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A few days back on of Uganda’s “diplomat” purportedly accidentally shared a dossier about South Sudan with the UN security Council and it caused fracas both with in and outside the country. As we were still handling that, one of the #MembersofParcels as I prefer calling them tabled a proposal asking Parliament to grant him leave so he can work on a Bill to amend article 94 of the constitution in order to allow Judges and Justices to more time in office than the current stipulation.

As the country was still wondering whether there people’s representatives in the house or not, Uganda’s representation at the international and regional level is at a test as one of our representative in the East African legislative Assembly Dorah Byamukama tabled a motion that intended to remove term limits for the Members of Parliament in the regional house. All these are signs of greed and corrupt minds.

Though this house does not have these powers as its vested in the heads of states, the wind may not be in favour of those against with the notion of coalition of the willing in the community. Whose heads of States except Kenya have turned into radicle #DICTATORS. Now my question in why have Ugandans turned into a curse to both its mother land and outside. What has gone wrong with our leadership. Is National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyakwanzi still relevant because to my opinion now National Looters Institute. Let’s us not carry our immorality to other countries. This I beg.

For God and my country