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Media Forums Uganda Today and what is happening in Uganda Uganda Paparazzi is coming near you soon Jennifer Musisi should respect her being African and dress appropriately


Jennifer Musisi should respect her being African and dress appropriately

Jennifer Musisi Kampala Capital City Authority executive director Jennifer Musisi should respect her being African and dress appropriately. This business of being obsessed with showing her figure to males should stop. Enough is enough. She is promoting Satan’s job!

Apophia Martha Apple The body is natural… me shez okay

Hakeem Lee Ssenyonjo So you want her to cut off her butt en hips?let her be

Susan Katono U are mad you guy

Samuel Onzima That type of dress gave her success to that job!

Asalo Brenda And what’s wrong wz her dressing code

Asalo Brenda She’s God gifted,so u shd leave her alone after all no one dresses her up,shd mind ur own business coz she’s not on a min dress

Joseph Kamusiime I don’t satan around the place!

Agaba Evans Kafuguru Nga kalungi.

Ray Park But da truth is Jenifer has gat a NYC boooty

Moses Ayub I hope its not faco

Aysher Tazie Wats wrong wth her dress code, is it her problem that ur not well shaped

Esther Chelsea eeeh nyc dress

Ahmed Mwesige The reason u are not using your own pic in your profile above, is because your motives on this forum are nefarious. So u attack anyone who you think is not in tendum with your boss’s agenda

Ssebunjo Alex Mukaaku I Have Admired Ur Eng And Ur Commentry

Claire Lukoda But did u understand it?!—Alex

Ras-Itono Isaac fake faco

Josephine Mugabe Nambooze Can’t see any problem with this pic unless you have nugu just

Husnah Nalubega i think thats the usual dress code. just that her figure is wow

Rania Sham Now mwe abagamba faco u also try it munyumirwe engoye

Tumwesigye Ivan when its the real you people still complain, this world!!

Gloria Favour Shaa.omukazi mumuleke

Biryomuruwe Lovence eyo nugu gundi

Daphine Bukenya Am enjoying

Tivu Mark Evil

Doryn Treasure Let d lady show Wat her mama gave her when she’s still alive…. Who doesn’t want a good figure…

Nsereko Tahir Ibrahim

Nsereko Tahir Ibrahim Mbalaba

Vìçk Mìràjì Do you want her to wear rags

Charles Njuki Matovu Have you heard any man complaining…??!

Lakalukitch Marani For aflower to get attraction from the bees,it should open up it petals.

Agaba Trevor Adf I like that

Agaba Trevor Adf Were we born in clothes? Appreciate the fact that she is dressed and descently by the way unless you are someone who lusts after women dressed in fitting clothes.

Olupot Gerry She thinks old is gold

Jamia Susy bt wat i knw z she haz 2dressup lyk awoman not agirl.

Nyombi Daniel Christopher eyo nnuggu,wamma jeniffer put on your cloths,kasita u look smart

Kamou Peter Asilaza And this beautiful great ass has done great contributions to Uganda ?? first giving birth to the next generation of Ugandan and second contributed in services to the nation and society of Uganda ??. And So why’re some people never happy and appreciative for her.

Afeku Willard Good for sex.i like that.

Milton Levi Baagala haha .com era

Nalwoga Christine were does it hurt banange .her life, her. choice, her God given body eissh

Emuria Pius Doesn’t an old cow drink water? You want her to starve?

Ras-Itono Isaac
Translated from Portuguese
I do

Kabanyoro Barbie Ndahura Amooti Kyonka abantu murumwa nebitabakwasireho.. Omukazi mumwiheho akajanja nkakensanyuse

Jackline Happy Nantoogo Ure just a pervert

Kambale Fred UG Haha Ugandans aren’t serious at all… you the one who z devish!

Kalidi Juma Nice figure

Akanyijuka Casiano Its the best

Nicholas Bwoch Those are Uganda women of days,they can anything to disrupt men

Otoo Bonny those are malaya in the street

Manubo Ak Fenduson its money

Mimah Ekeyrapper Her dress her choice

Stella Maris Dont ever compromise yourself because of other pples insecurities. If u cant handle her glow, close your eyes.

Stella Maris If u dress in skimpy clothes with ur boobs showing its a sin. If u wear a long dress with your figure showing its a crime!!! Who made u the fashion police?? Lets see how u dress

Kirya James Mine y’rbusiness

Shaiza Deo Kati oyo omukade akyalimu supu kweli??

Abdulateef El Showar Mwangai Mind u shiz very old