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I have always been selective and specific about the way I look and how I dress. I absolutely prefer to look like an individual. I like to wear clothes that fit who I am as an individual and not a clone to what everybody else is wearing…. that’s why most times if I don’t create my own garments I shop at vintage and thrift shops. Many times I deconstruction and re-create new garments from an old. And sometimes I find cute little boutiques that allow me to pair an outfit things a little different than any trend. I am a trend setter!!

I try to stay away from patterns in prints and silhouettes that do not compliment my body/ personality and what everybody else is wearing because it doesn’t always look good on me. I also like to wear clothes that make me look like a grown ass woman !! And not like I’m going to the club every day.

I’m modest about showing a lot of cleavage but will accentuate my round full curves. I feel like sexy is an attitude and I like to wear things that give me that attitude.

While I support small businesses and recommending for others I have to be very particular and what I choose for myself. But I’m so specific about my style and that’s the major reason why I have to design for myself because I know exactly what I want to look like, how I want it to make me feel, the texture of the fabric, the quality the durability and the make… i’ve been in the fashion industry since 1997 and operating Kush since 1998 and I’ve always enjoyed dressing and styling customers and clients to make them unique in their own way.

After working for designers like Donna Karan , Sean John, Victoria’s Secret , Catherine Malendrino and other major brands I think it’s important for women and men to have their own individuality. There is so much out there on the market that looks the same. So my idea and designing is creating items that link with your souls essence…