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By Jonathan Quinton Amatu

One thing I have learnt in psychiatric lessons is that, a mad man is the first to call others mad, a maniac is the one who will call others maniacs, a stupid one will be the first to call others stupid and the trend continues. Basically I don’t see the difference in Besigye’s radical extremism and Mwenda’s radical extremism , I don’t see a difference in TVO’s radical character assassination and Mwenda’s radical. character assassination. Respectfully I don’t think Andrew Mwenda is the right person to champion some of these things , through out his posts he is practicing what he is preaching a against . I have for once learned a strong thing from Besigye, silence is always the best reply to those who wants to drag you to in their mud or dust.

Cheap popularity is all I see in mwenda’s posts and character assassination with intent to protect his pay cheque.Yesterday Andrew Mwenda said…
Shaka lives in Uganda
Semuwemba lives in UK
Rugasira lives in Canada.

Today he’s saying
Shaka lives in USA
Semuwemba lives in London
Rugasira lives inUganda

Please help me understand better coz ebintu byo bitandise okundwaza kamunguluze