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This steady progress government what do expect from somebody who fetches water on a bicycle, farmers need irrigation systems in this dry season and u tell them to use bicycles Mr president do u use bicycles on ur farms
90% of Ugandans are farmers why don’t u invest heavily in agriculture shame upon Nrm government for 30years, Amin had 8years in office but he did a lot for Uganda we can’t forget.

President Yoweri Museveni’s stated objective is to transform Uganda from an agrarian to an industrial nation. He has been in power for 30 years, the period South Korea took to achieve that goal. Yet 80% of Ugandans still depend on agriculture for a livelihood; 68% as subsistence farmers. It seems realistic to blame Museveni for this as I used to do when I was still young and intelligent.
Now I have grown old and stupid. So I wonder: If Museveni is the reason manufacturing in Uganda has grown at a snail’s pace, what explains its failure across the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 47 countries? With the exception of Ethiopia, Africa is de-industrialising. Recent growth has been sustained by high commodity prices and services. There are more manufacturing jobs in Vietnam alone than the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa combined.