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Why is Uganda poor and backward

Let’s make this so simple for people to understand.

There is no developed country that has moved from poverty to prosperity without setting up manufacturing units / industries that would help make goods & services to sell both at home and abroad as well as offer good secure jobs to their citizens.

So, why don’t we have these industries in Uganda?

Stop it! Stop it!… We had them… we had good industries but we stupidly sold the lot. We sold them at a loss to the very people who were yapping that these industries were making losses. Most were taken over by the president’s family members, cronies, foreign gangsters / Rockets and NRM supporters.

Therefore, political leadership has been central to our Problem in Uganda for 30yrs. This leadership has failed to prioritise the needs of the country and her people. Instead they are religiously pursuing individual priorities that will keep one man in power at the expense of a nation’s economic and social development.

So apart from poor leadership or lack of strategic leadership (total lack of level 5 leadership – read Tim Collins book, GOOD TO GREAT), what else is the problem?
1. Corruption
2. Nepotism
3. Lack of credit /Finance
4. Lack of Entrepreneurs willing to take risks
5. Lack of entrepreneurs
6. Rotten institutions in the country and lack of transparent institutions
7. Poor education system
8. Lack of technical know-how
9. Lack of investment in research and development
10. Poverty….and the viscous circle of poverty
11. Poor infrastructure and lack of it
12. Lack of energy.
13. Lack of innovation and creativity within our society.
14. Failure to call on our highly educated & skilled Ugandans in the diaspora to come back and help.
15. Constantly pursuing stupid policies as dictated by the donor community.
16. Inability to attract credible FDI in manufacturing sector

So how do we sort out this mess as a nation? The answer is simple… Vote wisely next time and get rid of the problem (Yoweri Museveni & his NRM). The alternative is a violent armed struggle to get rid of this rubbish of leadership in Kampala.