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    Wade olabye banji,wade onsanze banji nkimanyi olabye banji, Nzalina evako,nze alina Eswaga, nze alina figure nze agabemere awooma -Kyekyo baby.


    Good things will come to you if u focus on positives and forget the negatives


    The only thing she wanted from you was love? wama ma baby have fun life is too short!!


    Did you know that when you think or missing that special person in your life it happens to him or her too?


    Good morning, wishing y’all a very productive week! New day, new week, new opportunities, same goals!
    You May See The Struggle But You Will Never See Me Quit.


    Am different from de person you met in ya dreams, just love and welcome ma change…..
    Btw the rate dis behind ting is growing at, am also scared…..