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Yoweri Museveni and Illuminati Voodo

There are five major reasons as why some few ugandans still support dictator museven.
1. Illuminati. Museven is illuminatic and he uses his illuminatuc powers to bewitch some people with little faith in God/ Jesus christ. these powers makes peoples senses dull and useless to think on their own hence gives museven powers to think for them.
2. poverty. 90%ugandans are suffering from objective poverty due to over taxation,salemusale who cutt down all forests to make timbers hence causing seasonal changes, stiff competition in business and jobsby indians and chines, land wranggles and evictions by govt officials , etc and this has helped museven to control peoples minds bt promising them waragi, mairungi, salt and posho plus fake peace.
3. Ignorance. those few people who supports museven are ignorant about future and the current political social and economical situation in uganda and entire world as long as they eat kikomando and sleep thats all hence hence giving museven abig chance to rule them by force.
4. fear. fear is agreatest disease that is eating and disturbing africans more than HIVAIDS and ebola. many ugandans fear to die, to be expelled frm thier jobs, poison, abuses,guns,some even fear to talk /express their feelings hence making museven rule them by force.
5. lastly military. museven is ruling uganda by use of guns but not rule of law during elections kayihura and katumba wamala arrested many people, killed many and others shared canes , kampala turned into a barracks fighter jets and elicopters were in skys as if konyi and alshabab were in kampala, riffles , tanks,ak47 missiles were all ready to fight Besigye and his supporters had kigunda made a mistake and announce Besigye as awiner/presidend. only relatives of museven are the share holders of army and police plus poison headquarters in mbuya oh my God . museven museven you have now destroyed everything that you fought for .
note other reasons are just minors.