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Honestly, something is completely amiss with us Ugandans! As Uganda launches “Rolex Chapati” to attract tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy the delicacy, I beg to disagree if this is indeed a right direction to Uganda’s tourism sector. Can a Rolex push a serious tourist to eagerly board a plane to Uganda? I doubt! Actually in my view, the Luwombo would attract more tourists to Uganda. As the visionless Ugandan Government takes us for a ride, the Rwandan Government acquires a state of the art Airbus aeroplane; The first of its kind in East Africa.
No East African airline owns an Airbus and Rwanda air will soon commence direct flights from Kigali to London! Here we are promoting a Rolex as a delicacy to attract tourists!!!

Nothing whatsoever brands a Country like an official airline. Every time an aeroplane is in the sky, it is marketing its Country. The billions injected in the aggressive marketing and promotion of Uganda’s tourism potential would work best if it was diverted to the defunct Uganda airlines.
It is simply shocking and dismaying that the only plane that Uganda owns is the official Presidential Jet!
Surprisingly though, shortly before the overthrow of President Idi Amin in 1978, Uganda airlines was flying to 28 destinations including Italy, Belgium among other destinations. Today, Rwanda Air flies to over 17 destinations including Dubai and Johannesburg.

Yesterday, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta signed a new law that forbids commercial banks from increasing their lending rates by more than 4% and he reduced the cost of borrowing from 19.6% to 14.4%! In Uganda it is 29% and this simply explains why Kenya is a hub of business in the region. Many multinationals have over the years closed business here and settled in Kenya.
Indeed Steady Progress!!