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    Dear Ugandans! What is wrong with our Country? Why can’t we copy democracy of Tanzania, Kenya, USA, etc, 2 terms go away, u have amersed enough wealthy. Thousands of graduates are on streets, no jobs, those with are saying no retirement, judges name them, even Parliament should have two or three term limit. THIS WEALTHY, POWER WE ARE GOING TO DIE, LEAVE THEM HERE ON EARTH, FACE JUDGEMENT’S BEFORE GOD FOR OUR DEEDS. This earthly things don’t last long, let’s respect people of all classes, move together as a nation, it is not late, This mps can can restore term limits and we move on. Thanks.


    Yoweri Museveni and Illuminati Voodo

    There are five major reasons as why some few ugandans still support dictator museven.
    1. Illuminati. Museven is illuminatic and he uses his illuminatuc powers to bewitch some people with little faith in God/ Jesus christ. these powers makes peoples senses dull and useless to think on their own hence gives museven powers to think for them.
    2. poverty. 90%ugandans are suffering from objective poverty due to over taxation,salemusale who cutt down all forests to make timbers hence causing seasonal changes, stiff competition in business and jobsby indians and chines, land wranggles and evictions by govt officials , etc and this has helped museven to control peoples minds bt promising them waragi, mairungi, salt and posho plus fake peace.
    3. Ignorance. those few people who supports museven are ignorant about future and the current political social and economical situation in uganda and entire world as long as they eat kikomando and sleep thats all hence hence giving museven abig chance to rule them by force.
    4. fear. fear is agreatest disease that is eating and disturbing africans more than HIVAIDS and ebola. many ugandans fear to die, to be expelled frm thier jobs, poison, abuses,guns,some even fear to talk /express their feelings hence making museven rule them by force.
    5. lastly military. museven is ruling uganda by use of guns but not rule of law during elections kayihura and katumba wamala arrested many people, killed many and others shared canes , kampala turned into a barracks fighter jets and elicopters were in skys as if konyi and alshabab were in kampala, riffles , tanks,ak47 missiles were all ready to fight Besigye and his supporters had kigunda made a mistake and announce Besigye as awiner/presidend. only relatives of museven are the share holders of army and police plus poison headquarters in mbuya oh my God . museven museven you have now destroyed everything that you fought for .
    note other reasons are just minors.


    Police have today morning blocked 6 Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) from accessing the U.S embassy who claim to having gone to cerebrate the victory of the U.S president elect Donald Trump.

    These youths led by general David Ssejusa’s aide Moses Bigirwa says that they have been from day one of Trump’s campaigns agents and that his victory is worthy to cerebrate especially to peace, democracy and freedom loving Ugandans. Bigirwa Moses, Kizza Hakim, Kayondo Juma, Allan Kitoosa Ssaava, Nsibuka Haruna and Mado Isaac have today stormed the U.S home in Nsambya with the aim of expressing gratitude over the U.S nationals voting what they term as a rightful vote not for only Americans but also to Ugandans.

    However, after the embassy officials realizing that these youths had been blocked out of the embassy, they have intervened and allowed them inside to forge them a formal programme to follow and later requested to make their celebrations on Monday in the embassy board in the presence of the media and othe stake holders. Bigirwa later manager to address the media and told the media the reason to why they decided to support and look for support of the Trump is because the president elect promised to impart democracy in Africa and helping in ousting long time serving presidents in Africa.

    Kizza Hakim blames president Museveni for playing hide and seek game by congratulating Trump while in Adis-Ababa but then later deploy security to block other people who express the same or even more gratitude than his (M7) and yet he used to attack Trump for not being having held any political leadership and that if trump wanted to intervene in Uganda’s political affairs, he should first come for lectures from M7.

    It should be remembered that on October 25 2016 Tuesday morning, two Ugandan youths (Bigirwa Moses and Allan Kitoonsa) were arrested and later bailed by the chief magistrate court Makindye under the jurisdiction of Ssemondo Benson till 23rd Nov for demonstrating at the United States embassy in support of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate in the US presidential election.


    Andrew Felix Kaweesi taken out of Action

    The Notorious Uganda Police propagandist and tormentor of Our people,Andrew Felix Kaweesi, has been taken out of Action. May his Saul rot in Hell!!

    Andrew Felix Kaweesi



    The spokesperson of prison together with his counter part of the Updf went a head to go on with a meeting @ Mukono Christian University and yet they had received information that Andrew Felix Kaweesi had been shot dead , this is an indication that the NRA /NRM /M23 Occupation to them “OUR LIVES DON’T MATTER ” so this should be lesson to the sympathisers of this rotten system.