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Yoweri Museveni assured the family of Late Felix Kawesi that government will compensate them for Kaweesi’s brutal death arguing that he died on duty.

Legally Kaweesi family is not entitled to any government compensation why?
1. Unless Kaweesi was killed by State agents, the Attorney General cannot compensate his family. If Museveni can prove that Kaweesi was murdered by the State, then government will compensate Kaweesi’s family.
Even if Kaweesi was murdered by State agents as Museveni may possibly allege, then he(Museveni) will also need to prove that the State Agents did so during the course of their duty.

2. There’s already a death gratuity fund to cater for families of public servants. Kaweesi family is no exceptional, they are equally entitled to this fund, they just need to follow the process like any other Ugandans and access it.

3. Kaweesi left behind shocking properties that do not match his age and job. As a matter of fact Kaweesi’s family could be having more than they deserve from government.

The economy is already at the edge of collapsing, and Museveni is busy wasting even the little that is remaining in the country’s dry basket!