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Winnie Byanyima Relatives are the most arrogant Murderers

The Akena story and murder has taken its toll on the small Ugandan community which some have felt that there is not enough justice for our brother Akena.

The three suspects Matthew Kanyamunyu, his brother Joesph including his girlftriend Cynthia Munywangari were remanded to Luzira prison until December 6, 2016 by Grade One Magistrate, Noah Ssajjabi.

Kanyamunyu, since last Saturday has been locked up and held on suspicion for the shotting of Akena, aged 32 years. Matthew claims he only tried to help Akena by taking him to hospital after he had been shot in the stomach.
Matthew Kanyamunyu says he was only being a good Samaritan as if he is Jesus Christ himself by helping take Akena Norvik hospital located along Bombo road in Kampala.

Matthew Kanyamunyu is the chief executive officer of Quantum Express Logistics who has been held on suspicion for shotting Akena.

Akena Kenneth was a community development officer with a local non-governmental organization and was shot in the stomach later died on Sunday at Norvik Hospital. Kenneth was buried on Wednesday at Gang Diang in Kitgum Municipality.