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TO Rt  HonRebecca Alitwala Kadaga and Nadiope William aka Kyabazinga of Busoga.
Is this the time when you lead Basoga to actually acknowledge and appreciate my contribution even apologise for insulting me???? I begged for that job “presidential aide” Busoga from the same President M7 in 2012 and got it. I sacrificed a parliamentary of 25 million and opted for 1.8 million because I put Busoga over and above my personal gratification. The same KadagaTeam now confusing Busoga fought against me; YOU oppressed me; insulted me; humiliated me; frustrated me; undid my work; till I ran out of gas and left the job. 2 years later it seems to be the case that either you are failing to get a way of sharing the 2 billion shillings I had lobbied for Busoga every year or the only Musoga who is good enough to step in my feet and share that money is Your Son+ NadiopeWilliam aka the Kyabazinga. As the bible says; a pig does not recognise gold in its mouth. Honestly you Kadaga / NadiopeWilliam politicians have cost Busoga a lot. We had registered the Busoga Development Cooeprative Union and were about to start receiving 2 billion a year for Busoga Development when you came by force; overthrew Zibondo, installed NadiopeWilliam and rechannelled Busoga development money to advertising and functions of Kyabazingaship. I will help you out. I am spiritually gifted and was ordained by the ancestors to do that Job. You can go to hell and back; become president or president’s servant. Become Presidential Aide or ambassador for Busoga and occupy my last office which feels good to me because I initiated the idea in state house; but you will never put Busoga in order. You are not honest or truthful. You have no respect for Busoga culture or ancestry. You know the legitimate cultural leaders but work with fakes to squander Busoga land and wealth. Unless you learn to pray; listen to the ancestors and the Creator and be honest and truthful. You are cursed. This desperation clearly marks the beginning of your end. You tortured me in the dark; Stabbed me in the back; NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS YOU SIMPLY WANTED MY JOB FOR YOURSELVES. You are too pompous and aloof; how in heaven are you, the same people stealing from the Basoga going to lead them to development. Anyway my case is made. At least it is now clear MaureenKyalya is the greatest administrator Busoga ever had that only the Kyabazinga in person is good enough to succeed her. Good luck. I hope your boys never despise me and call me a commoner again because if you the whole Kyabazinga can be heir to a MukopI and Woman then surely you are a more Mukopi than I can ever be. I really pray that NadiopeWilliam you do not stoop this low because I will personally lead the project of uncovering who both of you truly are to the entire world. Remember I am spiritually gifted so do not doubt; I have all the physical evidence. Lots of love Traditional Hereditary Princess Meru Nantono Kanobe from Nhyenda Hill.