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Behaviours of girls in Uganda according to districts

*1*-Masaka girls…. They fear to talk English.
*2*-Mbarara girls…. Talkatives they can talk without breathing and are always very fat..
*3*-Rukungiri girls….. They like beans and rice more thany money..
*4*-Mbale girls… They are Blessed with pimples..
*5*-Iganga girls….. Addicted to sex..
*6*-Jinja girls….. They Urinate in bed while sleeping
*7*-Hoima girls…. They are short and ugly.
*8*-Lira girls….. They hustle for Bush meat e.g wild pigs, wild hens(endahi), e.t.c..
*9*-Mukono girls… Young talented farmers and night dancers..
*10*-Wakiso girls…. They have mastered the art of all styles in sex..
*11*-Kabale girls… They eat more than their heights, and if you break her heart, she can kill you with her bare hands.
*12*-Gulu girls…… Hard working
*13*-Arua girls.. Always walk bear footed..
*14*-Kisoro gals….. Just buy them soda and bread they will follow you everywhere you go, like MTN..
*15*-Mubende girls.. They don’t know how to cook..
*16*-Luwero girls.. ..They are very lazy and main cause of our problems in Uganda.
*17*-Bugerere girls… Balina obutaala amaalo kinemye okwogera mu luzungu.. hahah
*18*-Toro girls.. They drink alcohol more than men..
*19*-Kampala girls…. They are Always pretty and materialistic, one night stand..
*20*-Entebbe girls… They can cook well..