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Museveni has finalised talks with the King of Toro to make headways for the exploitation of Lake George and Queen Elizabeth Oil, gold and uranium.
Although Part of of Lake George and queen Elizabeth is in Tooro Kingdom, the highest concentration of the minerals is in Kasese (Rwenzururu)area.

The deal.

The deal is to use Tooro alliance to neutralize and weaken Mumbere. Once the deal is executed, part of Rwenzururu land will be given back to Tooro.
Mumbere will remain in Kasese town as King but with a small area of Jurisdiction.
Mumbere will only be allowed to exercise his ceremonial powers only in 4 out of 21 sub counties of Kasese I.e Kasese T/c, Kirembe, Mahango, and Rukoki full stop!
King Oyo’s economical influence will extend to Kitswamba, Maliba,Bugoye, Kyabarungira, Muhokya, Katwe and Karusandara.
The King of Bwamba will takeover the rest of the subcounties of Kasese.

SFC men will be permanently deployed in and around Kasese to ensure easy implementation of the deal.

With such arrangement in place, Museveni will exploit all the Oil, gold and uranium.

The ancestors of Bakonzo of Kasese fought for their independence from Toro In a bloody Rwenzururu uprising that left hundreds dead.
Will their children accept this open theft and manipulation?