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Developing News- Stella Nyanzi intercepted at 4am at Entebbe airport, her passport confiscated, stopped from leaving the country. More details as I get them.

Fellow Ugandans and all global citizens concerned with civil liberties, human rights and constitutional freedoms, wake up and resist the infringement of our collective and individual rights. The state is running amok in Uganda, and indulging in illegitimate extra-judicial punitive acts of intimidation.

The newest infringement of my freedom of movement, a human right that is provided for all citizens of Uganda, shows how abusive and oppressive the Musevenis, their mercenaries within public institutions, the police, the immigration services and even civil aviation authority have become. As I posted earlier this morning, I was barred from traveling to University of Amsterdam to attend an academic conference – an integral part of my professional duties. Immigration officers seized and confiscated my passport including a valid Schengen visa to the Netherlands, and my boarding passes. After intense hushed consultations on cellphone, they instructed me to go back to CID in order to get clearance for any travel.

I asked them why CID had put me on the blacklisted “No Fly List”. I told them that I am not a wanted criminal and I have neither charges nor summons levied against me. I told them I love Uganda too much to flee from my home-country. I asked them who had put my names on this evil list of theirs, and they revealed two identities. Firstly, I was told that the complainant who issued summons for me because of alleged “Offensive Communication and Cyber Harassment” has also issued executive orders against my travel outside the country. Shame on Museveni and his wife Janet for violating my freedom of movement and abusing my right to practice my academic profession. handed me over to three big-bodied police officers who escorted me out of the airport. Secondly, I was told that the IGP put a hit on my data within the immigration databases. He put my name on the “No Fly List”. Shame upon the Inspector General of Police for bootlicking this rogue regime.

Today, it’s me, tomorrow it’s you! The mafiaso state has added a travel ban onto the other infringements of my human rights including a social media gag, public media ban on media houses from reporting about me, a circular banning citizens from giving pads to girls in Uganda, intimidation through interrogation by military and police officers, and executive orders for untenable transfers and direct meddling with my academic profession at Makerere University. Shame on the men and women masquerading as leaders of this country, for attempting to imprison me within Uganda.

This regime set fire to my household’s garden when they unjustly botched up my job at Makerere University. Regime goons have now come back and strangled the only cow i was milking in order to feed my children. It is high time that Ugandans wake up and we resist the NRM fuckery of Uganda. I am ready to take a bullet for the liberation of Uganda from Museveni, his bu-men and his ga-women. Enough is enough, people! Twelwaneko naye agasajja gatukulusanya. Museveni, his wife, the NRM and every public official who oils their system of abuse of human rights of Ugandans are no longer fit to lead Uganda. We must arise, resist, and defeat these rapists of our motherland. I am gathering my irish potatoes, camera-phone, laptop and cooking pots to go and wage a liberation war against these men with guns, knives and poison. Please join me with whatever weapons you have. We must liberate our country from Museveni’s occupation.

Geoffrey Oduk Noted

Amooti Ruhweza May be she is one of the suspects inthe AIGP murder ..uganda zaabu

Roland Byamukama Story

Tayebwa Rodger Old news leave the details

Blessing Poshlyn Ndamz What? Now what has she done?

Peter Atherton They are infringing on her right to freedom

David Owiidi Where is freedom of movement and why allow besigye and stop her.

Okuwan Yafes Atleast she has not been shot dead so afuss abt it they will sort out,afterall freedom of is not anon derogable right it can supressed on various grounds

Said Bin Arab Arab Is she one of the suspects of kawesi murders

Bau Gedeon Kijja kugwaa

Omia Samuel Ivan Confused state and completely disorganized…… Why are we cursed w leaders…. Eheh….you step down you people if leading us has failed

Awany Andrew Take care of this rotten regime otherwise she may get here self in another world , what I know her protection will come from God not from State.

Alibet Moses In north korea she would b put on firing squad! And shot using ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADE! (RPG)_aleader is lying dead en u travel! omg!

Teriyeitu Samuel This is ug not south Korea pliz.bogus talk

Peter Lubega What exactly do u mean ‘a leader lying dead’? shd a country come to a standstill because sm1 is dead?

Masiga Keneth Gard Ndianabo How long have you been there brother?

Christine Yeko ????????

Denis Okidi Nosense

Alfred Karuhanga Total idiot…next time save ur garbage for fellow fools

Sande Moby waliwo abafa nebabaziika naye Uganda ewunya yetaaga kuziika

Kayira Tonny Nwooooo gaswade

Nyombi Daniel Christopher john be serious,intercepted for what?she is not a political problem,you guy try to respwct yr age,some of us are not fools like u.

Balibuza Banuli its d truth sebbo

Nyombi Daniel Christopher am not denying,am only asking that ‘why’.

Faisal Kirunda Nkutu Very sad. They want to make her lya enfufu. I knew they were laying a trap for her

Kamanzi Davis Lukyamuzi Who is that woman anyway

Amanya Obed George Jr. She is the mother of the nation who fights for the girl child education…a human right and a concerned citizin

Kamanzi Davis Lukyamuzi Then being mother, i see no reason her leaving her children behind to go in another nation.

Daniel Matovu Did you inform them that you Nnalongo?

Were Ber Is she safe now is she one of the politicians or what Uganda needs prayers

Mugs Eric Our lady .behind her

Byaruhanga Sulaiman I thought she said she is powerful and can do anything. Why cry now.

Amanya Obed George Jr. She is a law abidng citizen not those who think the law only works for those who cant speak….

Dennis Goldwater Nuwagaba She is powerful indeed dats why she is an issue.

Masiga Keneth Gard Ndianabo The reason they are always shot

Masiga Keneth Gard Ndianabo With that kind of impunity and disgrace they should hope and expect more shootings

Mayor T. Richmondshire Ida amin was very good but you refused him

Amanya Obed George Jr. At any point in time, its a human nature to regret every decision he or she makes in life whether good or bad….Its OUR Uganda all the right to change the current situation whether bad or good lies in our hands

Aloysius Ssempala The Banyarwanda(western Ugandans) gunmen(crime cartel) are such a nuisance. But I suppose that goes without saying.

Amanya Obed George Jr. Can u plz be specific…….and live ur age and stop exposing ur arrogancy.
When you say western ugandans r gun men i personally dont understand can you clearly demacate ur statement. …….western uganda does not even make a quarter of uganda’s total population you are the pple who sit back and dont decide for yourself when its voting time! A few individuals can not RULE u and u accept stand up 4 ur ryt nd stop complaining…

Amanya Obed George Jr. She is a hero! If continue keeping qt over things that are paining us most, we will die slowly! and we will be the ones to blame our children deserve something better!!!!!……

Kabs May These goons


Carlos Curts #set free…Mrs Stella Nyanzi…..

Amanya Obed George Jr. #Nyanzi die hard

Tusingwire Micheal Hahahaha

Davis Bonzer Wampaya And when they die mbu kitalo…! Let them incite people

Amanya Obed George Jr. so u think when they die ts them that are hurt! They r playing their roles as concerned citizens, today it may be mine but u never know tomorow it may befall ur family or friend…..”Uganda tegula mirambo”. Die a hero nd be respected or die a coward nd be eaten by voltures

Davis Bonzer Wampaya So how does it help to die fatefully and yo future is tossed to other people after being used? We are men not condoms! I regret this young mans wasted brains for gun shot burial respect! Cmon

Godfrey Iga Freedman fighter,they cannot break her

Christine Yeko ?????

Godfrey Iga Spell check issues, I meant freedom fighter

Dennis Goldwater Nuwagaba Instead of mourning a fallen Hero first they are into beefing, let Afande Kaweesi first reach heaven Bambi is still resting on planet mass kwanza.
Just like fighting wiz your wife in the presence of guests.

Margaret Kirunda Why would anybody want to silence Dr.Stella Nyanzi? Let her talk, let her travel to wherever she wants to go. She is a talented creative free spirit, an intellectual and an academic. She like Matembe is good for Uganda. She is an asset. We want to watch her grow unrestrained, unretarded, untethered, unshackled and unafraid because that is who she is, a free spirit. Free Stella Nyanzi!

John Lee Inform me, is she one of the murder suspects?

Bamanyisa Patrick Abbooki How can they arrest someone going to import sanitary pads for our daughters? surely?

Kamanzi Davis Lukyamuzi Let her undress for them

Nassozi Luckie Sheenah twajjirwa m7 n his rotten regime

Catherine Nakatudde Hmmmm…. Stella. U wait for KGS !!