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We have received concrete reports that the vulnerable female security guard Ms. Obuku was arrested and detained for sometime without being charged! “Minister Ronald Kibuule beaten her and left her unconscious. Surprisingly, the Police detain her until she regained consciousness and charged her with disrespecting a Minister”, an extract from the letter received from our source. How can Minister Kibuule beat up a female security guard who was simply doing her work of checking everybody entering the bank? If President Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye who was voted by Millions of Ugandan People can be subjected to security checkups then who is Mr. Ronald Kibuule? A leader must be exemplary. Mr. Ronald Kibuule is not fit to be a Minister!

I have directed my attorney in Kampala to close all my Family Bank Accounts in Stanic bank with immediate effect. That’s my personal Stanbic bank accounts, my wife Dr. Margaret’s Stanbic bank accounts and the accounts for our two Children. We ceased to be customers of Stanbic Bank Uganda the day they apologized to Minister Ronald Kibuule instead of taking collective civil and criminal action against him. I have also directed all Directors of my Companies and Organizations in Uganda to close all Bank Accounts in Stanic Bank Uganda with immediate effect. We cannot tolerate their actions which is a travesty of Justice! How can Minister Ronald Kibuule assault a female security guard and the Bank doesn’t step in to help her? This is grossly unfair! If President Yoweri Museveni and the Ugandan Parliament cannot take punitive and disciplinary action against Minister Ronald Kibuule then let the general public take action!

Hon. Minister Ronald Kibuule should be urged to end his outrageous behavior which makes a mockery of the government of The Republic of Uganda and which contravenes articles 28(1) and 44(c) of the Ugandan Constitution of 1995, which provisions together guarantee the non-derogable rights and prohibits torture, inhuman and degrading treatment among others.

The Stanbic Bank did not help Ms. Obuku but instead they dismissed her, “The Stanbic Bank said Ms. Obuku must be replaced because she is being held on criminal charges of disrespecting the Ugandan Minister Ronald Kibuule! Ms. Obuku was not even taken to hospital for medical checkup yet Minister Ronald Kibuule beat her up into unconsciousness.” our source added.