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    Yoweri Museveni Lost Son



    1..All failed relationships hurts, but losing someone who doesn’t appreciates you is actually a gain,not a loss. father use to tell me not to raise my voice while arguing rather i should improve my argument.
    3..don’t feel bad when people only remember you when they need you, just be happy as the candle that is only needed when there’s darkness.
    4..not everyone will understand your journey, that’s okay, you are here to live your life, not to make everyone to understand.
    5..never listen to haters,haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.
    6..the biggest mistake one can do is loosing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that you are special too.
    7..happiness is not getting what you want but appreciating what you have.
    8.. You will win maybe not immediately but definitely.


    Isaac Musumba the husband to Salaam Musumba

    This Musumba man must be having a problem with his brain. How ca he leave his own wife who is in the same race then go campaigning for another married woman who is his wife’s challenger????????????????

    Isaac Musumba  the husband to Salaam Musumba the FDC Candidate in Kamuli Municipality bi-elections Sunday came public against his family bondage for NRM so as to maintain his political position.

    The State Minister for Urban Development Donned in yellow shirt declared he sides with his wife’s opponent in the 6 contestants race and argued voters in Busota parish, Southern Division to vote NRM beside his “relationship to one of the candidate in the race”.

    The Minister attended three party rallies. Elections will be held on 12th August.

    Court threw out NRM candidate Wetongola for luck of enough academic qualifications. She sat S6 soon as she was elected and when court cancelled her victory she lodged an appeal in high court just to buy time as UNEB realesed results.


    charge sheet show that Dr.Stella Nyanzi is to be charged of calling Dictator Museveni a pair if buttocks

    Now the State want to book Stella Nyanzi into Butabika and not to Luziira under section 2 of the mental treatment Act.

    Police Office ASP Mborimbwa is the one who swore the affidavit upon which the state read Museveni is moving to secure a Court Order.


    Tycoon Drake Lubega daughter killed.

    The Panga and Karayimbwa Squads in Action. ..
    Tycoon Drake Lubega daughter killed. .
    Ofcourse it’s so sad. …
    We are concluding lent and doing a steep climb in the Exodus. ..
    The first borns die and the entire society wails. …
    The Pharaoh of the NRA occupation al – Nakba remains obstinate. ..but naaye alikaba. ..
    The insecurity is rising. …
    The NRA occupation al – Nakba criminal state is dominant as the formal State collapses. …
    Yesterday, it was someone of low class whose tears wouldn’t come to your attention. ..
    It’s now Drake Lubega and his tears will create a whisper. ..
    Soon someone’s tears will create a chorus. …
    Those paid to sit on the stories of insecurity will find it hard as they become victims themselves. ..
    In this season of the Operation National Rage against the NRA occupation al – Nakba. ..
    Mpaawo atalikaba. …



    An Elderly woman stopped me as I was walking to take the bus home yesterday.

    That was in town around Wandegeya round about. She asked me to call a person who was supposed to pick her up and take her home. She said she wasn’t familiar with Wandegeya. She looked confused and helpless so I took the number that she had (it was on a small piece of crappy paper). I dialled the number, it went through but nobody answered. I dialled it again, same thing happened. She was thankful for my efforts and went her way. I got a taxi and soon was on my way home.
    Suddenly, while the taxi was leaving Wandegeya, a guy who sat next to me started a commotion claiming that his phone had been stolen. He had a friend who suggested to call his number and see if it was in the taxi. They dialled my number and my phone rang in my pocket. Before I could say that was my phone, I didn’t steal it the guy who had dialled my number had already saved my number in his phone under his friend’s name. They described the phone model and colour and everyone in the taxi was convinced that I stole the phone. I was ransacked and they took everything from me, my wallet, my phone, my bag, my laptop, Everything.
    That is how the game has changed in the conmen industry.

    Pls pass it on and save your friends and family from such.

    IT can be anywhere conmen are everywhere