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Dr. Kizza Besigye exposed as failed hypocrite leader

Despite liking Dr. Kizza Besigye as a person whom I have never met in person nor be in the same room with him, my actions spoke loud and clear, better than words, when campaigned for his release during his dark days after the elections through videos and lobbying the International community on his behalf. For I TAKE NO PLEASURE at all of writing against him. Nevertheless, as a Prophet entrusted with the mysteries that have crippled Uganda with the dictatorial system of governance since 1962, woe unto me if I decline to obey the HEAVEN’S COMMAND. Once again I emphasize to Dr. Kizza Besiggye that GOD REJECTED YOU IN September 2016 to become the PRESIDENT of UGANDA.
First and foremost, let me introduce myself to you and all party leaders. I am a Ugandan who tirelessly has been advocating for truly sustainable democracy of our nation fervently day and night for the record. Secondly, I am GOD ALMIGHTY’S servant – Prophet, whom by His grace has entrusted with the message concerning the ‘political woes’ of our Nation Uganda with High powers to back me up during this process of delivering the nation out of the wilderness into the Promised Land.
At that awaited time, introduce to the Nation God’s choice whom HE spoke too in 2011 as a replacement of President Museveni. For it was during the same period of the year that He had ‘Rejected President Museveni to lead his people’ as I have described in many of all my writings to the Nation specifically His message delivered on Uganda’s Independence Day 2016.
I campaigned tirelessly in words and deeds for your release, also by prayers in tears offered to God on your behalf during your dark days after the general elections.
During those dark days, I prayed that one day the good Lord my grant you grace to lead the country after four times being cheated of a win as you have claimed. Nevertheless, just as God says in His word; “Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the Prophets”. “ISAIAH: 55:8-9 for His thoughts are not our thoughts nor are our ways His ways says the Lord” …… and in “DANIEL 4: 17, In order that the living may know, that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men. GIVES IT TO WHOMEVER HE WILL. And sets over it the lowest of men”. He reaffirmed by rejecting you, shattering your ambitions of becoming the next hopeful president of Uganda!
Earlier, when He had given me the entire diagnosis of Uganda woes political, social and economically and specifically His choice for the job, I did not give up to intercede on your behalf. With tears praying for your protection and comfort due to the first-hand knowledge I possess of what it feels like when you are resilient and consistency in the matters of advocating human rights for the country, giving it all 100%, mobilizing people to stand up, on behalf of their ‘failed- deteriorating country. And later find out that, the crowd which was pumping you up, were only a ‘bunch of hypocrites’ –“MAMESSE MANGI TEGESIMILA BUNYA.” I know how it crushed your heart. The disappointment you encountered from all the millions of your voters- the “TOKA KWABARABARA” Crowd which ‘hibernated and abandoned you at the same time left you ‘ALONE FOR SLAUGHTER’ such memories at that moment crushed my spirit too and broke down and cried out to God on your behalf.
Despite all my efforts lobbying on your behalf before the Almighty God, once again reconfirmed me that, ‘HE REJECTED YOU’ to lead his Nation but protected your life something we are all grateful. At that moment chills went all over me, and I was afraid to ask reasons why He ‘Rejected you.’ Nevertheless, for I know; GOD ALMIGHTY KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY and her future than we all do. I was told to concentrate on the message which had been given me to deliver to the Nation just as I have described above. That has been a brief description of me and God’s message to you.
The saying came true, “I was blind, but now I see” that I should not take credit for knowing the hidden mysteries holding Uganda back into a dictatorial system, but give all the glory to God. Since Almighty God Almighty spoke to me last year, I perceive you with respect but differently as far as leadership to the Presidency position is concerned, because once God Almighty says it is over, it is over! Nevertheless, no matter how I had refrained myself to ask why? He still opened up my mind to the reality of the issues facing our nation because it is not all ‘about you, nor political parties,’ but Uganda’s new generation after Mr. Museveni so that they may inherit a true sustainable Democratic system of government.

My brother Dr. Besigye you are exposed as failed hypocrite leader who totally and undeniably learned nothing – nothing at all politically how to run and manage a revolution during the Bush war era.
1. Image above of evidence, pinned you standing within the proximity of a fake electoral commission house which you did not blow out just as you had promised your voters that you will protect their votes.
2. All political parties leaders know the existence of such fake electoral commission house that collects all results from polling stations across the country, swipe them for Dictator Museveni and later forward them to the legitimate ELECTORAL COMMISSIONER. Such scheme house gives a win to dictators since former president late Milton Obote, and it is not going away anytime soon.
3. Fellow Bush War General David Ssejusa once upon a time a participant of the fake electoral house has come out and warned about it and advised all participants that “it is a waste of people’s time, sweat and blood because no opposition can win in such situation.”. Dr. Besiggye image two shows you ‘acting surprised ‘ of the events and results, that is not being realistic and truthful to your voters.
4. NONE OUT OF ALL POLITICAL PARTIES LEADERS comes out ‘broke-financially’ after the elections. AMAZING! All profit out of this game scheme, you begin the campaign against the dictator Museveni, but all knowing the end results but participate anyway for profit.
5. Your participation in the sham elections, LEGITIMIZES the dictator win LEGALLY according to Domestic and International laws. All Dictator Museveni needs is opposition party participants to establish a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTION ELECTION. Which all the International body considers as a ‘pillar of democracy.’
6. POLITIC PARTIES are all guilty of legitimizing Dictator Museveni in power indefinitely and their hypocrisy they display to the voters by crying ‘wolf wolf’ while their mouths are ‘full of the king’s delicacies is absurd.’ ignoring the facts that during the campaign season many families lost their family members rotting in prisons and some killed.
7. Dr. Kizza Besigye you ‘created a dictator -Museveni as his personal doctor in the BUSH WAR ERA by nursing him.
8. Dr. Kizza Besigye you enforced more life into the dictator when personally for some unknown reasons you ‘paved a way for Mr. Museveni’s overstay in power indefinitely! In 1989, ‘you led a team’ to draft a resolution for a ‘constitutional amendment to extend NRM rule’ and henceforth the leadership of President Museveni for an ‘extra five years’ which passed. Then, you were the most trusted confidant of the NRM leadership. Only a sole voice, Omulongo Waswa Ziritwawula opposed this move and resigned his seat in Parliament in protest. If you had joined him to fight the nascent ‘dictatorship,’ perhaps the course of history of this country would have been different. You attributed in creating a dictator!
9. You learned nothing from your past mistakes, now for the past TWENTY YEARS, you have LEGITIMIZED Dictator Museveni’s overstay in power by your participation in already known sham elections. Whereby enabling the constitution to endorse him as a Democratic legal elected president of Uganda. Henceforth, if you still happen to possess truth within you, could you let the nation know that political parties can not bring the change we all had hope for but only ‘legitimizes’ his overstay in the country. Despite the fact that Dictators are blind to the truth but ain’t stupid to eliminate the fake electoral commission house that helps them to stay in power indefinitely.
10. You conducted an illegal ceremony and sworn in as a president of Uganda. Yet your party members of the parliament joined Dictator Museveni’s government which you call an illegitimate. So was it ‘defiance’ against you or dictator Museveni? They defiled you for the sake of taking an opportunity to enjoy the king’s delicacies such as ‘interest-free loans, exemptions from paying taxes, increase of salaries, free cars, and free everything’at the coast of the poor voters. This is defined as ‘ HYPOCRACY’ of the highest order. Did you summon them out or recall them, as their leader to form a cabinet? Therefore how can you as FDC party conduct DEFIANCE? Possessing the ‘label’ does not mean defined?
1. Now having known all the facts narrated above, you have no shame and no truth left in you. Why? You continue to campaign for FDC PARTY members for parliament seats to go and eat the king’s delicacies, the exact government you call illegitimate!
2. You have been exposed. The ALMIGHTY GOD PROVING HIS POINT; “Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the Prophets”. “ISAIAH: 55:8-9 for His thoughts are not our thoughts nor are our ways His ways says the Lord” …… and in “DANIEL 4: 17, so that the living may know, that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men. ‘GIVES IT TO WHOMEVER HE WILL.’ And sets over it the lowest of men”.
3. Thousands of Ugandans are in the exile who cannot come back to their native country of origin having children who do not know their roots of origin. Such group is mad and against you all political parties.
On this note ending up page no.2 my advice to you is; to survive ‘historians’ who will condemn you as the blindest, weak and hypocrite failed revolution leader ever lived on earth. You can redeem yourself by telling voters to abandon all political parties and never again participate in Mr. Museveni’s sham elections because they only ‘legitimize’ him.