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President Yoweri Museveni truth about his corrupt government

Museveni can not muzzle any Ugandan who tells the truth about his corrupt government. What Bobi Wine said is the truth. I think President Museveni should resign because he still does not understand what Presidents do for their countries. Why can’t he learn something from Magufuli. Over 30 years and education system led by his wife is not only a mess but a massive failure. The Foreign Ministry led by his in law Kutesa is a system of contempt at an international level. The Ministry could have failed completely if it was not for the hard working Ugandans in some Embassies around the world. The Foreign Ministry is led by a crook.

Now President Museveni wants BOU inquiries done in secrecy. This is very suspect of the man who said that he tried to stop the collapse of Banks but the officials did not listen to his advice. If he has nothing against him as this matter is concerned, why is he worried for the proceedings to be public??

President Museveni can not stop Ugandans to question his behaviour because he holds the keys of Ugandans in his hands. If he misuses the keys, then Ugandans have the right to ask him for accountability. If he has nothing to hide, then even the crook who collapsed Banks must be in prison not guarded by the army and special forces using Ugandans money.

Ugandans can not be taken for a ride any more Mr President. Swallow your pride and accept that you have handled our country wrongly on many issues for so many years.

The question of threatening young politicians and taking away their freedoms when your own children and grand children move freely around the country is unacceptable. Uganda is their country too. Why stop other peoples children from progressing while yours are free?

The other day, you told Ugandans to be patient with you. Mr President, that can be said to your children and relatives too. How many could go to Mbale referral Hospital for treatment? You would fly your children to Germany for treatment. Can other Ugandans do the same? Can you send your children to Nabumali High School or Majansi, Kiira college in their present state? If you can’t do that, why do you think other Ugandans are that inferior? Or Is it because of the simple fact that they are not presidents children?

And after 30 years, what patience do you really want from Ugandans?? Is there anything new you will do that you have failed to do in the past 30 years??

Holding on power when you have nothing new to add to the country is in itself not fair for Ugandans. And this is not talking too much or being big mouthed. It is expressing PEOPLE POWER that is found in Ugandans Constitution article one. Instead of tear gassing and beating Ugandans up, give them the same freedom you enjoy. Oh do you think they are not Ugandan enough to be free in their own country??


For The Future Of a Better and harmonious Uganda

David Wangusi Masinde