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How did we get used to this nonsense?


British philosopher Bertrand Russell tells us that if someone does something wrong for a number of times, it starts to seem okay.
Perhaps this would answer questions about the otherwise despicable and shameful things that are now done in our society as though they are totally innocent.
How did it become normal for people to ask us for ‘soda’ or ‘tea’ to perform tasks that they are actually employed to do? Moreover, demanding with a high sense of entitlement! How did it become okay for those whom we pay to serve us to behave as though they are just doing us a favour? And how did we get used to reacting as though we are undeserving?
Why would we find a coat in the place of someone who is supposed to serve us and we do not ask for an explanation as to why they are not in office? Why do we sheepishly listen when we are asked to “come back tomorrow”, and tomorrow, and tomorrow? How did we acquire this slave mentality?
A public officer comes back from lunch at 2:30pm and behaves as though he/she is back too early or like you are lucky they came back! Never an apology!
Then the long-awaited officer picks a pakalast call from home, takes over thirty minutes asking about each and all while clients stand in waiting: “… did boy take all the milk? Have you bathed him? I guess he is watching SpongeBob now. Please prepare only one cup of rice as I told you …” How come we simply smile and patiently wait through this abuse?
How did we get used to being satisfied with so little, for which we sacrifice so much? How do we allow people we elect (sometimes not) to lead us to become our masters and burdens? And they belch into our faces with exotic arrogance, for which we are sometimes supposed to apologise! They speak as though we owe them a luxurious living….