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A country where truth is mistaken for bitterness and hate

We live in a country where truth is mistaken for bitterness and hate, where people are afraid to speak their mind hence burying the truth rendering the Nation into a moral dilemma. But in the end, silence must be broken and truth spoken. When you speak the truth against a regime, you become an enemy of the state, if you have a big following like some musicians, you end up being bought like a cow, plot of land or a house to keep quite forever. If you speak about unemployment, endemic corruption, deteriorating health facilities & crossover to NRM, you become rich with rewards like, cows, jobs, land, cars at the cost of tax Payer’s money in an overnight and start deleting statements that you had earlier spoken about. This is envisaged by some of our “leaders” like Betty Kamya, Beatrice Anywar, Betty Amongi & Nakiwala Kiyingi. Some of the “religious leaders” have also been compromised with vehicles and church contributions to keep silent forever amidst absolute poverty biting majority of Ugandans. President Museveni has built NRM on hypocrisy and dishonesty by creating a sense of belief among some Ugandans that he is a demi god who will not die, he is omni-present hence killing nearly all public institutions like UPTC, URC, Uganda Airlines, Uganda Dairy Corporations, CMB, Govt Ministries and other public and private parastatals.
This has further given him a firm grip to preside over a nation that has lost all its resources with impunity, plunder of public assets shall take generations to redeem. The evil of corruption has eaten the Country to the borne marrow by allowing cronies to grab public land, forests, play ground, parks and even cemeteries under the watchful eye of the army. The looting of minerals perpetrated by “his army” and some senior officials has taken all gold in Mubende, oil in Buliisa, Sand from Lwera and fish across the Lakes turning the Nation into the mouth of a shark. If any of you thinks that praising Museveni will fight Corruption and redeem Uganda, it’s a pity.
He has turned some Asians and Chinese as “disguised investors”/business partners” a channel for looting and extorting the Country without paying taxes hence, becoming a conduit in funding his political campaigns. (Oil concessions, SGR, Isimba dam & Lubowa Hospital) are some of the projects that have unleashed a lot of dirty linen under NRM leadership. This economic burden shall be felt many more generations to come with a huge debt burden.
The destruction of environment will never go un punished by the so called invisibles taking away Uganda’s beauty (wetlands) turning some cities like Kampala a from green city to a garbage waste it is today.
The rate of tribalism especially in the police is alarming, if one is not mistaken, he/she might be tempted to think that Uganda has got one tribe eligible to enrol into a police force thus quantifying it to be one of the most corrupt institutions since post independence Uganda.