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We know well our history, we all know our today but do we prepare for tomorrow??
Everyday we give excuse of yesterday, pin pointing our enemies as those who enslaved us, who are racists and exploiters.

But Jews were enslaved, Chinese were enslaved and colonised, Indians colonised and enslaved Americans were colonised..

Meaning we too share same loss or approximately equivalent.
Read about the economy of China, and India in 1900, 1930,1960,1990,2015 look at Singapore in 1960,1990,2015

Compare it with any Afrikan country except white dominated South Africa.

Let’s not think about unity as a myth
Let’s not enjoy individualism and embrace sole proprietorship
Let’s not embrace worshiping minus entrepreneurship.
Let’s not forget Afrikan family set up.
Let’s look for beauty of Afrika and exploit it.
Let’s consume our food, our clothes our materials.
If we dream of quality, let’s not import it, let’s make it.
Yes we were illiterate but we are now literates.

Why do we love Japan cars, China caps, American guns, Israel technological, English system when civilisation started in Afrika?? Why not partner instead of entirely importing everything and exporting little poor quality to the world market??

What are our standards??
When will Afrika be a source of reference?
When do we produce expertise?
Why should China give us knowledge on agriculture when it’s our backbone??

How did a once colonised China or India became a first world country??

And you think with these tens of political parties in one country we shall think together??
And you think with everyone looking to be employed we shall innovate??
And you think with less trust in our quality we shall stop importation??
And you think with much time on leisure en entertainment of whites we shall protect our heritage??

No and a big NO!!
Unless we developed a standard AFRIKAN system, we build AFRIKAN universities, we teach our children within Afrikan context, we build families on Afrikan context, we produce citizens with spirit of Afrika, men and women working for Afrika. Thinking and acting within the best image of Afrika.

We shall be ruled ideologically, psychologically, physically, economically, religiously, technically, scientifically, socially, politically..

TOM ISINGOMA MWESIGA, shall produce children who are seeing no use in a black skin, who shall dream of USA and UK as dream destinations, who will know that black is dirty, weak, evil and white as pure, perfect and privileged.
Children shall be shy moving with whites on same streets, sitting them on same tables, urging with them or planning with them.

We need Sankara, Nkrumah, Garvey, Luther King Jr, Nyerere, Selassie, Lumumba of 21st century.
This should be a century of black people, a time for peaceful Afrika, a century of Afrik’s recovery from mental distortion, a century of black consciousness, a century of black people speaking and the world listens, a century of Afrikan people eating Afrikan food, watching Afrikan movies, sitting on Afrikan chairs.
A century every human knows about the Afrikan beauty not a century of terrorism, corruption, poverty, coups, rivalry politics etc

When am talking or writing about Afrika, I am sure I am communicating to brothers and sisters who shall listen and understand me because I do likewise.
Long live Afrikan people.