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Don’t fix your eyes on a guy’s finance.
Many of you believe that you are too
expensive, therefore any guy that doesn’t have
money cannot date you, that’s not what makes a
woman expensive.
An expensive woman or girl is the one that can
keep her body till marriage.
Your body is more valuable than any amount of
money a guy can offer you.
Don’t ever under rate any guy because you feel he
doesn’t have the money to take care of you.
Many of you will start counting the cost of your
cosmetics, clothes, etc. And you expect the guy to
provide it for you always,but that’s not the way.
We all are human beings, you have human
conscience, put your own brother in the guy’s
shoes, these things scare many guys
away from you.
You don’t know who God has destined for you.
True love is not just about money.
God has been so kind to me, because the
girl I’ve dated, never put money in front. In fact
she was helping me when I needed. That’s what
love is all about. If I develop interest in any girl
now & I find out she is after money, I cannot
continue with such girl, because such girl cannot
sit down with me & listen to know about my own
challenges, rather she can even lead me to go
extra mile just to satisfy her needs.
If you are in this class of girls, please try to
adjust, better days are ahead.
Try to know your man’s capability,many of us
guys like to rate ourselves very high before galz
but don’t give your body, but
try to be affordable towards innocent guys like
AGREED??? Enjoy your week