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Media Forums The Uganda Useless Elite Class When Odonga Otto and Winnie Byanyima Fool Ugandans Alice Ruhindi, Amama Mbabazi’s in-law went on a rampage and attacked Edith Byanyima


Alice Ruhindi, Amama Mbabazi’s in-law went on a rampage and attacked Edith Byanyima

Alice Ruhindi, Amama Mbabazi’s in-law went on a rampage and attacked Edith Byanyima over the Kanyamunyu shooting case that left many Ugandan’s including the victim’s family in anger.

Edith is one of the Byanyima sisters who turned out at court to stand surety in the bail application for murder suspects Mathew and Joseph Kanyamunyu, as well Mathew’s girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari.

During the court session, the judge refused to grant bail to the three suspects and there was also a boil of anger in the court room as family & friends of the late Kenneth Akena targeted Winnie Byanyima, wife to opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

Kanyamunyu (Right) suspect in the murder of Kenneth Akena (Left)Kanyamunyu (Right) suspect in the murder of Kenneth Akena (Left)

This story that has received a lot of media attention and has been gripped with tribalism and hate between two sides but things took a turn for the worse when Edith tBtanyima made it public, that Kanyumunyu family have suffered enough at the hands of Acholi and they’ll not allow a repeat of the past.

This is what Alice had to say in response to Edith’s tribalistic comments;
Edith, see there are no winners in this case. My suggestion to you is to tone it down. If you have had enough when your nephew is a murder suspect and you can still hold his hand, what do you think Akena’s family are going through?

What if we reversed roles so that Akena was the one suspected to have shot Mathew your relative? Would you still say that you have had enough?

It is tragic the way you guys come to social media to provoke people who are already on the edge? Is it pride? Arrogance or both?

Take a low key, talk when absolutely necessary. Avoid emotional outbursts because they are not only damaging you guys, they are annoying the family & friends of Akena.

Kanyamunyu (Right) suspect in the murder of Kenneth Akena (Left)
Your sister Winnie made a big error of judgement. You may need to get better PR on your team.You are not my friend & I do not wish to be among your friends.
You say I am a hater of your sister? That I am concerned about Winnie losing support in Acholi? Either you mad or on ganja or both.

I neither know Winnie nor any of you girls. What I am certain of is that a young man called Akena was murdered & the suspects are 2 of your relatives.

You do not win public opinion by displaying such level of ignorance, arrogance, impunity & lack of humility. If it was not for Dr Kizza Besigye, I would have never heard of you little Miss. what exactly do you do for a living?

You are probably used to people who tell you lies & what you want to hear. The corrupt regime has made some of you grow wings. I have good news for you little lady. Keep it real & humble yourself. Show respect to the family of Akena. Manners do not cost a penny.

Your sister losing support in Acholi? How does she lose support when she works for Oxfam & pays taxes to HM just like me? Support for what? Why would I care? Bambi!
I feel pain on behalf of Akena’s family.

Your concern is that your nephew is behind bars and cannot kiss & cuddle Cynthia as they demonstrated in court to our shock and horror.

Your family is lucky Mathew is alive. Akena’s family is not as lucky. His mother will never see him again. Unlike you who the other day saw your nephew.

Please carry yourself off Facebook for a while and stop upsetting people. Do not forget your poisonous tongue. You are definitely not a nice lady.