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This man is Stanley Ndawula.

He is Museveni’s conduit in Kooki.His mission was to make the Kabaka unpopular and secede Kooki from Buganda.

After failing(Kooki has a population of 180000 people)3/4s have refused to be part of this condom’s machinations.

He has now turned to intimidation.He went with people to saza offices in Kooki and intimidated Kabaka’s representative to vacate the offices.He uses a one Kiwanuka to spread hate against Buganda.

He has recruited youths whom he gives hand outs to intimidate people.

During Katikkiro’s visit,he hired goons to disrupt the occassion.They were defeated!He tried to stop Kooki from participating in Masaza cup.The bakooki defied him!

Ndawula,a Munyoro moves with Bakiga,Banyankore masquerading as Bakooki to do Museveni’s bidding in Kooki.

Warning.We as Bakooki have been ignoring you.It is time we took you on.We had a fruitful meeting.Wait for results.You will not intimidate us.You abolished Luganda.