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Culturalists request government to recognize Ankole King

It was a merrymaking day as thousands of Banyankore gathered at the Ankole Kingdom palace in Itaaba Kyabanyoro, Rwampara Mbarara District on the Cultural Convention.

The event was organized by the cultural experts in Ankole Kingdom in the palace of the Ankole King, His Royal Highness Asiimwe Rubambansi Ntare VI, where various culturalists convened to bless the Kingdom and pave the way for the official recognition of the Kingdom by the government of the Republic of Uganda.

People from the public were also invited to witness the event that has taken more than half a century since it last happened.

People who were around prayed for the Kingdom and blessed the King and asked God to make him wise like King Solomon and make him the great leader of the once glorious kingdom, Ankole Kingdom and to restore the previous glory of Kaaro Karungi.

Professor Mulema from Buganda Kingdom who was one of the Guests in his speech thanked the people of Ankole for showing this big interest in the Kingdom and working tirelessly to have it restored and promised them that the function, which was held on Friday opened the doors for the kingdom restoration and God will from today onwards be the director of the King and his activities.

Some of the people who attended in a queue at Lunch time.

Mr. Elidard Karukiiko who spoke on behalf of the Cabinet thanked the King for trusting him and his team and promised to work hard towards rebuilding the Kingdom. He asked the Banyankore to love their Kingdom.

The King of Ankole, Omugabe Asiimwe Ntare V1 Rubambansi requested people to be brave in asking what belongs to them, he described Ankole Kingdom as the most powerful monarchy in the whole of Africa, which once fully restored will be helping Banyankore through direct employment opportunities, helping market the products and promoting social and infrastructural development of the kingdom.

He described the restoration process of Ankole Kingdom as a peaceful method that will be done peacefully in accordance to the laws of Uganda collaborating with the government of Uganda.

“We opened the function with three anthems, one for Ankole, second for Uganda and the last one for East Africa, an Indication that we are respect our country Uganda and work with in the laws of our country” Said His Highness Asiimwe Ntare [Translated from Runyankore]

His highness giving speech

The event ended at 6 PM as people who had waited patiently triumphantly waved the King and went following him to his residence singing and shouting “Nyakutsinga!, Nokaramare” [Long Live Our King].

More than 1000 people signed the resolution that was requesting the government to recognize His Royal Highness Asiimwe Rubambansi Ntare VI as the king of Ankole Kingdom.