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The state of hopelessness and helplessness that 30 years of ruinous,corrupt and TOTALLY feckless misrule has reduced Ugandan people. Rwandan outlaw kayibanda Museveni runs a failed state where youth unemployment today stands at a staggering 95%, the highest in the world. Uganda’s towns today have the biggest army of window shoppers seen anywhere in the world- young men and women who wander around the streets aimlessly hoping against hope that they will land a job- any job, courtesy of a collapsed economy and failed educational system. According to the World Bank, 40,000 graduates came out of Ugandan Universities in 2015 but only 829 were absorbed into the public sector, and these were mainly Rwandan and Tutis employed on grounds of nepotism, or relatives of the members of the occupier regime. Under kayibanda Museveni, Uganda has been transformed in a giant unempoyment centre where hundreds of thousands of frustrated young men and women flee in droves to look for opportunities abroad, Most end up as slave labourers and prostitutes in the Middle East where they suffer a fate worse than the African slaves taken to Europe and the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries.