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Yoweri Museveni Skulls Uncovered

The real shocking truth about the skulls littered in Luwero continues to unravel thanks to the revelation from some of the operators in that 5 year brutal war. Most of these unnamed sources silently confess to having been indulged in committing crime against humanity at that time. Evber since 1986 , when the NRA ( National resistance army )axis of evil in Luwero led by Yoweri Museveni took power by use of arms ,they continue to conceal their history of guilt and secret shame of massacre in Luwero during the 5 years of insurgency in that part of Uganda.

The story with certainty confirms 98 per-cent of the version and events respectively of what transpired in the Luwero Triangle. Try to make a research of First (1st) Battalion C- Coy combatants, specifically, Afande Likambo and then a young man Kibuye and how many smashed skulls they left at Kikandwa!

Their weapon of choice was then called ‘Kafuuni’, it’s a way in which the expert killers smashed the skulls of many civilians between 1981 and1985. The history that many of these were victim of the brutal forces of the UNLA (Uganda national; liberation army) needs a review and must be re-written after revisiting and exhuming the smashed skulls. Many to be certain over 80 percent of Luwero skulls have got the similarity features of being smashed. Whilst Dr. Milton Obote’s forces were using bullets to shoot-kill people in Luwero, the NRA rebels in the bushes of were using various tools to smash the skulls of Bipinga (enemies) who include the civilian population. This trick was used to blackmail the people to support the rebellion against the then government in power.

Anybody can take a tour and re-examine the Luwero Triangle skulls. NRA rebels’ main weapons were: Mfg Co, Drapes, Dead-blow Hammers, Mattocks, Pick-Axes, Boiler Scaling Hammers, Piton-hammers, Napal, Naita Axe, Bushing Hammers, Grub-Hoe, Trupers, Drapers, Scotch-Hammers, Mini-Pick-Axes, Cub-Hammer, Hatchet-Axes, and Small-Hoes.

Certainly, many skulls that were pile-up have demolished or shattered features. The difference between the bullets and any of the above mentioned weapons, the tinny-round-holes and wide-shapeless crushed holes. With the exception of a few that died of hunger and starvation many people in Luwero met their deaths through hacking.

If anybody remembers the death of Maj. Gen. James Kazini, he was killed with Roughneck-Mattocks.

The 1st Battalion- C-Coy then commanded by Afande Misango was the most notorious battalion that hacked many civilians than any other NRA-rebel groups; After hacking people to death by the hackers under their leading killer one Afande Likambo; the NRA rebel leadership would send Afande Nyombi (small and short) and Afande Kashaija (tall-fair-complexion) to persuade the locals to join the rebel ranks. The civilian population then swallowed up with fears and shock due to the nature of their neighbors’ deaths, relatives of the victims specifically children joined the NRA rebel group. The trick was to create fears into people’s minds, then recruit desperate population. Also to tarnish the image of then government in power.

To date, there are fears from most of the former fighters to openly discuss the guilt around the skeletons hidden in the closet of Luwero triangle because it can be ruinous to their political careers if exposed, however it’s impossible to conceal the truth forever in fact in Luo dialect there is a saying” Even if you sleep with your mother in law under the water, it will always come out in the light”.

I also understand the sensitivity of revealing the entire episode of the Luwero war to the general public, since some the actors in that war have since become our leaders and comrades in the new struggle, however having said so it’s not prudent to bury actions which could have intentionally or unintentionally caused mass murder. Uganda deserves a truth and reconciliation commission, were all these actors who are still alive will narrate their involvement in these heinous killings for us to move forward as a country, the spirits of those skulls deserves to rest and that can only come when the truth is revealed.

Veterans still around say that they called it ‘akakumbi’. The NRA killed civilians using hoes by hitting them on the head.