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Mwe Banayuganda banange,

We need to bloody wake up and see these MPigs for what they really are. Blood sucking vampires just. First, they refuse to pay tax, then they request for for choppers for the two speakers Kadaga and the joker worth 19 Billion each.

And then the same people come out to point fingers at URA and other officers for sharing a bonus after winning a case worth trilions. Do these MPigs even have morals. Now they are wasting our money mbu probing.

2mbavest. Kyokka gagenda kukomawo mbu gatusabe obululu ate tugawe.

We need to wake up people. The 6BnHandshake is a cover up for a much bigger problem that these MPigs are hiding. They need to pay their tax. Attacking the taxbody will not help them.