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Cop Pins Boss AIGP Felix Kaweesi and Colleagues in the Tycoon Wamala Callous Murder – The Investigator
James Scott
1099 days today, and police are still grappling with investigations where, some of their own are accused of having conspired to bump off a city trader, Wilberforce Noah Wamala on February 3rd 2012.

And in a chilling dossier authored by an undercover Detective, a copy of which we have obtained, and the same dully filed with American Embassies in Uganda, Burundi and Zambia as well as British High Commission, the former Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Commandant, and now country’s Police Operations boss – Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s name prominently features among the people whose negative efforts to frustrate the case are notable.

A hitherto prominent trader in Kikuubo, Wamala was murdered alongside his house-help Siddique Mugerwa at 7:45am at his home of Mutungo Zone 3, a Kampala city suburb. He is survived by a widow, Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala whom he married in 1992 in UK, and renewed their vows in 2010 at Namirembe Cathedral, and with whom they have a 25 year old girl.

He also had children with another Jolly Kasande with whom, he had hooked during a separation stint with Kigozi. Since his murder by assailants who invaded his home in reported company of his driver Ben Zziwa, the investigations have suffered overwhelming influence pedalling.

And on the police file, registered vide number CRB446/12 of Jinja road Police, a copy of which we chanced a lengthy perusal, some undesirable reports indicate that the case’s mishandling fate is due to media interest and constant follow-ups in the matter.

The authors of such claims however, fall short of explaining why cases like Kasiwuukira murder, Kato Kajubi, MP Akbar Godi, Gen. James Kazini murder, Tom Nkurungira aka TONKU and many others whose particulars were all-over the media, came to attract convictions.

However, in the latest report, authored by one of the police detectives who, religiously sought justice for the family, and whose efforts nearly led to his loss of life before he jumped into exile, leaves a lot to desire in the police investigations. Though we could not reach Kaweesi for his side, he has relentlessly denied involvement in the matter. Below is the full dossier,


DATE: 23RD JUNE 2014

AUTHOR: (Withheld on Request ED)


Wilberforce Noah Wamala was murdered in the early hours of the morning on the 3rd of February 2012 alongside his houseboy Shadiq Mugerwa, at his home in Mutungo. He was laid to rest at one of his homes in Kaswa, Kyamulibwa (Kalungu District Uganda) on the 5th February 2012.

The Late Wamala is survived by a widow Mrs. Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala, they were married in London in 1992, renewed their vows at Namirembe Cathedral in Uganda in 2010, they have a daughter Abigail Angela Wamala, aged 24. The late Wamala is also survived by 7 other children from previous relationships.

Right from the word go the police did not seem interested in carrying out the investigation to find out who had murdered the Late Wamala and his houseboy Shadiq Mugerwa even though there were glaring clues. The clues were intentionally ignored.

Everyone was a suspect at the beginning but two people stood out. The two main suspects at the time were Ben Zziwa, the late Wamala’s driver and Hassim Ssali; he was doing some painting work at the late Wamala’s home during the period he was murdered. It was confirmed that he was at Mr. Wamala’s residence that morning as mobile tracking placed him in the area.

On the day of the murder, whilst at the murder scene, the Officer in Charge (O.C) of Jinja road police station at the time Mr Christopher Katumba Kiggundu contacted Ssali at around 8:30pm after browsing through Ben Zziwa’s mobile call log for that day.

Mr. Ssali (deceased) had called Mr. Zziwa a few times during the day; he wanted to establish what the communication between them had been all about. He requested that he reported to Jinja road police station for an interview, he failed to do so. Mr Katumba tried calling him back at 10:20pm but Ssali’s mobile was switched off.

Unable to reach him on the phone, mobile record print outs were obtained. On the day of the murder, his mobile placed him in Busega at around 6:00a.m, he phoned for a special hire vehicle which took him to Bugolobi; the mast in Bugolobi placed him in an area close to the murder scene that morning. The print out later placed him along Masaka road on his way out of Kampala city. The printouts were able to provide evidence of his exact movements on the morning of the murder. He had communicated with Ben Zziwa and Jolly Kasande (Mr. Wamala’s ex-partner).

As the family tried to make sense of the murder of their loved one, police officers involved in the investigation became more distant as they worked against the odds to derail the investigation. The only police officer (O.C) that showed interest in the case was suspiciously removed from office on trumped up charges against him. With Ssali on the run and the police reluctant to find him, the investigation stalled.

A private detective hired by the widow provided the police with a conclusive report; however the family were not surprised that they failed to pick interest in that too. The widows efforts were frustrated to the core by officers at Jinja road police station, she complained to the director CIID Grace Akullo.

The case file was transferred to Kibuli CID Head Quarters; it was allocated to the commissioner that heads the homicide department. When the deceased’s family got a tip off that one of the suspects (Ben Zziwa) wanted to leave the country, they spoke to the commissioner and he was arrested.

As a policy the file was sent to the directorate of the public prosecutions office (DPP) for perusal, a recommendation report into his release requested police to find Hassim Ssali. At the beginning of the investigation, Mr Okalanyi supervised the investigating officers at Jinja road; he too had advised them to find the late Ssali.

Therefore, in the police interim report that he wrote after he perused the case file, he recommended that In order for the investigation to move forward, there was a requirement to find the late Ssali. Ssali had disappeared since the murders and switched off his mobile phone. He had also moved out of the area where he used to live.

The case file was first submitted for perusal at the DPP’s office in July 2012 and the matter was forwarded back to the investigating officer with instructions to make further inquiries per their letter dated 18/07/2012. However on resubmission at a later date file was resubmitted without any of the inquiries being done.

The file was forwarded back to them to ensure that the following inquiries were carried out conclusively. In a copy of their letter dated the 11/06/2013 reference no HQS-co-0153-201, State Attorney Ann Kabajungu for the director of Public Prosecutions requested that the investigating police officers in charge of the investigation made an effort to find Mr Ssali, in order to ask him what he knew about the murder, both requests were ignored. See copy of this letter as attached.

Despite the two requests from the DPPS office, no further investigations were carried out on the side of the police but the widow did not lose hope.

She complained to various security organisations, human rights organisations, and the police professional standard unit and she met the inspector general of police as well as the Minister of internal affairs where she complained about the gross mismanagement into her husband murder investigation.

Even when a letter from the Minister in charge of the police Gen Aronda Nyakayirima was written to the inspector general of police requesting him to review the murder investigation, Mr Kayihura did not bother to respond.

With every avenue blocked, the widow approached me and asked me to track down the missing suspect a one Hassim Ssali. It seemed he was the missing link to what had transpired that morning. Using two of his phone lines, numbers 0788822432 and 0774345840 that he was using at the time the crime was committed; we made plans to track him down. I was able to obtain a print out from MTN, his mobile phone service provider.


To establish the validity that I joined the investigation to find Mr. Hassim Ssali to relate him to the other two suspects (Ben Zziwa and Jolly Kasande) as per DPP’s letter.

To find out other possible clues that could assist in identify the actual motive of the murder.


Special surveillance and covert informers were employed especially to find Mr. Ssali.

Tracking his movements, communication and conduct days before and after the murder.

Interviewing locals in Mr. Ssali’s area of residence.

Tracing and recovering any exhibits relevant to this investigation including items like mobile phones, laptops, land titles etc.

Elizabeth Wamala (widow) and I (an undercover police officer) approached the director of the internal security organisation (ISO) Gen Ronnie Barya to get assistance after police refused to cooperate; he facilitated the operation for a few months and delegated one of his agents based in the district to work with us.

Alongside the DISO agent we clandestinely tracked down a close ally of Hassim Ssali but since ISO did not have a mandate to arrest him, we engaged commissioner Okalany the investigating officer who legally sanctioned the operation. We proceeded to Kamengo and on arrival there we reported to the local police station and booked our presence in the area for the operation, to the Officer in Charge CID CPL Ssebuliba who also accompanied us into the field.

Equipped with his most recent mobile phone records that we had obtained from his service providers, we tracked the suspect from Kamengo to Butoro where the tracker records led us to the suspects’ partner. The partner informed us that a certain witch doctor, a one Juma had given him the handset as a gift. This handset originally belonged to the late Hassim Ssali. The witch doctor was located and arrested; during interrogation he denied any knowledge of Hassim Ssali. Mr Juma was detained at Katwe police station.

Whilst the handset made the connection between Hassim Ssali and Mr Juma, we were able to confirm that the person we had in police custody was not Mr. Ssali. We liaised with Mr. Okalanye, who gave us instructions to return to the field to find Ssali. Using human intelligence, we received information that Mr Juma the witch doctor was in fact a neighbour to Hassim Ssali’s mother at Kamengo.

A search for Mr Ssali’s mother in Butoro resumed but upon arrival at her residence, we were informed that she had taken Mr Ssali’s expectant sister Afua to Butoro health centre to deliver a baby. We proceeded to the health centre but on arrival, we were informed that they were not there. We returned to her residence and whilst there, we discussed the matter with Mr Juma’s wife, the neighbour. S

he agreed to be our point of contact and agreed to provide us with information on the family’s whereabouts or to when they returned. She also accompanied us to numerous locations in the area where Hassim Ssalis mother was expected to be but we were unable to find her.

After thoroughly checking out all the delivery suites in the area and failed to find them, Mrs Juma’s mobile was used to contact Mr Ssali’s mother. She lied to us that they had been referred to Mengo hospital. The team visited Mengo, Mulago, Rubaga as well as other hospitals in the region but we were unable to find them.

The search team returned to Kamengo, we received information that Ssali’s mother was now on the run, she had received information that we were looking for her son. It was suggested by the locals that she could go to a location where she previously rented a property that she used for business.

With the help of the OC CID Kamengo, the search resumed using the new information we had obtained. She was found at some woman’s home who the suspect had acted as a guarantor in a criminal case in some court in Mpigi. The mother was apprehended and taken to the police station for interrogation.

Whilst there, she was instructed to contact her son (Ssali), she told us that Ssali had informed her that he would return home by 3:00pm but on checking with our Mobile tracker, he was going further afield every time we checked. We went back to his mother, and warned her about the punishment she would face for trying to pervert the course of Justice.

She told us where she expected him to be, an Aunts home in Maddu. We headed there, on arrival we noticed 2 tyre marks on the ground in the compound, and he had been but had left. The children in the residence were questioned, at first they denied having any knowledge of the person we were looking for, they had been coached. We put them under pressure and they agreed to cooperate. They informed us that he had left with his aunt Nakizza and were heading to his uncle’s place. We drove there, and on arrival, we parked and lay in waiting.

After a while, Ssali with his nephew Buwembo drove passed our hideout on a motorcycle.   CA pursued them but they managed to escape. We drove back to where his mother was to find out from her whether she knew where he had gone. She denied knowing of any other plans but when we insisted, she told us that his aunt had taken him to his father’s house. We proceeded to his father’s house, lay in waiting and after a while, the suspect and his nephew arrived. They fled when they realised we were there.

We changed tactics and informed the locals and the Local Councillors that we were in the area looking for a motorcycle thief. They (LC) asked for information relating to the suspect, someone who knew him informed us that he had an uncle that lived in Kyankwazi; they expected that he could be heading there. On arrival, his uncle informed us that Ssali had phoned him and told him that the police was looking for him in relation to a murder.

We waited around but he never showed up. As we lay in waiting, Buwembo, the suspects accomplice and nephew called his mother to inform her that he was with the suspect; he requested that she took care of his cows. We called him back after we obtained his number from the mother; the accomplice confirmed that he was on the run with the suspect.

Upon their arrival in Sembabule town centre, they had an accident; LDU personnel saw them trying to clean up behind a building. The locals had been informed that there was a motorcycle thief on the run, so he called the police. Both Ssali and Buwembo were arrested and taken to Sembabule police station.

On arrival at the station they informed the police officers that they were not thieves, they provided contact details of the owner of the motor cycle as proof that it was not a stolen item. Ssali instead confessed to having participated in the late Wamala’s murder in Mutungo incriminating him and two others.

We arrived after he had made his statement; we explained to the local police officers that our team was behind the chase and that Ssali was wanted in Kampala on charges of murder. He was handed over to us; we signed him and his accomplice out of their custody.

We disembarked on the journey to Kampala. On our way, Mr Ssali narrated to us how he was looking for some outfits to buy in one of the city arcades when he met Miss Jolly Kasande aka Mama Deborah. He claimed he was surprised to see her in this location but Mama Deborah, an ex to the late Wamala explained how she was separated from the Late Wamala. She went on to ask him whether he knew someone who could kill the late Wamala. When he told her that he could not do it, she asked him to do something much lighter, to provide close surveillance on his residence.

Zziwa mentioned that Ssali had presented himself at the deceased home on a Sunday and lied that he was in the area visiting a friend but had decided to check on the late Wamala just to say hello. Zziwa knew there was work to be done on the house, the widow was returning with the children permanently from the U.K.

There were banisters at the front of the house that needed to be painted; the late Wamala offered Hassim Ssali a job to paint them and also to touch up the ceiling in the living room after a leak in the roof had been repaired previously. The late Wamala however informed him that he did not have the funds to start the project. He had a container awaiting clearance in Mombasa and a block of apartments under construction in Muyenga.

Ssali in his confessing statements suggested that he bought the materials needed to do the job. He claims Mr Wamala was delighted but surprised that he could do that. It was a plan to gain access to the premises, nothing was going to stop or delay their plans.

Ssali went in with someone to do the job but he had no intention of completing it. Mr Wamala was murdered during the preparatory stage, the very week they started. The late Ssali and Mr Zziwa in their statements both alleged that the job had been completed, it was not true.

The ladder in the living room the day of the murder could have been an indication that he was there that morning or someone, could have planted it there to divert investigators. Mr Zziwa and Miss Jolly Kasande were both aware that other than themselves, no one else knew Hassim Ssali’s identity. Therefore, giving him up as a suspect was not going to give away the secret, but Zziwa had described his appearance to the widow.

Mr Ssali stated he had spoken to Mama Deborah aka Jolly Kasande the day before the murder (Thursday 2-02-2014) reminding her that he was hoping to finish the job the following day, she told him that “we cannot lose that opportunity it has to be done tomorrow. She asked him to meet up with her and he claims to have done so.

In his statement, he claimed to have told her that he was hoping to finish the job on Friday. It is clear that he turned up that day, Mr Wamala is murdered and Ssali decides to disappear.

Ben Zziwa

By 7.30 p.m. On the 2-02-2012 Mr Zziwa’s mobile phone was switched off, however Mr Ssali claims that he contacted Ben Zziwa on his mobile on the morning of the murder 3/02/2012 after he confirmed that there was nobody else other than the usual residents in Mutungo. It is a probability that Mr Zziwa had another mobile on the day.

Ssali confirmed that it was Ben Zziwa, the late Wamala’s driver who drove in with the assailants that morning. He came with two unknown people who stayed behind as he entered the home to put the dogs back into their kennels, after that, Ssali claims he left.

He claimed that he did not know what transpired hence the reason why he had called Ben Zziwa numerous times during the day. However, when Miss Jolly Kasande called Hassim Ssali to confirm that Mr. Wamala had been murdered, he phoned Zziwa again to confirm the news. He claimed “Zziwa had not told me the truth, when I received a call from Mama Deborah confirming the news; I had to cross check with him”. Zziwa was inquisitive about who had informed him; he responded that Miss Kasande had informed him. Mr Zziwa also confirmed that Mr Wamala was dead, explaining to him how he had died.

Because of the phone calls the duo shared on the day, the OC station Jinja road Mr. Katumba Kiggundu picked interest, he was prompted to speak to Ssali. In one meeting with Mr Katumba, he confirmed that Ben Zziwa was arrested at the scene of crime but he was informed that the suspect was the next of kin and that he had the responsibility to identify the dead body, and to make the funeral or burial arrangements, it is not clear why the burial took precedence over the fact that he was a prime suspect to his murder.

After the burial, information leaked that Mr. Zziwa had been cited at Mini price on 4/02/2012 at around 7:25am changing the padlocks on the deceased’s shops. While in the city with the widow, Mr Zziwa’s sister had called him to pick up the torn trouser which he had left at her shop on the day of the murder; Mr Zziwa claimed that it got torn whilst he was getting off a motor cycle going into town, the day the late Wamala was murdered.

Mr Zziwa had gone to the container village where his sister works as a sales person in a shop selling veterinary drugs along Nakivubo mills. Whilst there, he had changed into a new pair of trousers and left the old ones with the sister.

On the day of the murder (3/02/2012), Mr Zziwa claimed to have left his home in Natete at around 7:00am in a taxi, it dropped him at the old taxi park; from there, he was supposed to have taken a motor cycle to reach the late Wamala’s residence in Mutungo but claims to have received a phone call that diverted him.

Ben Zziwa claimed, that the call he received was from the late Shadiq Mugerwa who informed him that the late Wamala had asked him to tell him, to go directly to the building site in Muyenga as he was already on his way. But the late Wamala did not leave his home on the day.

As an investigator, on Ssali’s arrest, I had my suspicions. It was clear from what Ssali was saying that Zziwa had been involved in the murder. He stated that Mr Zziwa usually arrived at the late Wamala’s home after 6.00 A.M and yet the call from the dead houseboy’s mobile placed him in Natete where he lived. The late Ssali confirmed that they had arrived at the late Wamala’s residence before 8.00a.m.

Mr Zziwa must have had another mobile phone, on which he used, to communicate to whoever had his handset on the day. He must have asked them to switch it on so that he could use the house help’s mobile to call himself, to back up his alibi. Ssali claims to have called him to come to the gate after he confirmed that there was nobody else at Mr Wamala’s home, other than the two usual residents.

The Late Ssali claimed that Mr Zziwa and the deceased would have their breakfast together before setting off for a long day’s work and Mr Zziwa always prepared it. The question is that where was he that morning? Why didn’t he call his boss to inform him of any changes in their daily schedule? Why did he have his mobile phone switched off for almost twelve hours? According to the new information that we have from one of the assassins, the duo (Wamala and Mugerwa) were already dead by 7.45 a.m on the 3/02/2012, it is therefore surprising that Mr Zziwa claims that the deceased house boy called him at 7.59 a.m when he was already dead.

He claims that the phone call he received gave him directives but he did not go to where he was asked to go, to Muyenga, he is instead tracked roaming up and down the city, arriving at the construction site later on in the day.

Furthermore, on the day of the murder, O.C Katumba Kiggundu noticed that Ben Zziwa had not attempted to call the deceased as his number did not appear in his call log. Mr Zziwa claims that he had tried to call him but his mobile phone was switched off.

If he did not make any attempt to call him, how could he have claimed that the phone was switched off? Instead of going to the late Wamala’s residence to find out whether he was there, he tried to boost up his alibi when he called his business manager pretending to be looking for him.

Even when he arrived at the construction site, the builders claimed that he lay in his boss’s inclining garden chair and went to sleep. He was prompted by the builders to go to the late Wamala’s home and find out whether he was in some sort of trouble, he did not move until very late in the day, he had to do things according to how they had planned it.

Vital Suspect/witness Hassim Ssali

Suspect and prime witness to the murder was arrested on the 17/09/2013 after confessing and implicating two others, one Miss Jolly Kasande and Mr Zziwa but he was found dead in a police cell on the morning of the 21/09/2013at Bukasa police post a day after he recorded an extra judicial statement with a Luzira magistrate.

According to Hassim Ssali, he was contracted by Miss Jolly Kasande for the role he played in the murder. He also claimed that Mr Zziwa was the other person Miss Kasande assigned to work with him but Mr Zziwa also worked with others. It was confirmed that someone with a high rank in the police force was involved in the murder.

The police had tried their hardest to frame/incriminate the official wife/widow Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala based on baseless allegations after she complained about the mismanagement of her late husband’s murder investigation. It is from this point that the widow consulted the media and other agencies to try and get justice for her husband.

These people below are all suspected to have conspired in the murder of the late Wilberforce Wamala, Shadiq Mugerwa and Hassim Ssali; They are Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Saidi Bukenya a family lawyer, Jolly Kasande (ex-Partner), Hajji Nasser Lubega (Friend), Ben Zziwa (driver to the deceased), Abbasi Sserwanga, Vincent Ssennyonjo (relative), Cosmos Luganzi, Francis Chemusto, Deo Kikomeko and others. All these people worked closely together with the two suspects incriminated by the deceased Ssali, it is more bizarre that police did not find taking statements from some of these individuals helpful.

Andrew Felix Kaweesi (KMP Commandant)

In the beginning, the widow did not know that Mr Kaweesi had been involved in the conspiracy to murder her late husband hence the reason why she on one occasion contacted him for an appointment. She went to see him regarding the problems they were experiencing within the estate.

However on meeting him, she was surprised by Mr Kaweesi’s conduct when during the meeting; he took it upon himself to appoint those he felt were credible “men of integrity”, those he appointed were to be involved in the filing of letters of no contest to the court so that letters of administration could be legally obtained by them.

The people Mr. Kaweesi appointed were neither relatives nor beneficiaries to the estate but are among the suspects with whom he conspired to kill the late Wamala. After the meeting, he asked his associate Mr Kayima an officer from the land protection division to make an appointment with the administrator general to process the application.

The widow’s original purpose, of setting up a meeting with him was to complain about the fraudulent activities that were going on in the estate. Astonishingly Mr Kaweesi had invited the people she was complaining about to this meeting without her consent, the intention was clear.   The widow declined to attend the appointment with the administrator general, when she realised it was a trap. The attempt to defraud the estate mafia style was foiled.

This incident happened after the same group had succeeded in fraudulently taking over the construction site. When the widow and the orphans protested against the occupation or takeover of the construction site, Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi ordered for their arrest and detention. Charges of criminal trespass later followed. They were bailed out by their lawyer.

Mr Saidi Iga Bukenya

A prime suspect and a self-acclaimed family lawyer to the deceased is thought to have become aware of the size/state of the late Wamala’s wealth at the time Elizabeth and late Wilberforce Wamala were about to renew their vows. Miss Jolly Kasande Late Wamala’s ex-girlfriend had applied to the court for an injunction to stop them from renewing their vows.

She was alleging that she was customarily married to Mr Wamala now deceased. She had also made an application for divorce in a civil court; she wanted a divorce and her share of the estate. In her affidavit; she exaggerated the late Wamala’s wealth and some of us believe that Said Bukenya became greedy, ganged up with Jolly Kasande and others and planned to kill the late Wamala with a view to take his property.

Furthermore, it is alleged by the widow that when the late Wamala paid off the Muyenga property that Hajji Nasser Lubega had sold him, he took some time before he finally gave him the title deeds to the land. When he got the two titles, he trusted Said Bukenya to sort out the transfer applications into the couple’s names. He liaised with the widow and asked her to send copies of her passport so he could have the transfer dealt with. In his email, he does not mention who he had entrusted to do it for him.

However, when the transfer was completed, the deeds were returned to the late Wamala, he was shocked to learn that the widow’s names were not on the deeds. Mr Bukenya had removed his wife’s names; the late Wamala telephoned the widow in London and complained to her about what had happened.

As time went on, the motive behind his actions became clear; Bukenya had removed the widows’ names from the land title because he knew it would be easier for them to claim the property after they had murdered the late Wamala. When he discussed these issues with the widow, it was not clear at the time what his intentions were.

It was unfortunate that the loan he applied for from the bank had been cleared and the bank needed to see the titles as he had it down as security. The widow advised him that it was more important for them to get a loan than her names going down on the deeds. She reassured him that it could be dealt with at a later date after the loan was paid off.

After Wamala’s death, Said Bukenya, Nasser Lubega, Abbasi Sserwanga, Jolly Kasande, Vincent Ssennyonjo and Ben Zziwa took charge of the entire estate. Mr Bukenya self-elected himself as a member of the estate committee to manage the estate, he contracted a security company to provide security to the matrimonial home and the construction site, they also took charge of the business, banked all proceeds on Nasser Lubega’s personal bank account. They towed away the cars and later attempted to distribute the property but their labours were foiled by the widow who had since made an application to the court.

The group also cleared the container that was in transit to Mombasa at the time of the Late Wamala’s murder and divided the proceeds among themselves as confirmed by Andrew Felix Kaweesi in a meeting held on the 23/09/2013. On the day, the Family held a meeting with Gen Kale Kayihura, Andrew Felix Kaweesi was also in attendance.

The suspect Hassim Ssali was in the custody of the police when he was found dead, the family wanted the police to investigate and to establish the circumstances under which he had died. In that meeting Mr Kayihura denied that the widow had never approached him about any issues in relation to her late husband’s murder.

He was reminded that she had, and that he had allocated Mr. Kataratambi to investigate. He stated that he never received any feedback from Mr. Kataratambi. He promised to set up an inquest to investigate Hassim Ssali’s death. The whole meeting was recorded by a family member.

Said Bukenya has remained very intrusive in affairs to do with the estate. The widow has since sued the group for compensation after they intermeddled in the estate causing the beneficiaries to lose millions.

Our investigations can also reveal that the Kampala Metropolitan commandant Andrew Felix Kaweesi fathered a child with Jolly Kasande. A baby girl, she is expected to be over a year and six months at the moment.

Nasser Lubega and Saidi Bukenya both conspired to the murder and they worked directly and closely with Ben Zziwa. Andrew Felix Kaweesi worked closely with his girlfriend Miss Kasande and provided the man power behind the assassination. In the days that followed the murder, the group was observed to be meeting up at every given opportunity at Saidi Bukenya’s office; one, to figure out what to do with the murder two, how to sort out their loot of the state.

Mr Zziwa looked after their interest in the estate. Took directives from Mr Bukenya and Mr Lubega to have the properties valued by a company contracted by Hajj Nasser Lubega; he was also put in charge of running the business alongside Hajj Nasser Lubega’s older brother Musoke Bakayana. He was responsible for banking all money that came from the business into Mr Lubega’s personal bank account; he also took the late Wamala’s dogs.

After Ssali’s murder, Jolly Kasande and Ben Zziwa were both arrested and taken to Kibuli CID headquarters on Commissioner William Okalanyi’s order. Covert intelligence from Muyenga police personnel indicates that Miss Jolly Kasande and Francis Chemusto the District Police Commandant Kabalagala were cited in the area (Kabalagala) that evening before Hassim Ssali’s death.

On that day Jolly Kasande made a withdrawal of eighteen million from a Stanbic Bank, Ben Kiwanuka Street. She was observed to be wearing green attire; our undercover operative can confirm she was wearing the same when she met with Francis Chemusto that evening.

After Ssali’s demise, information leaked from a reliable source by a one Grace Mugasha confirmed that Hassim Ssali had been murdered by police officers from the flying squad. My observations too on the suspects’ behaviour further confirmed that they definitely knew something about the murder.

The flying squad is a department of the police intelligence unit based at Kampala metropolitan Central Police Station which is currently under the command of Herman Owomugisha but at time of Hassim Ssali’s murder, the squad was under the command of Mr Kataratambi. From the information we got from Grace Mugasha it confirmed that Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi ordered them to kill the suspect-turned state witness on Friday night 20/09/2013 after discovering where he was being held. The names of the officers that were involved in this operation to murder Hassim Ssali are D/SGT Solomon Abigabwa, D/SGT Abel Tumukunde, Alex Kalungi, and SPC Kabanda. On receiving this information, we became more concerned about the relationship Andrew Felix Kaweesi had with this group of suspects.

It is also alleged by SGT Munaku that Mark Odong (regional CID) requested for the late Wamala’s forensic pictures a year after his murder in February 2013. The file had been removed from his area of command therefore; it was unclear why he needed them. However, when he was contacted by the head of the forensic department when the family learnt that the pictures were missing from the case file, he informed him that Andrew Felix Kaweesi had ordered him to get them for him.

This is as strange as this murder gets, these people are not even worried about covering their backs. First of all the file was no longer at Jinja road police station, legally it was no longer under Mr Odong’s area of regional command, the widow had complained about his team for mismanaging her husband’s murder investigation and you would think he had been relieved that the file was on someone else’s case load.

Without his boss’s awareness or consent, SGT Munaku, scene of crime officer (SOCO) had handed over a flash disk with the forensic pictures to Mark Odong. What was Mr Kaweesi’s interest in these forensic pictures? He has denied ever having direct involved in the late Wamala’s murder investigation.

When the late Wamala’s widow contacted the ministry of internal affairs, the Minister wrote to the Inspector General of Police asking him to urgently review the case. The IGP failed to handle this matter; this prompted the widow to go to NTV Uganda to expose those she believed were responsible for her husband’s murder.

When the NTV documentary about the murders was aired on TV, Mr Kaweesi defended himself in the media at a very personal level, not as a police officer. No explanation was given on part of the police to try and minimise the damage the television programme was making on their already damaged reputation.

The family was aware that Gen Kayihura had met with all the police officers involved in the murder investigation since the murders to discuss issues in relation to what was being alleged on the television programme. Whatever transpired, he never met the family to try and make amendments. This behaviour gave away evidence that he discovered the truth about the television allegations and was not prepared to deal with it.

Mr Kaweesi once called me alongside AIP Fred Tumuhiirwe for a meeting; he requested that we spoke to the late Wamala’s widow on his behalf. He wanted her to stop the documentary from being aired on TV and in return he was promising to give her back the late Wamala’s estate property in Muyenga. Mr Kaweesi further alleged that when the late Wamala’s widow contacted him, it wasn’t about the murder but the estate. He stated that he wouldn’t interfere with the murder investigations but he blamed Director Gen of CIID Grace Akullo and her deputy Wilson Musana for their failure to investigate this murder from the beginning.

Mark Odong, former regional CID officer Eastern Kampala was supposedly involved in the conspiracy to derail the late Wamala’s murder investigation during its initial stages. Whilst the case file was still at Jinja road, the investigation was intentionally grossly mismanaged.

When he was transferred to Katwe sub-divisional office, Hassim Ssali was murdered, after that, he was moved to Kibuli CIID headquarters as the acting Commissioner of the Homicide department replacing Mr William Okalany.

The pattern of his transfers is evident, he gets a position where there is urgency for a cover up, as a police officer, I strongly believe that his placement as an acting commissioner to homicide was done because Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi wants to block further investigation into Wamala and Ssali’s murder.

After Ssali was murdered, Okalany was transferred to the police headquarters, legal department. Kaweesi made allegations against him alleging that he was responsible for changing the main suspect in their investigation. Mr Kaweesi and the other conspirators wanted the investigating officers to frame the legal widow for the murder to put her off following the investigation and her late husband’s estate but incriminating evidence pointed elsewhere so they got stuck. While Andrew Felix Kaweesi has insisted that the legal widow had something to do with her husband’s murder, he has not made any arrests or even charged her.

After Ssali wrote his extrajudicial statement on oath, there was a plan to hand him over to Jinja road police station where he was eagerly waited for by the DPC Mr Nganizi. However, Mr Okalany ordered that we returned Hassim Ssali to Bukasa police post for safe custody pending a court appearance on the 20/09/2013.

We hoped that with that confession, there was every chance that he would be remanded to Luzira prison as per protocol. Unfortunately, Mr Okalany didn’t play along well with police procedures and protocols which him up to have been involved in the conspiracy theories that were at work. It is suspected that he knew that Hassim Ssali was going to be murdered.

Just like Wamala and Shadiq Mugerwa, Ssali was murdered by police officers. When I was called in a meeting with the Inspector Gen of Police, I was shocked to find that he had also invited the four officers suspected to have been involved in Hassim Ssali’s murder.

He informed them that I was going around making statements that they had murdered the late Ssali. I was confronted, accused and harassed over these statements. They wanted to confirm what they thought I knew but I denied having knowledge of anything. The officers were told that I have mentioned their names; the purpose of this meeting was to put me in the firing line. These men all have guns; the IGP knew that I could get hurt. I was surprised by the fact that the very people he had called to the meeting were the same people G.M had mentioned in his report.

Mr Kaweesi had asked me speak to the widow regarding stopping the NTV programme from being aired, I approached the Late Wamala’s widow, however she turned down my request. Mr Kaweesi thereafter resulted to explaining his side in a local paper Bukedde newspaper on the 20/03/2014 in which he alleged that Ssali had been murdered by ex-Wembley operatives. I approached him about this statement; he was unable to validate his source.

Since that day we are arch enemies. He has been calling my phone threatening me. He has alleged that I have released state secrets and that I will be indicted. He is convinced that I know the relevant facts about the late Wamala’s murder. He believes these issues have exploded because of me; I failed to follow his orders.

The day Ssali was arrested; he had ordered that he be taken to Jinja road police station. It was unclear why he wanted him to be taken there, since the widow’s complaint; the file had been removed from that particular police station. It was alleged that the officers at the station were in bed with the suspects. They intentionally derailed the investigation leaving the family frustrated.

Mr Okalany, commissioner to homicide and investigating officer of the case at the time of Mr Ssali’s arrest, had advised us to take him to a safer custody; where he would not be influenced into changing or retracting his confession. I opted for Bukasa police post, I had worked in the area, was familiar to the officers there and we thought he would be safe there.

Mr Kaweesi alleges that am related to the widow, and that he is aggrieved by our push for justice. He has alleged that we were involved in the murder of the late Wamala to try scaring us off the truth. He asked me to steal the private report that inquired into Wilberforce Wamala’s murder from the widow. He was curious of what we know and how he has been implicated.

Mr Kaweesi has accused me of disclosing his secrets to the late Wamala’s Widow Elizabeth Wamala hence the conflicts. Recently, he instructed the Police professional Standard unit (PSU) to investigate me on charges of professional misconduct.

He has tried to sell the idea that our actions led to the death of a prime suspect (Ssali) in police custody. Professional Standard Unit summoned me to record a statement, it was taken by AIP Oboth on his orders; I was later issued a police bail (police form 18) on charges of professional misconduct leading to the death of a suspect.

He was determined to get back at me because I dared to expose his dark side, just like he tried to implicate the widow into her husband’s murder. Mr Kaweesi does not want anyone challenging his actions. The widow dared to question the police’s involvement in her husband’s murder.

He is desperate to find a suitable candidate for Ssali’s murder, a murder in which he was the architect. After my interview, the widow approached PSU and challenged their interest in Ssali’s murder; they had not bothered to investigate it until she exposed them in a TV documentary.

She was in close contact with the magistrate that had been appointed to carry out the inquest into the death, it was strange, that the court had not yet established the facts behind the death and yet those who had arrested him and deposited him into police custody were being charged. When the widow complained to the chief registrar, their efforts were foiled.

Once that attempt failed to fall through, he came up with another plan. I was sent out on an operation with my colleagues, apart from me, everyone else knew that the operation was a setup; even the criminals knew it was staged. On returning to the station, it was alleged that I tortured the suspects.

I was not in charge of this operation and I was not alone. It was five of us, but I was the only one that was arrested and detained on stumped up charges. At first, it was alleged that the charges were due to abduction, and then it changed to extortion of money by menace and finally torture. We had arrested two conmen suspected to be in his criminal gang.

He ordered me to release them, ordered the DPC CPS Kampala to detain me at Nsambya police cells, a unit where police officers are detained; I spent three days in the unit custody. The widow and her other associates put up a fight and a united stand but instead of releasing me, I was transferred to a police custody with open cells at Wandegeya police station where I spent another three days.

Charles Mugambe and Elizabeth, the late Wamala’s widow religiously followed my file from the police station to the resident state Attorney and back. The file did not proceed to court as there was no incriminating evidence on file. The criminals had been released, the exhibits handed back and police were not willing to involve any of my colleagues in the allegations. The case fell flat, on its face.

However, police refused to release me until my friends put up a spirited stand. They accused police of harassment and intimidation and their response was that they were working on orders from above; they asked them not to direct any animosity towards them.

The file had been returned to my investigating officers’ desk at exactly 11:00 am, but they held on to it as they tried hard to come up with other charges that could qualify any alleged actions to be criminal but they failed. My associates were heavily breathing on their necks whilst the group studied the police evidence and criminal act handbook; in the end, they had no choice but to release me.

When the widow went to see the IGP to complain about my arrest, his P.A communicated to someone in relation to the case, he called them later after she had left police HQ and informed her that Mr Kaweesi and the flying squad commandant were the master minds behind my detention. I was released that very evening after 6.00 p.m, after my associates refused to vacate the office of the deputy OCID who was working on the file.

After this incident, he has been harassing me and threatening to harm me but despite the danger involved, I did not stop the investigation, I was now more aware why he always had interest in this murder and why he wanted the widow and her associates dead. Mr Kaweesi had recruited me into the flying squad with intentions.

He later confided in me that he wanted me to do a job for him; the job entailed killing the late Wamala’s widow and Charles Mugambe a good friend of mine who was helping the widow to follow up on the murder investigation and to regain the estate (from the criminals) her late husband left behind.

Mr Kaweesi had warned him to back off the case but he did not, when he threatened him and made false allegations that he had information that Mr Mugambe wanted to murder him, he challenged him back and told him that even if he was gotten rid of, someone else would join the struggle because it was a good cause.

Charles reported his threats to the police professional standard unit, the inspector Gen of police and the human rights commission (see copies) but they did not get the protection they needed to feel secure.

At one time in Feb 2013, Mr Kaweesi sent two full pickups of police officers to the widow’s home to intimidate her after she exposed him in the media about the interest he had shown in her dead husband’s estate. He had blocked the court orders giving her authority to administer the estate preventing the widow from accessing the estate property.

Fortunately, the widow had returned to London, the police officers had turned up with a camera man who took pictures. Mr Kaweesi went on to publish an article in the newspapers, the following week claiming that the widow was wanted by the police over the murder of her husband, but when the widow turned up at his office after the broadcast, he looked defeated.

New Developments

From my investigation and communication with Mr Kaweesi, I can confirm that Andrew Felix Kaweesi masterminded both the late Wamala and Mugerwa’s murders, he negotiated the deal to kill him with the assassins he released from his custody who worked alongside Mr Zziwa and Hassim Ssali to execute the mission.

According to the report we have from covert intelligence, it is stated that it was in fact Kaweesi who gave killers the mission. He had approached them whilst they were in his custody at Central Police Station (CPS). He promised them that if they carried out the mission to kill the late Wamala, he would give them immunity over any future arrests.

At the time, the group was in police custody on charges of murder, they claim they were released on police bond by Mr Kaweesi himself. After completing the mission of killing the late Wilberforce Wamala, they were re-arrested by the Violent Crime and Intelligence Operation Unit (VCIOU) which was then commanded by IP Nixon Agasibwe.

On interrogating them, they confessed they operated under the umbrella group called Black Jesus. The group was made up of Bashir Mukungu, Muhammad Juma Ntabwe, Shafiq Mukasa, Ronnie Musitwa and Fred Mugabi aka Julius Mujulizi under whose command they operated.

Andrew Felix Kaweesi had assisted them to get out on police bond to murder Mr Wamala. I have also been provided with the address in Kitintale were they camped up overnight on the nights before and after the murder.

The four suspects are currently in Luzira prison on charges of murder and aggravated robbery vide Kawempe police station CRB 11/8/13 but one Fred Mugabe aka Fred Mujulizi is still at large and is believed to be hiding in Tanzania.

Recently there was a plan to free the remaining four who are on remand in Luzira prison. There was an earlier plan to send them to a court in Nabweru to commit them to the high court so that they can be released on court bail, all these plans were being staged and facilitated by Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Ever since these criminals were arrested, the murders of rich Baganda men in Kampala in which police stage-managed as robberies have decreased tremendously.

We have managed to get conclusive information from one of the group members, using our covert intelligence personnel in Luzira prison. A one Bashir Mukungu who defected from the group confessed to the late Wamala’s murder. He stated that while they were in police custody at Central Police Station holding cells on another murder charge (with Bashir Mukungu, Mutawo and Fred Mugabi), Fred Mugabi aka Julius Mujulizi was called to Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s office on the 28/01/2012 where the commandant informed him that there a was a job he wanted them to do.

The job involved the plan to kill Wilberforce Wamala, he advised him to speak to his group and get back to him. On return to the cells; Fred Mugabi informed the rest of the group about this arrangement. Once they all agreed to the plan, he returned to the office to inform him that they had agreed to the plan and the conditions.

They were summoned to report back after the job was accomplished, they were also provided with the address of the person that he wanted them to kill. The address they were given was in Mutungo, Bashir claims the bail/bond was given to them by the Kampala Metropolitan commandant himself (Andrew Felix Kaweesi). On release, he informed them that Fred Mugabe had all the details they needed.

The group met on the 01/02/2012 at Fred Mugabi’s girlfriend’s residence in Kitintale, they were then picked up by someone, a man driving a Toyota Ipsum. This man took them to the late Wamala’s residence in Mutungo; they were given a tour of the home and area. Mr Kaweesi had arranged for another meeting with the group after the viewing, he wanted to confirm that they had seen the place and wanted confirmation as to when they were prepared to carry out the task, they gave him the 3/02/2012.

They all left for their respective homes that evening but were told to meet back at Kitintale the following day, this was their chosen base for the operation. Mukungu Bashir has denied taking part in Wamala’s murder, claiming that on that day he did not feel like working, “I was tired, they called me but I didn’t answer their call” he claims that he was later informed that the mission had been accomplished.

Two days later, he learnt that the other two members had been arrested by VCIOU and taken to CPS, he was also sought after. They were surprised to learn that they were wanted, yet they had previously been assured by Mr Kaweesi that they will never be arrested by anyone ever again.

As time passed, Mukungu and Mugabi who were in Masaka at the time, heard about the allegations against Fred Mugabi (Black Jesus leader), that he had killed someone; they were shocked that they were being connected to another murder due to the fact that Mr Mugabi was in Masaka when the alleged murder took place. They then figured out that they were being framed by someone.

Mr Mugabi (aka Mujulizi) was arrested by SGT Sonko Sankara; he was taken to Masaka police station. Whilst he was in jail, a police officer approached him and gave him a plan to escape, he informed him of the plan that was in place for him to be transferred to a more secure location, he therefore locked him up in a frail cell that very night and he escaped. There is no doubt in the mind of the others that they wanted him to escape.

Following publicity on TV and radio, Bashir Mukungu too was arrested and taken to Luzira prison. When our contact asked him about Wamala’s murder, he explained that he knew who wanted him dead but requested that the information did not get to KMP commandant Mr Kaweesi. Mr Mukungu also helped us get information about the people who had carried out the murder, he explained everything, how it was done, the time the murder took place (7:45 a.m) and that a knife was used. A knife was found at the murder scene the following day.

According to Mr. Mukungu, the deceased wore a Khaki trouser and a stripped t-shirt and the house boy was wearing jeans and a white shirt. He said that the house boy was killed on the spot but Wamala was still alive when they left. When asked who beheaded Wamala, he said that they didn’t know. This meant only one thing, that there was a third party involved. Ben Zziwa.

According to the crime scene report, Wamala’s house was searched, it is expected that they were looking for documents, such as land titles.

A land title for a piece of land in Namulanda was taken from his home in Mutungo. It would later surface on the market in William Apuuli Luwemba’s custody who has since alleged to have acquired it from the deceased. The sale agreement however, was identified as a forgery by the police forensic writing experts.

A report from the public prosecution office has requested police to find the necessary information in their records in relation to Luwemba’s allegations that the late Wamala had given it to him as security, towards the money that he owed him.

This matter of two people’s deaths expanded and even led to the death of Mr. Mugabi’s (Mujulizi) mother; this information came from an irrefutable source in one gentleman (Names withheld on request Ed). His contact was given to me by our contact in Luzira prison.

In this murder, there is another suspect called Cosmos Luganzi who is allegedly related to Jolly Kasande. It is claimed by a good source that Mr Luganzi introduced Miss Kasande to Mr Kaweesi. Mr Luganzi showed infested interest in the murder investigation; at first it was not clear why he would be interested in the progress of the investigation, but his cover was blown open when Miss Kasande was arrested after Hassim Ssali confessed and implicated her into the conspiracy.

Finally the puzzle was coming together, the widow had learnt about him previously but when she contacted him over the same, he did not respond. I have established that the late Wamala was killed because of his property and the masterminds behind the murder are Mr Andrew F. Kaweesi KMP commandant and Jolly Kasande with her other associates Saidi Bukenya and Nasser Lubega.

The widow’s persistence in pursuit of this murder has in disguise paid off because through her campaign for justice, the murders in the city have drastically gone down, even though at the moment we have not managed to bring to justice those who murdered the late Mr Wamala.


As a police officer in criminal intelligence and an investigator in this case, I would like to say that the police was involved in this callous murder and this is the reason why the family is being denied justice.

According to Hassim Ssali, Jolly Kasande master minded the murder but we also know from our investigations that she worked with Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Saidi Bukenya and Nasser Lubega to execute her plan. Hassim Ssali (deceased) and ben Zziwa conspired to the murder.

The role they played was to assist the assassins to gain access to the property on the fateful day. After the murder, Hassim Ssali played no further role but Zziwa the deceased’s driver was used in the takeover of the estate property because they thought no one would suspect it as strange, he was close to the late Wamala.

He was placed in control of the business with a view to collect money from the business which he banked in the personal bank account of a one Haji Nasser Lubega. When their plan seemed to be withering because the widow put up a fight, they brought in a Miss Jolly Kasande to the front, fronted her as the late Wamala’s widow using her children and status to get hold of the property which the family believe was the actual motive behind the late Wamala’s murder.

As a former police officer I would like to make a kind request to those with a duty to provide justice, all the mentioned police officers in this report should be investigated and condemned for their role in this conspiracy and murder.

The late Wamala’s friends and relatives who worked with the police in this conspiracy should also be apprehended and sentenced for this hideous crime. Justice is a human right, the family need some form of closure to enable them to move on with their lives.

It is two and half years since the murder, the police force is not willing to give up on its fellow colleagues who were involved in this murder, but how do they expect the family to leave it there after they have learnt about the facts surrounding their loved one’s demise?

The dossier author finally succumbed to life-threats and fled to a foreign country where, he attracted legal asylum. However, some officials of the foreign country attempted reach Ugandan State House, seeking for his protection but this seems to have landed him in deeper trouble instead… Watch this space