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Shame at Uganda Airport

Can someone send me a contact of the responsible person at ministry of internal affairs…..

This morning we arrived from Nairobi a plane full and only one counter out of 22 counters was working

The lady in the picture had paid for a visa online which is a good thing for Uganda but spent over 45 minutes with an empty booth. This lady was so angry and I apologised on behalf of Uganda.

There were over 6 officers hanging around and I therefore engaged them and shocked by the response and simply walked out.

Under PIRT, we advocated for many stations and expected that this rubbish wouldn’t happen! I was one of the last persons on the line but left her behind.

But I know it’s not always like this though this must be sorted out. There are some very good immigration officers at that airport but these ones must be told how their actions affect the country.

Countries like Singapore we so admire, it will take you 15 minutes from the time from the time you leave your plane to your waiting car.

There are countries which afford this kind of service because they have lots of traffic and people will endure but we can’t be poor and have a bad attitude.

There are so many young people looking for jobs, why keep the bad ones? How can we claim we want investors and tourists so we earn?