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A number of months ago, I stated it clearly on Facebook account and my Blog that President Museveni was to pay for the impunity going on in the country. This impunity has seen the high handedness to change laws as the NRM wished given the numbers among other things.

We remember very well what happened when the Opposition politicians and members of the civil society came up with proposals to the law concerning the 2016 General elections. These were thrown into the dust bin. That was not all. Many people wanted the electoral commission to be re – constituted. This all fell on deaf ears.

We went to the time for campaigns. The formula was to see those opposed to President Museveni mistreated.

That is not all. People have supplied goods and services to Government. The Government of President Museveni has failed to pay many of these in the right time nd they have lost properties to financial institutions. We have seen the solidarity of those who supplied Uganda Police Force when they resorted to put off the taps. Meanwhile, the funds that would pay those people have ended up either in schemes to see President Museveni sail through as President and other patronage schemes which are proving too costly to the people of Uganda.

There is concern that some people in Uganda get funding to do business which includes politics. Government has been at liberty to confiscate these funds. And it is business as usual!

The list is endless.

God cannot leave any single man for long to practice impunity. He has come in so that Sanity can be restored so that those in charge of state power can eventually realize that they are not an end in themselves.

Hopefully, those in Government will realize this fact and start doing things the Godly way so that the country can get back on course.