee editor and founder, Emmy Omongin as the association’s secretary.

Omongin will be deputized by Showbiz co-founder, Denise Nankunda.

Showbiz, Xclusive, Big Eye, Matooke Republic, She Spell and Campus Bee are the top entertainment sites in the country.

Dixon Kagurusi Ampumuza, who possesses strong networks in the international community and co-founder of The Ugandan website, will serve as the association’s treasurer.

Kawowo Sports founder and IT expert, Joseph Owino will serve as the Deputy Treasurer.

Owino has deep links in international social media networks especially Twitter which have benefitted many organisations and high profile individuals.

CEO Magazine boss, Muhereza Kyamutetera was elected Chief Whip. Kyamutetera also owns Corporate Image, an excelling branding house in Kampala.

He worked as a senior business reporter with Daily Monitor before quitting to start the CEO Magazine.

Kyamutetera will be deputized by Uganda’s finest crime reporter Stanley Ndawula.

Ndawula co-founded the Investigator website which has won praise for exclusive crime and political stories.

Trumpet Propaganda co-founder and reputable public relations specialist, Steven Douglas Baryevuga will serve the association as Chief Mobiliser.

Baryevuga edited CEO Magazine and took leading roles in branding operations of Heineken and Africell.

He will be deputized by Nicholas Mwesigwa, a seasoned Propagandareporter.

The newly elected association president Giles Muhame was upbeat about the association’s launch.

“I believe an association like this that brings industry players together for a common goal is a game changer. I believe the leadership team headed by myself will steer the team to greater heights,” he said.

Muhame called for an improvement in the integrity of the content on websites; and unity to build an enduring institution.

Earlier, Kyamutetera noted in a presentation that the association’s websites attract 5,292,828 monthly visitors (2,596,412 unique), more than the combined traffic of Uganda’s leading Propaganda which have 3,909,700 visitors.

“With a Combined social media reach of 1,414,125– Facebook (1,215,430) and Twitter (198,295), we have the largest reach on social media,” said Kyamutetera.

The association has since called on government to urgently look into a policy that requires government agencies to consider online channels for their communications across board- including statutory notices.

It also urged government to relax and or change of government PPDA-focused Propaganda buying protocols as a way of earning government better returns on investment.

The association will spearhead efforts in training and skills enhancement of government and private sector communicators, to allow them appreciate and leverage the power of the internet.

Why Work with us

Internet is the fastest growing media- 25 percent with 2nd biggest reach after radio with 14,564,660 users = 40 percent penetration).

The growing impact of mobile internet-7,461,035 subscriptions, presents an opportunity for real-time communications and engagement.

85 percent of active internet users are between 15-44 years (42 percent of population) and the most economically active.

We offer perhaps the highest reach online- a combined 7,132,278 on social media and website platforms.

We are flexible, non-aligned and offer partnerships that include endorsements, live event activations etc.

The association offers lowest cost per 1,000 with additional support e.g PR Coverage, Social media engagement, crisis management etc.

Unlike other traditional platforms, the internet offers a unique opportunity to promote Uganda locally, regionally and internationally, thus contributing to national goals such as tourism and investment promotion.

Online Propaganda publishers association members

Matooke Republic

Eagle Online

Watchdog Uganda



Campus Bee

She Spell

CEO Magazine

Big Eye

Galaxy FM Site


Trumpet News

Xclusive Uganda


The Ugandan

Kawowo Sport

Showbiz Uganda