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    The newly elected Member of Parliament for Burahya County Margaret Muhanga Mugisa on her Facebook page, she published on 06th February stated that “I pray that social media is closed again and forever.


    JUST IN …..PM .NEWS.. Thousands stranded at Old taxi park … as traffic Jam holds taxis after heavy Wednesday Evening down Kampala… During Amins days the train was effective … and town service buses were there…the NRM should have built onto these instead of killing the kampala transport system in the name of privatisation



    If 2y(5x-7y) -6y X +6 =b v45 find x.
    Yesterday i was in the sitting room watching a program called China24 on CCTV NEWS, an electric lamp manufacturer was interviewed together with his workers in his factory. The workers are kids between the ages or 12-18 the most beautiful part of it was that the kids can on their own manufacture same.
    Now let’s come down to Uganda. Uganda students are busy searching for “x” while students in the developed countries are manufacturing things for the development of their country.
    In Uganda, our engineering students spend nearly all their time solving difficult equations and searching for “x”.
    In Uganda, students will be asked to search for “x” I do smile and ask myself how can we use Algebra and simultaneous equation to boost the economy.
    How can we use the located “x” to solve the challenges facing us? In Uganda, teacher will draw a circle having dots in it on the chalk board and tell the kids “this is an Orange” imagine.
    In Uganda, a teacher will be in the class room using acid to change litmus paper to red on the chalk board. In fact, in Uganda the best place to mix acid with base is on chalk board.
    In Uganda, a teacher will be in the class teaching rock and it types and expect the students to be able to identify them in real sense
    how possible?
    However, the above are some of the reasons why at 50+ as an oil producing country we are still
    importing tooth-pick and matches. Our brain has been channel to the fact that failure to go to school will end one up as a domestic servant of the educated ones which I seriously disagree with. We can’t all be in the class room at the same time and expect us to catch up with the developed countries, it never done; we will
    keep depending on them with such barbaric idea. Let those that are willing to go into sport be on the field or track not in class room, Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid FC was expelled from school at the age of 14
    and today he is a world footballer.
    Let take those that are good in construction to factories or workshops not class room. Let’s take away pen from our engineering students and send them out of class.
    Let’s take away pen from those that are willing to take hoe, cutlass, hammer, saw, screw driver etc.
    Our too much dependent on pen is sending us backward.
    To me, spending 5, 6 or more years in tertiary institution is nothing but a total waste of time, 3 years is enough for engineering courses. 12 calender month is enough for food related courses and 3 or 4 years is enough to be a lawyer. Imagine our youth spending 8years of their lives in university and still our Government don’t trust on their expertise rather they travel out of the country..
    At this juncture, I will like to call on the government at all level to look into this and find a lasting solution to it.
    Lastly our government should stop sending the talented ones away by sending them aboard for training and failed to establish/provide where they will be discharging what they’ve learnt or the skills they’ve acquired upon their arrival. If we can do this, I believe that few years to come Uganda will be the greatest country of the world while others will be on the queue at our back.
    But before then, I remain my humble self  MULO DEE. God bless my father land. Send This to all Ugandan students on ur list.. and to the minister for Education Janet Kataha Museveni.


    AMATWIIKIRA GA KYABAZINGA AGOMUKUZI OGWO 3 NGA 13 – 9 – 2016 – BUKOLI. ( Baba Asiimye tubeeyo ).


    1. Kitimbo mutani wa Mukama

    2. Mawerere mutaban wa Kitimbo

    3. Nadiope Kigweri mutabani wa Mawerere

    4. Kagoda mutabani wa Nadiope

    5. Kitaamirike Gabulankyo Namugweri mutani wa Kagoda

    6. Bwamiki Kadhumbula mutabani wa Kitaamirike

    7. Mutiibwa mutabani wa Bwamiki

    8. Katalo mutabani wa Mutiibwa

    9. Naika mutabani wa Mutiibwa

    10. Yosia Mukama Mutiibwa Nadiope mutabani wa Mutiibwa

    11. William.Wilberforce Bwamiki Kadhumbula mutabani wa Yosia

    12. Wilson Arnold Nadiope mutabani wa W W K Bwamiki

    13. William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope mutabani wa W A Nadiope.

     Kyabazinga Press Unit.



    Museveni’s rubber stamp parliament and gullible Ugandans are questioning the dubious acquisition of government land by Hon. Margret Muhanga. They are simply wasting their time because land grabbing is a scheme by the Museveni regime to impoverish Ugandans while creating a small class comprised of its cronies who own everything.

    Hon. Margret Muhanga is the Woman Member of Parliament for Kabarole District. She is a sister to Museveni’s boot leaker, Andrew Mwenda, Brig. Kayanja Muhanga – the 4th Div. Commander, and Maj. Henry Baguma – a historical Director under the Internal Security Organisation (ISO). She is married to Michael Mugisha the former District Chairman Kabarole and now the Executive Director of National Forest Authority (NFA). She is the Spokesperson of the regime’s defacto parliament, the NRM caucus. Before coming to the political limelight, she was a reporter with the regime owned New Vision newspaper in the late 1980s and 1990s. As a news reporter, she got closer to Gen. Kahinda Otafiire when he was the Director General of External Security Organisation (ESO). Her husband replaced Damiano Akankwasa at NFA, after the later was convicted for abuse of office by causing financial loss of 2.8 billion shillings that came to light following the theft of 900M shillings from his bedroom. Her brother Andrew Mwenda was linked to Lawyer Bob Kasango’s 7.8b pensions scam. She claims to have raised the 10.2b shillings that she used to buy the UBC land by borrowing from her brothers and selling her cows and goats.

    Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) was created by the UBC Act of 2004 following the merger of former Uganda Television and Radio Uganda. It now boosts of two TV channels and five radio stations. The past “inefficient” governments that Museveni fought failed to put to use the vast property of UBC and as of 2008 it owned only 35 acres of prime land in Bugolobi alone. Earlier, some of those who has fought the bush like Col. Mushega, Gen. Koreta, Brig. Eric Mukasa and a few others had been given part of the UBC land for free. The land titles for these properties has been mysteriously missing until in 2006 when the then Secretary to the Land Commission, Elizabeth Laker started creating new titles for the remaining land and giving it away to private developers. It took the intervention of the then UBC Corporation Secretary, Francis Gimara who placed caveats on the remaining land but at a heavy cost – his was kicked out of UBC.

    In 2009 Minister Karoro Okurut and Margret Muhanga requested Museveni to give them part of the land belonging to UBC so that they could build a gumboot factory that would create 300 jobs for Ugandans. Museveni gave them the land. Their company, Extreme Innovations Ltd acquired two acres of UBC land located on Kibira Road in Industrial Area. Valued at 954M shillings that was supposed to be paid at the signing of the 49 years lease, UBC transferred the said two acres to the two Directors of Extreme Innovations without paying a single cent. In June 2010, Extreme Innovations requested UBC to transfer its (E.I) interests to a Chinese company, Sino East Africa Trading Hub and it was immediately done. SINO intended to set up an administrative and export development center for displaying Chinese products. Karoro Okurut and Margret Muhanga walked away with clean billions of shillings without investing anything. Later on Muhanga claimed that the marshy property that required $500,000 to rehabilitate made no business sense. E.I Ltd was set up in August 2008, it received the lease for the said UBC land on 7th December, 2009, five days later on December 7th it put the said land on market and sold it in July 2010 to SINO. Parliament raised up in army and attempted to censure Minister Karoro Okurut. The Police’s CIID also attempted to investigate conspiracy to defraud but Karoro and Muhanga refused to appear before them. At a caucus meeting in State House, Museveni acknowledged that he had given the two UBC land after they convinced him that they intended to set up a footwear factory. He soothed MPs into abandoning the censure move claiming that he was to handle the matter through the NRM caucus. That was the end of the story and the matter died a natural death. Its this impunity that later lured Muhanga into going for another 18 acres of UBC land that is currently being questioned.

    On Farady Road alone in Bugolobi, UBC owned plots 8-10, 12-16 and 18-20 from which it curved out 18 acres that it had earlier intended to use in the construction of the Bugolobi Villa project that would comprise of 89 mansions and a club house. The project that was flagged off in 2008 was supposed to have been a joint venture between UBC and a certain Kenyan company was anticipated to generate US$13M from sale of the houses. The project stalled because of failure to secure the critical clearance and also the said Kenyan partner company gave its interest to Hassan Basajabalaba. In January 2011 Hassan Basajabalabe bought the said UBC 18 acres land though he later claimed to have bought 23.1 acres. In April 2011 Basajabalaba transferred the said land to his Haba group of companies. By August 2011 when the new Executive Director of UCB protested the sale by cancelling the sale agreement, the land had in question had already changed hands with new parties such as Deo & Sons, Margret Muhanga and SINBA (K) Ltd. Consequently, Deo & Sons sued UBC for cancellation of title yet they had brought the land from Haba Group.

    The High Court ruled that the sale of land by Haba Group to Deo & Sons was illegal. Haba and Deo appealed to the Court of Appeal which also upheld the High Court’s ruling adding that the same had been illegal and fraudulent. They went to the Supreme Court but before the matter could be heard, they attempted to withdraw it on grounds that they had agreed on a consent judgement whereby UBC had agreed to pay 35.5b shillings but the Supreme Court rejected the withdraw and went ahead to hear the appeal before upholding the rulings of its subordinate courts and ordering UBC to refund Haba with 11.5b shillings. Margret Muhanga claims that it was after UBC had failed to refund 11.5b shillings that Deo & Sons sold the said land to her at 10.2b shillings. She went ahead to claim that Deo & Sons belongs to some army officers that she did not name. However, Deo & Sons Properties is a Limited liability company that was incorporated in Uganda in October 2008. Its Directors are Imam Mwebesa, James Magezi and Deogratius Obeowobusingye. Haba was incorporated in June 1996 and its directors are Hassan Basajabalaba, Muzamir Basajabalaba and Aisha Murungi. Available records show that UBC sold the land to Haba on 10th January, 2014, Haba in turn sold it to Deo & Sons on the same day at 12.46 p.m who in turn also sold it to Margret Muhanga two minutes later at 12.48 p.m.

    Whatever the case, Margret Muhanga will retain the land. The regime Mafias have swung into action and the parliamentary committee will have to back off and they should not expect any further cooperation from the key players. The little information that they managed to extract from Margret Muhanga in the heat of passion is all that they will end at. That is what Museveni’s ‘Hakuna Mchezo’ means. Grabbing of public land has been and will Continue to take place by regime cronies. Butabika hospital land was taken by Museveni’s children, Nakasero, Kitante, Shimoni, Kololo, Nsambya railway, Naguru KCCA etc was taken then what is special with the ongoing UBC land saga.




    We know well our history, we all know our today but do we prepare for tomorrow??
    Everyday we give excuse of yesterday, pin pointing our enemies as those who enslaved us, who are racists and exploiters.

    But Jews were enslaved, Chinese were enslaved and colonised, Indians colonised and enslaved Americans were colonised..

    Meaning we too share same loss or approximately equivalent.
    Read about the economy of China, and India in 1900, 1930,1960,1990,2015 look at Singapore in 1960,1990,2015

    Compare it with any Afrikan country except white dominated South Africa.

    Let’s not think about unity as a myth
    Let’s not enjoy individualism and embrace sole proprietorship
    Let’s not embrace worshiping minus entrepreneurship.
    Let’s not forget Afrikan family set up.
    Let’s look for beauty of Afrika and exploit it.
    Let’s consume our food, our clothes our materials.
    If we dream of quality, let’s not import it, let’s make it.
    Yes we were illiterate but we are now literates.

    Why do we love Japan cars, China caps, American guns, Israel technological, English system when civilisation started in Afrika?? Why not partner instead of entirely importing everything and exporting little poor quality to the world market??

    What are our standards??
    When will Afrika be a source of reference?
    When do we produce expertise?
    Why should China give us knowledge on agriculture when it’s our backbone??

    How did a once colonised China or India became a first world country??

    And you think with these tens of political parties in one country we shall think together??
    And you think with everyone looking to be employed we shall innovate??
    And you think with less trust in our quality we shall stop importation??
    And you think with much time on leisure en entertainment of whites we shall protect our heritage??

    No and a big NO!!
    Unless we developed a standard AFRIKAN system, we build AFRIKAN universities, we teach our children within Afrikan context, we build families on Afrikan context, we produce citizens with spirit of Afrika, men and women working for Afrika. Thinking and acting within the best image of Afrika.

    We shall be ruled ideologically, psychologically, physically, economically, religiously, technically, scientifically, socially, politically..

    TOM ISINGOMA MWESIGA, shall produce children who are seeing no use in a black skin, who shall dream of USA and UK as dream destinations, who will know that black is dirty, weak, evil and white as pure, perfect and privileged.
    Children shall be shy moving with whites on same streets, sitting them on same tables, urging with them or planning with them.

    We need Sankara, Nkrumah, Garvey, Luther King Jr, Nyerere, Selassie, Lumumba of 21st century.
    This should be a century of black people, a time for peaceful Afrika, a century of Afrik’s recovery from mental distortion, a century of black consciousness, a century of black people speaking and the world listens, a century of Afrikan people eating Afrikan food, watching Afrikan movies, sitting on Afrikan chairs.
    A century every human knows about the Afrikan beauty not a century of terrorism, corruption, poverty, coups, rivalry politics etc

    When am talking or writing about Afrika, I am sure I am communicating to brothers and sisters who shall listen and understand me because I do likewise.
    Long live Afrikan people.