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    Sam Kutesa’s daughter Musherure rejects Mawogola North results.
    Musherure: “I would like to inform my supporters that we were not won, we were just cheated. I have always heard people saying that there is vote rigging in NRM but I thought they were just lies. I have now accepted, You can’t separate Vote rigging and NRM party. In Kikoma we got 345 and Sodo got 50 but Tanga Odoi came back and nullified the results. You can’t say that in 6 villages I got no any single vote.”


    1. Don’t advertise your happy marriage on social media.

    2. Do not advertise pregnancy on social media.

    3 .Don’t advertise your kids achievements on social media.

    4. Don’t advertise your expensive buys on social media.


    1. Not everyone is going to be happy for you.

    2. Most of the “nice” comments you get are just fake.

    3.You just attracting the evil eye on you & your family.

    4. You just attracting jealous people into your life.

    5. You don’t know who’s saving your pictures & checking your updates.

    6.You really need to stop this as because it may ruin your life, family, marriage and career.

    BELIEVE ME – Social media sometimes is the devils eyes, ears & mouth, don’t fall into the devils trap. Let a part of your life remain private please..
    Hope I make some sense to someone?.
    Good morning and enjoy your day!


    We live in a country where truth is mistaken for bitterness and hate, where people are afraid to speak their mind hence burying the truth rendering the Nation into a moral dilemma. But in the end, silence must be broken and truth spoken. When you speak the truth against a regime, you become an enemy of the state, if you have a big following like some musicians, you end up being bought like a cow, plot of land or a house to keep quite forever. If you speak about unemployment, endemic corruption, deteriorating health facilities & crossover to NRM, you become rich with rewards like, cows, jobs, land, cars at the cost of tax Payer’s money in an overnight and start deleting statements that you had earlier spoken about. This is envisaged by some of our “leaders” like Betty Kamya, Beatrice Anywar, Betty Amongi & Nakiwala Kiyingi. Some of the “religious leaders” have also been compromised with vehicles and church contributions to keep silent forever amidst absolute poverty biting majority of Ugandans. President Museveni has built NRM on hypocrisy and dishonesty by creating a sense of belief among some Ugandans that he is a demi god who will not die, he is omni-present hence killing nearly all public institutions like UPTC, URC, Uganda Airlines, Uganda Dairy Corporations, CMB, Govt Ministries and other public and private parastatals.
    This has further given him a firm grip to preside over a nation that has lost all its resources with impunity, plunder of public assets shall take generations to redeem. The evil of corruption has eaten the Country to the borne marrow by allowing cronies to grab public land, forests, play ground, parks and even cemeteries under the watchful eye of the army. The looting of minerals perpetrated by “his army” and some senior officials has taken all gold in Mubende, oil in Buliisa, Sand from Lwera and fish across the Lakes turning the Nation into the mouth of a shark. If any of you thinks that praising Museveni will fight Corruption and redeem Uganda, it’s a pity.
    He has turned some Asians and Chinese as “disguised investors”/business partners” a channel for looting and extorting the Country without paying taxes hence, becoming a conduit in funding his political campaigns. (Oil concessions, SGR, Isimba dam & Lubowa Hospital) are some of the projects that have unleashed a lot of dirty linen under NRM leadership. This economic burden shall be felt many more generations to come with a huge debt burden.
    The destruction of environment will never go un punished by the so called invisibles taking away Uganda’s beauty (wetlands) turning some cities like Kampala a from green city to a garbage waste it is today.
    The rate of tribalism especially in the police is alarming, if one is not mistaken, he/she might be tempted to think that Uganda has got one tribe eligible to enrol into a police force thus quantifying it to be one of the most corrupt institutions since post independence Uganda.


    Esteri Akandwanaho, General Salim Saleh’s daughter has filed an application in court, seeking an order for her former husband Eng. Ronald Ndizeeye to be subjected to a psychiatric examination.

    Esteri, though her lawyer of Kashilingi Rugaba and Associates on Tuesday asked the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court to order for Ndizeeye’s medical examination as a result of his conduct.

    “In the circumstances, we humbly seek that the matter be fixed and Your Worship proceeds to have the Respondent (Ndizeeye) undergo a mental psychological evaluation by a professional,” reads in part the letter.

    Esteri filed for Divorce in 2017 at the High Court Family Division seeking sole custody of the three children.

    Lady Justice Alexandra Nkonge Rugadya granted the Divorce petition, but ordered for joint custody of the children.

    Unhappy with court’s decision, Esteri petitioned against the ruling.

    The High Court referred her to Nakawa Chief Magistrates’ court and the Magistrate directed that the couple goes for mediation as is the practice for all Civil Matters.

    Esteri says however that Ndizeye refused to participate in mediation and eventually the  process collapsed.

    She says in the meantime, her ex-husband has continued in an irrational and provocative manner, to visit their three daughters at school with strangers.

    This she says is the reason she wants her former husband to undergo mental examination.

    The letter was served to Ndizeye’s lawyers of Bowmans/AF Mpanga Advocates  and they acknowledged its receipt on the same date.


    The Ministry of Works and Transport has selected Profiles International to undertake the search process for the chief executive officer of the Uganda Airlines.

    Cornwell Muleya a Zambian National is currently Uganda Airlines acting CEO.

    Ministry of Works and Transport that last year called for bids of competent firms to undertake the search process, has chosen Profiles International, subject to vetting by the Solicitor General before it can sign the contract.

    Profiles International Uganda Limited (PIUL) is an affiliate of Profiles International Inc. (PII), a Waco, Texas, USA-based firm that provides solutions to a wide range of Human Resource challenges.

    The firm beat three others in a process that the procurement and disposable unit of the Works Ministry started last month.

    The CEO position is open to foreigners to allow a wide range of talent to sustain the recently revived Uganda Airlines.

    Before the launch of the airline, Mr Muleya had been serving as a technical adviser with Mr Ephraim Bagenda,an aeronautical engineer, holding the managing director’s role..

    However, Mr Bagenda has since been moved to a new position of director of engineering and maintenance.


    Ministers in charge of the Labour and Security have been tasked by parliament to present a status update on the exact number of Ugandan security guards serving in the Middle East.

    This directive from Speaker Rebecca Kadaga followed concerns about the safety of these Ugandans, after it emerged that some were involved in the riotous scenes that played out early this month in Baghdad.

    Different media outlets reported that guards that were filmed trying to fend off supporters of Iranian backed Kataib Hezbollah were of Ugandan origin.

    These were reportedly guarding the United States Embassy in the zone when protests broke out over the USs military attack on neighboring Iran.

    The issue was resurrected yesterday by Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Roland Kaginda while speaking on the floor of parliament.

    Kaginda, who claims to have some of his constituents in the Arabian Peninsula pointed out that at the beginning of the American invasion in Iraq 2003, there were 6000 Ugandans. However, he expressed deep concern that government had not made efforts to ascertain the real number in the face of similar incidents.

    “I want the government of Uganda to inform us about the safety of Ugandans who are there and how many they are. Two; what plans does the government have to evacuate those security guards who are working there because the situation in Iraq is not good for them,” he stated.

    On his part, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda the Kira Municipality MP asked whether government was keeping tabs on this militaristic migrant force saying it has capability of stirring trouble.

    “It is estimated that about 10,000 Ugandans are working as guards, they are armed people,” Semujju noted.

    Responding, State Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi acknowledged their fears. However, Nakiwala stated that she was preparing a report on Labour externalization before asking to be given time to liaise with the security ministry to this effect.

    Speaker Kadaga while ruling on the matter cautioned members to focus on the safety of these guards primarily and leave other complicated questions to deal with evacuation and resettlement aside.

    “First of all these people went to Iraq, they signed contracts. No one sent them. They are coming back. I think let’s concentrate on the safety of Ugandan guards in Iraq which the minister is going to answer,” she advised.

    Last year while presenting a statement to parliament, Peace Mutuuzo the State Minister for Gender and Culture indicated that the number of Ugandan laborers in Middle East countries had risen to 83,328.

    Leading the pack was United Arab Emirates (UAE) with close to 30,000 followed by Iraq with 19,719 although it is not clear what type of work they are engaged in.


    Total SA has suspended its planned $3.5 billion crude export pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania after the collapse of a deal to buy a stake in Tullow Oil Plc’s oil fields in Uganda.

    By Fred Ojambo and Paul Burkhardt

    The French oil major has terminated all activities related to the 1,445-kilometer (898-mile) conduit from its crude fields in Uganda to Tanga in Tanzania because shared ownership in the project was to be determined upon the completion of the Tullow deal, an official familiar with the project at Total’s Ugandan office said.

    Last week, Tullow Oil was forced to abandon plans to sell a stake in its Ugandan project to Total and China’s Cnooc Ltd. and restart the process from scratch after tax negotiations stymied the deal. The termination of the agreement was a blow to Tullow, which had sought partners to help it develop about 1.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil in its Ugandan fields.

    After Tullow discovered oil in landlocked Uganda in 2006, the country made ambitious plans to construct a 216,000-barrel-a-day pipeline and a refinery. Its anticipated time line for delivering first oil from the project was adjusted multiple times. A recent government estimate stated that it would come online in 2022. A final investment decision on the project was targeted for the end of this year.

    The project’s partners and Uganda’s government will have to come up with a “sensible new target” to give it the green light, Tullow Chief Executive Officer Paul McDade said after the company announced it planned to scrap the stake sale.

    Total E&P Uganda, which was leading the pipeline project, dismissed employees who were set to undertake works on it, the official said. The explorer was involved in initial land acquisition in both countries, the official said.

    Cnooc Uganda Ltd., which is jointly developing the country’s crude finds, suspended at least 12 employees following delays on the project, a company official familiar with the matter said by phone without providing further details.