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The very day Makerere University opened in 1921, there was a strike
Baganda Chiefs who had got free mailo lands in the 1900 Buganda Agreement around Wandegeya hill, Nakulabye, Makerere and Mulago hills were ordered to give out their land to the colonialists to construct Makerere college.Strikes ensued but the Bataka/Baganda chiefs were overpowered & MUK came into existence

Violent Strikes resumed in 1928 and later early 1940’s as Buganda Katikirro Martin Luther Nsibirwa using his influence in the Buganda Lukiiko threw out the remaining landlords from Makerere hill to have Makerere college expand into Makerere University. The landlords were overpowered amidst violent strikes.

The landlords and chiefs conspired and killed Nsibirwa in broad day light as he entered Namirembe Cathedral for prayers in 1942.

Even the student community kept striking over marginalisation of blacks by whites. The most violent strike was in 1952 led by a 2nd year student Apollo Milton Obote (who became Uganda’s Prime Minister 10 years later at independence).

Obote protested against whites being served good food as blacks the owners of the country were fed on bad food & sometimes starved.

One Muganda Chief who lost his land in 1920’s lamented that Makerere will never be peaceful.

When will strikes at MUK end??????? For those who are blaming Mzee for causing strikes u should calm down.