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Priority Confusion Disorder in Uganda famous Women!!

You are naturally beautiful.. You have a natural booty and your Nicki Minaj or Desire Luzinda and Winie Nwagi shape is real… Your face has all the features in the right places and you don’t need any plastic surgery to make you more beautiful…. Everyone in the neighbourhood Najjera,Kiwatule and Ntinda knows you are beautiful, no questions about that… When you walk, men turn just to have a glance at the way you shake what your mama gave you… That’s your strength… In the beauty & booty department, even Beyoncé and Kim don’t match you..
And yet, the whole weekend you are in Club Silk,Guvnor ,Ambiance, boat cruise and Meaningless Parties are your favorite events…… Trying to prove to people that you are good looking.. You dress in a way that says “Look at me, am beautiful”.. Hey, we already know that and you don’t need a contest for that… ..Ayiiii
How about you direct your energy to things that are not obvious to us.. Like how intelligent you are. Why not spend all that money to develop your brain instead? Your body is already beautiful… but there are other things that need development… Like your spirituality, your personal development.. How about spending those weekends working on getting a degree or building a business?
I don’t want to sound mean…. but beauty and booty can lose value. However, your intelligence, wisdom and spirituality will never lose value… The moment people see beyond your makeup, they what to know: Can they trust you? Can they depend on you for business? Can you do a good job? I mean a professional job, not that ‘in bed’ job.. My sister, booty and beauty can take you far, but books will take you further… Set your priorities on things that matter in the long run. One day, your face will get tired of getting all that foundation, undercoat, gloss or pvc everyday day… And when that day comes, you must have an attitude and education to help you still keep your head high…. Get your priorities straight….