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My father was a police officer of a low rank. When he died in 2009 when I was only twelve, I couldn’t believe it’s the dad I knew.

After the burial, I expected people who knew dad would comfort me, but this was opposite.

I didn’t know that dad had disappointed many people during his time as a police officer. He sometimes neglected his duties, as we all know our usual policemen.
People started telling me what dad did to them, which showed me that they were happy about his death.


Am confused by the way Uganda is mourning KAWESI!
Have we forgotten how many people he could have killed innocently, when he was an officer?

Have we forgotten the orders he gave that saw innocent people die?

Have we forgotten the case Files that disappeared from his office, to deny people justice?

Have we forgotten that there are some officers who would be having better ranks but Kawesi refused to endorse them, as a senior officer?

Have we forgotten the city tycoons he could have collaborated with to step on the common man?

Have we forgotten that all these people were humans like him?
Have we forgotten that his actions on earth left orphans and widows?
Have we forgotten that some officers have lost interest in their work because of his actions?
Have we forgotten that some people lost their land to land grabbers because of his actions?

As we pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace, we must remember the people I pointed above.
We pray for them and their families, too.
I don’t want the Kawesi ‘s to face what my family and I faced.

May God ignore what Kawesi did wrong on earth and grant his soul eternal peace. I say this because I had not met Kawesi in person… People say he was good.
But by knowing who police officers are, I am forced to say that God takes his soul where it is fit to be…