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When we come to the city we must behave like city dwellers. We must learn how to use a flash toilet instead of squatting on the toilets sits like we do with our pit latrines. Things get different everywhere and we must learn to adjust quickly and modestly and treat others with courtsey.

When you choose to go to Serena Hotel for dinner, it’s going to be different from Nalongo’s Kafunda in Kabulasoke or Kiwanataka. Calm down. Don’t SHOUT on top of your voice over the phone. WALALALA!! NDYAHA SERENA BEITU.Come on. Calm down!

There are tourists enjoying the quiet serene and sounds from the fountains away from the noise in their sound polluted cities to accommodate your village drama. Adjust to the environ, bwana. It comes with the territory. Welcome to Kampala!

So let’s say Stanbic Bank, the Mukono DPC, the Minister are right and the poor security gaurd was wrong to do her work.

What should security guards do if they can’t apply their security procedures?

Are we all entitled to assault a police man or security guard at an access control point to a protected public facility if we feel too big to be screened?

Can any member of the public refuse to be checked before entry at a high security facility like an Airport, diplomatic mission, bank, security installation and if security insists I can fight them until subdued or I win?

Is it possible an incident like this at an airport could cause cancellation of flights or grind security to a halt and slip through wrong elements? Are we sending mixed signals about security protocols to people in security?

If a security procedure is defined by a security policy, documented in an approved security plan, there are no exceptions. It is part of building a security culture.

The problem in Uganda is that many of us bring our village mentality to the city and think we are still deep in Mawokota or Kabunyatta.

Security is not for small people inside a banking hall but everyone inside the bank and the bank itself.

Every security program ultimately is about public safety or saving human life and both the big and small matter.

A security guard at the bank to the public might seem to be protecting the business interests of the bank to deter robberies but ultimately it’s about public safety; acting as a deterrence against unauthorized intrusion as part of many layers of the security function.

We all must obey and submit to security procedures at protected facilities because it’s for our own safety.

Kabulasoke veterans wondering why villagers took over Kampala