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    A man from Gulu has become the laughing stock of the village and this is after he was caught doing the unthinkable in the bushes.

    The man had a habit of sleeping with the maid when the wife was absent and so he found himself in a tight spot when the wife declared one day she was not going to work.

    And because he had to get his daily dose, he asked the maid to pretend she was going to meet a friend so that they could hook up at a nearby bush.

    Unfortunately many people saw them and caught them red handed in the act.

    They urged them to continue in front of a camera or else they would be beaten like stray dogs. They had no option but to oblige.



    A woman tells her husband that she is going to visit her sick mum in the village. She goes on Friday and returns on Sunday, with plenty of fruits and food stuff, saying they are from her mum to the husband and the children. Then, the husband gently asks her about her mother’s health and how she was doing, to which she replies that she took her to the hospital in the village and she is recovering and getting better. The wife adds that her mother insisted that she must re-visit the village in a few days, to spend at least a week with her.* *”I’m worried about Mama” the wife crooned, with tears swelling in her eyes.* *”She’ll be fine, dear.” Husband lovingly replied.* *The husband then politely asks her to take the items to the kitchen.* *As she enters, she meets her mother preparing food in the kitchen.* *Apparently, her mum came visiting since the Friday that she left home.* *You can imagine the plight of this woman. stuck, shocked, dazed and dumb founded at the kitchen door!* *whether to go in and drop the item’s from mama’, or return to her husband in the livingroom!* *How would you handle this case if u are the husband or what explanation will u give if u r d woman?* *Please your humble opinion is required.*

    *Send this to all ur male and female friends.* *Lets see who fix it well*


    Joke of the day: πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    A woman is having an affair during the day while her husband is at work.

    Her nine-year-old son comes home unexpectedly,
    sees the illegal lovers and hides in the bedroom cupboard to watch.

    Then the woman’s husband unexpectedly comes home.

    She hides her lover in the cupboard, not realizing that her little boy is in there already.

    The little Boy says:
    “Dark in here.”

    The Man says:
    “Yes, it is.”

    ;I have a soccer ball, do you want to buy it?”

    ;No, thanks.”

    ;My dad’s outside, I’ll call him if you don’t buy it!”

    “OK, how much?”

    Boy: 😜 😜 😜

    A few weeks later it happened again , and the boy and the lover were in the cupboard together again.

    “Dark in here.”

    ;Yes, it is.”

    “I have soccer boots.”

    The Man, remembering the last time, and asks the boy:
    “How much?”

    The Boy says 😜 😜 😜

    The Man says:
    “Fine, I will buy them.”

    A few days later, the Father says to the boy:
    “Grab your ball and boots,
    let’s go outside and have a game.”

    The Boy says:
    “I can’t, I sold them for $ 6,000.”

    The Father says: 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳
    “That’s terrible to overcharge your friends like that… $ 6,000 is way more than those two things cost.

    I’m going to take you to church and make you confess your “SINS.”

    They go to church and the father makes the little boy sit in the confession booth and he closes the door.

    The Boy says:
    “Dark in here.”
    😜 😜 😜 😜 😜

    The Priest says: “Don’t start…


    I am magical!!


    Let’s travel go to music and art events, brunch , beaching, shop, dine, do yoga and meditate… that’s making love to your soul.. doing what it desires

    That’s revolution!


    The return of the trained revolutionary

    After learning the revolutionary trade, you pack and go to live with the masses……Lazima tutaje kombowa!!


    To the Citizens of East Africa. Today we bring you the first part on how to spot Rwandan spies working for Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni dictatorships.


    Kizza Besigye Kifeffe boxed out

    The Fake Kizza Besigye Kifeffe will continue to box himself and his buddy Yoseri Kayibanda-Yoweri Museveni-Kanywanusayi-Luwero Butcher-Northern Uganda Butcher-robber of Ugandans….


    This thing coning Ugandans-the Museveni gangasters have indeed taken Ugandans for idiots. But the truth is naked for everyone to see…..Luwero thugs don’t and will never change to serve the interests of Ugandans, but themselves and their greedy egos.


    Kawesa's girlfriends also want people to send them condolences

    Apparently, the late Kawesa’s girlfriends also want people to send them condolences……….well, why not?

    Salimah Kajubi Stupid dis is not a talkshow just sympathize wz de widow pliz!

    Frank Mutega Ssemuwemba are u really a Muslim To post that after someone’s death. Why does politics make u stupid? Who will take u serious again

    Ekadu Denis Lakini human beings…!!,

    Frank Mutega Are u really the diaspora spokesman of Besigye? Just because your in London working in a cemetery doesn’t make you that stupid

    Rutaburingoga Sulah Wakabirigi Am a little disappointed in u my bro, it couldn’t be u spreading this king of fake news at this moment when someone has been killed in such a brutal manner. Why do u even confirm thats his girl friend and dont u have any outside yr marriage? Sometimes we need to grow up and avoid being TVO

    Enoq Omwanawomwanawomuntu Etwino Sabitiira Growing up also is letting people be who they are. You can’t coerce them into your desired ideals.

    Justin Kenj ….Add common sense in who you are..

    Frank Bainomugisha That’s rubbish bwaana semuwemba

    Carol Allen Atukunda I didn’t know that taking a picture with a man, is an indicator of side dishing.

    Frank Bainomugisha Definitely it’s not but narrow and shallow minded people may believe so to be true.

    Carol Allen Atukunda Rest in peace Kaweesi

    Victor Busobozi Senior Abayaye

    Rukiidi Atwooki Rwakasimbi Abbey Semuwemba,

    Sankara Black Hahaha

    Meymah Ally Haha

    Evelyn Irumba This is becoming ridiculous, a person lost his life and all you can do is find some fun into this. Please focus this isnt a game.

    Kabega Jimmy Wamala Those who killed Kaweesa will divert you with all sorts of fucken theories like this one . Kitalo nnyo.They are trying to make you think that it was love related. Tulabye nnyo.

    Ntensibe Ishaq side dishes kitalo nyo bambi

    Arayo Emmily What a cruel world is this post even necessary just let the family morn their father, brother, uncle, son, n husband let’s not bring our stupidity at this trying moments besides they were in a relationship with a married responsible man n I don’t think our hero did that so stop if you are joyful for his death don’t show it on the media or els you shall regret it,people are not easy just because they need money n some are soon coming with kids even when they know they are not for him, they should handle such kind of people properly n I wish I had the GATS to deal with such people

    Ntensibe Ishaq we shall all die one day just prepare for that day guy no big deal it’s a must

    Frank Mutega By the way what is eating u hair, semuwemba, you may have cancer of the brain, please check since u in U.K.

    Kabega Jimmy Wamala Ate laba ono banange!!
    Iam wondering the type of schs some of these chaps attended if any!

    Young Wabbit Just respect the man pliz

    Johnlouis Muhirwa Why post such? Let the family mourn their loved one.put your self in their shoes.

    Waliggo Grace Trish they will get condolenses on their deadbodies prostitutes

    Sankara Black Ba mudomomudomo

    Waliggo Grace trush

    Sink Sinka Gwe SEMMANA !
    Sorry i even failed to spell your name…i want to tell you that you are so so Stupid! .when will your brain start to function in mature ways …Dont be such an idiot !

    Peter Lubega sm pipo can b foolish banange!

    Nakaweesa Sharon I think someone has hacked Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba z account. He cant post such

    Ken Man Take t tht heros never die. If they so die, e entire continent mourns.

    Halie Hellen Members respect ur age.wat if iz ur father pliz behave mancurelly!

    Ofumbi Emmanuel β€œThe care of human life and happiness is the only legitimate object of good government”. Thomas Jefferson.

    Ssembatya Frank The one in blue is just a fan

    James Baguma Some people are really heartless! People are morning our galant soldier for you are posting nonsense! It’s a pity!

    Blessing Poshlyn Ndamz Heavens sake, leave the man to rest in peace

    Lwasa Paul Bad test kasilugwe.what tribe ur you?Tubaavu.

    Kamulasi John Abo bafenatumubule

    Mastula Mercy Kateete Bt this black lady she looks like anfande Muhammad kilumila’z wife..guys get serious

    Mugoya Richard K Professor Joshua Alabi writes. I do not pretend to be older than my grandpa, but the truth is despite my age, I’m old enough to confess that life is indeed a mystery.

    I’ve seen a Landlord becoming a tenant before his death.

    I’ve seen owner of a ‘ benz’ pedalling a bicycle not for sports but for transportation.

    I know a student who became the Vice Chancellor in his former University with most of his lecturers still teaching under him.

    I have seen once rejected boy becoming the bread winner for a whole community.

    A once sought-after lady begging a young guy half her age to date her.

    A victor becoming a victim.

    A driver’s conductor buying the bus of his master.

    A borrower recruiting the credit manager.

    In life, no one knows tomorrow & you can never trust life, because its mysterious.

    Never ever forget, U may not know the full story, don’t be quick to judge, every coin has two sides.

    Treat everyone in your life fairly like your own & love as much as you live.

    So let us be kind, love more & do not try to be smart in anything; for we do not know what tomorrow holds for us.

    Vivi Penny u are very right

    Eric Ssozi Thanks bro

    Brenda Brianah Its not funny..

    Eng Joseph Odongo Bongonyinge The good thing its Kaweesa not Kaaweesi

    Mutara Edmond Ntare @Abbey Semuwemba I am waiting for that kind of post on your wall the day you loose your beloved one

    Anshemize Ketra Ffe obo tetubanyi badagileyo mybwenzi

    Mugoya Richard K Listen: some of us Ugandans we are commenting out of emotional fronting one man as if an angel yet all life before God is equal, we are not judging him coz only God has that power. He dint lose life alone but we are belittling others as if they were animals or dint have loved ones and families. This is bad emotions to Carry our sentiments, am looking at him wat speciality does him have to make him more than u posting for him to be like a small God? People have been dying at the hands of police if he is so special which stand did he take, did he resign or changes things, or apologize or show remorse or repent on behalf of police? I deeply condemn killings his death is untimely coz the country still wanted his services. But we all need life the same way, there is no special case here coz non of us can say would have gone in place of him, if there is any then there’s still time for you to go together with him. We all love life the same way whether little know or poor or a driver or security guard, but now we forget the driver and guard who earn little but at the heart of the country with poor families and very few can know their role. It time to do good the same way u expect coz sometimes gun powder traces its routes though it doesn’t solve everything other than escalating the problems.

    Anichan Charity Annet That’s sense, all are equal before almighty, whether little or old , all have the same life that GOD gives.

    ELizabeth Asiimwe Can’t you show some little respect Mr Abbey? The lightening that will strike you is still gathering momentum. Eishhhh….

    William Mubiru Surely, Abbey I didn’t expect such from you.

    Nalongo Irene Debbielove Its a shame

    Kakeeto Godfrey U can’t more catholic than de pope,u can’t claim to b more muganda than de kabaka,do cry more than de bereaved.

    Said Bin Arab Arab Women will always be women

    MaryAisha Kaahwa Cruel world

    Nadongo Cissy Stupid do you even know what it means to be a husband malaaya gwe

    Omia Samuel Ivan Confused

    Catherine Namuli Stop being stupid we have selfies with him Shud we all parade them here Oba mwabaki muzunza mitwe mikalu kasasilo

    Jeff Laxy Banange wats all did for

    Sky Rymz Gold No condominium for u piliz tusasile

    Assy Jenifer Bitujeko amaalo ,kati ne gweyagambako nti olyotya naye agenda kugamba nti yabade bf .TUMBAVU

    Shevchenko Cradleman Public mockery

    Fahad Douson Rip

    Nightingale Tiko U are as stupid as ur mother, what an idiot, is that what you can say.

    Evelyn Irumba Eeeeh banange do u know his mother? Why dont u insult him but why involve someone’s family moreover mother. This coming from a woman.
    Nightingale Tiko Yes am a woman but how can a normal person behave like that.

    Geresem Odeke Inspiring message

    Nakirijja Vivian Rip

    Munila Omar Mwakafa olumbe tuumbavu u just a side dish he was married bagasia mwee

    Kato Daniel ha ha

    Fahad Douson I don’t brm u even yo name resembles yo wds

    Princess Rynnie Daphine But that one in blue is a sister they even showed her in news she collapsed
    Silence is gold if u HV no idea don’t post rubbish tulina ennaku yaffe . today its him tomorrow someone else. #abbey semuwemba yo not married bcz u HV many and can’t make a choice if he did n married someone ,kigumire. Swallow yo balls if yo so much concerned . mutujja mwoyo bcz of yo ignorance . sincerely Mugoya Richard K is that the best u would post ? Emitwe Gino!!!!!!!!

    Mugoya Richard K People cant speak good about God but they pretend to speak good about humans, am not the sort carried by the trend of events coz I know non of the humans stand at nite on my door to sacrifice his rest time to protect me only God is worthy praise not petty talks. Let God be exalted he is the giver and taker and he doesn’t consider how people see you as big.

    Stev Mzee U must insane

    Lwasa Paul Tuumbavu.Menopause signs.kumanyoko.

    Sseruwujjo Mark Olinga embizzi

    Nabukeera Misha Mutwale eri who knows u

    Aliba Elina RIP

    Leander Ankunda Stupid lies

    Leander Ankunda He was friendly so someone can think otherwise

    Leander Ankunda He was a friendly person not segregative so anyone wud take a pic with him

    Namayanja Rebecca You stupid slat who doesnt know even yo belongs ad who wll never even step aleg to the church for yo holy marriage stop being stupid leave kaweesi to rest in peace (ezomaraya) zeraga ad da person posting dat pliz style up

    Munila Omar True dear thy a just showing off we know who his wife is those a just side dish

    Leander Ankunda Tell them those lazy sluts should just shut up they want free Money

    Mugoya Richard K Am sorry #Princess, am on my knees for that but u cant blame me coz I don’t dream of pictures used on social media their sources I just used it to send a message that am watching not to ridicule the image of the person. I even didn’t know the pic has origin in Uganda. But I will check yo time line to see how big you love her and see if you have ever posted her to show your concern in her pride coz as well me I can copy u and do the same way on my timeline in support of wat she’s or she went through. Let her be healed in Jesus name.

    Vicky K Nakanjako Bt wd dt b da best picture u can post n dis tryng moments….fuck off

    Ocungi Patrick Ugen Are they really mourning Or rejoicing?…or they want to make money out it ?…I hv. Failed to understand this.

    Stella Sazin Hmmm
    Kili ug wano

    Robert Kiggundu Noted

    Frista Bint Nankumbi Ani abamanyi temutukoya mwe banakyeyombekedde mugende mufire eriii ur da people who destroys people’s marriage tumbavu

    Munila Omar Bagambe batabuuzi may Allah curse then

    Frista Bint Nankumbi Bili awo byasama ebitazimba mbu condolence kumanyoko.bikikuze bigende eri nebisirani byabwe

    Chekwesis Damaris Rip

    Christine Yeko Thieves of others husbands.

    Grace Mbabazi Stop your rubbish you sluts! He was a descent man N could take a pic with anybody!
    Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

    Eunith Kesande Naye gwe ngo oba sozezza nyo!

    Eric Asiimwe Nosense.

    Joyce Olanya Even in death your greed out ways everything.Respect his family.. Plea……

    Namulindwa Saudah Even maama fiina wants condolences

    Nahabwe Annette Naye what shows that they were his girlfriends,these are random pictures 😏😏😏

    Evelyn Irumba Thinking the exact same thing. People can misinterpret a comment. The lady on the left used the words “other” and people where quick to conclude that she was a sidechick. Banange had no idea that it was meant for that. So many people think outside the box. ” others means alot of different things.

    Winny Lomodo U idiots, heartless people leave the man to rest in peace banage it’s non of ur business whether he had girlfriends or not

    Mugumya Micheal Jr. You peaple i really dare you

    Halima Mukama Namwanje Ahaaa

    Sarah Nalukenge What is the fuss about? .Apart from the late Gen, Aronda, Katumba Wamala, and a few others, most of the high ranking people in the army and police have side dishes. Kawesi was no angel and his women are many and known. He even had a child with one of the ladies he was once investigating.

    Mutara Edmond Ntare you seem to know alot about the side dish tricks.You must be a mistress to a chain of them

    Princess Rynnie Daphine Ntare I like

    Sheba Alele Fake news

    Nsubuga Edrine Death has no escape remember

    Eunith Kesande My fellow women if you are in love with a Man and it happens that he dies before he introduced you to any body amongst his family members and you don’t have any child with him, I don’t see it brave enough to expose your self and even in media you better let it go and live his beloved family in peace.

    Nakato Namutebi These picture(s) are not enough evidence to say they are girlfriends. Being a public figure or may be friendly in nature , any one can ask to take a public selfie. This is what you want all your leaders to act , friendly to masses Instead of being afraid of the police/ military uniform.

    Halima Kiberu i thought a girl friend means being a friend to someone who is a girl?

    Nakato Namutebi Not in this context Halima Kiberu . Either way , that’s what I’m explaining.Taking a picture with a public figure doesn’t mean you are friends( in any shape of form). It means you know him but he/she may not even remember your face if you meet him/her again. The words girlfriend/ boyfriend are contextual.

    Suzan Kyabest Nalubwama At least. Let’s respect the family of the late Andrew. For the little gud u know abt him, let’s not add more pain to the expecting mother.

    Munila Omar U a rite ma dear

    Ayikodeyo Joyce You stupid and heartless women if I had powers you deserve arrest your the first suspect of this murder

    Peter Nsereko R. I. P

    Princess Rynnie Daphine I know # Suzan Kyabest Nalubwama bakuwe kyonywa yo an intelligent woman

    Denisco Denis U would have exposed ur self earlier

    Claire Lukoda Hhh

    Kyokushaba Agnes Rip

    Twinobusingye Kakuru Lucky Let’s no b the stress factor to the expecting mum

    Kateregga Abedi Sorry they can’t be.all women have know.that every powerful man have to be with different Relationship that is the fact for the security purpose

    Kateregga Abedi If other woman’s who just knew him just after death there in pain naye oyo asula naye mutujeeko akyapizo

    Claire Lukoda Eh kati bottom tebalumidwa?

    Kukunda Rahma Mwesiba Ku Bantu!!!!!!!

    Kasule John Let Us Stop Jokes in kawesi’s death

    Ressi Ressi Resty Why don’t they leave us alone and we mourn for our dia kaweesi.

    Stev Mzee Are u one of them

    Stev Mzee Then condolences to u

    Claire Lukoda Hehehe anti abakazi be Uganda!



    Don’t fix your eyes on a guy’s finance.
    Many of you believe that you are too
    expensive, therefore any guy that doesn’t have
    money cannot date you, that’s not what makes a
    woman expensive.
    An expensive woman or girl is the one that can
    keep her body till marriage.
    Your body is more valuable than any amount of
    money a guy can offer you.
    Don’t ever under rate any guy because you feel he
    doesn’t have the money to take care of you.
    Many of you will start counting the cost of your
    cosmetics, clothes, etc. And you expect the guy to
    provide it for you always,but that’s not the way.
    We all are human beings, you have human
    conscience, put your own brother in the guy’s
    shoes, these things scare many guys
    away from you.
    You don’t know who God has destined for you.
    True love is not just about money.
    God has been so kind to me, because the
    girl I’ve dated, never put money in front. In fact
    she was helping me when I needed. That’s what
    love is all about. If I develop interest in any girl
    now & I find out she is after money, I cannot
    continue with such girl, because such girl cannot
    sit down with me & listen to know about my own
    challenges, rather she can even lead me to go
    extra mile just to satisfy her needs.
    If you are in this class of girls, please try to
    adjust, better days are ahead.
    Try to know your man’s capability,many of us
    guys like to rate ourselves very high before galz
    but don’t give your body, but
    try to be affordable towards innocent guys like
    AGREED??? Enjoy your week


    Developing News- Stella Nyanzi intercepted at 4am at Entebbe airport, her passport confiscated, stopped from leaving the country. More details as I get them.

    Fellow Ugandans and all global citizens concerned with civil liberties, human rights and constitutional freedoms, wake up and resist the infringement of our collective and individual rights. The state is running amok in Uganda, and indulging in illegitimate extra-judicial punitive acts of intimidation.

    The newest infringement of my freedom of movement, a human right that is provided for all citizens of Uganda, shows how abusive and oppressive the Musevenis, their mercenaries within public institutions, the police, the immigration services and even civil aviation authority have become. As I posted earlier this morning, I was barred from traveling to University of Amsterdam to attend an academic conference – an integral part of my professional duties. Immigration officers seized and confiscated my passport including a valid Schengen visa to the Netherlands, and my boarding passes. After intense hushed consultations on cellphone, they instructed me to go back to CID in order to get clearance for any travel.

    I asked them why CID had put me on the blacklisted “No Fly List”. I told them that I am not a wanted criminal and I have neither charges nor summons levied against me. I told them I love Uganda too much to flee from my home-country. I asked them who had put my names on this evil list of theirs, and they revealed two identities. Firstly, I was told that the complainant who issued summons for me because of alleged “Offensive Communication and Cyber Harassment” has also issued executive orders against my travel outside the country. Shame on Museveni and his wife Janet for violating my freedom of movement and abusing my right to practice my academic profession. handed me over to three big-bodied police officers who escorted me out of the airport. Secondly, I was told that the IGP put a hit on my data within the immigration databases. He put my name on the “No Fly List”. Shame upon the Inspector General of Police for bootlicking this rogue regime.

    Today, it’s me, tomorrow it’s you! The mafiaso state has added a travel ban onto the other infringements of my human rights including a social media gag, public media ban on media houses from reporting about me, a circular banning citizens from giving pads to girls in Uganda, intimidation through interrogation by military and police officers, and executive orders for untenable transfers and direct meddling with my academic profession at Makerere University. Shame on the men and women masquerading as leaders of this country, for attempting to imprison me within Uganda.

    This regime set fire to my household’s garden when they unjustly botched up my job at Makerere University. Regime goons have now come back and strangled the only cow i was milking in order to feed my children. It is high time that Ugandans wake up and we resist the NRM fuckery of Uganda. I am ready to take a bullet for the liberation of Uganda from Museveni, his bu-men and his ga-women. Enough is enough, people! Twelwaneko naye agasajja gatukulusanya. Museveni, his wife, the NRM and every public official who oils their system of abuse of human rights of Ugandans are no longer fit to lead Uganda. We must arise, resist, and defeat these rapists of our motherland. I am gathering my irish potatoes, camera-phone, laptop and cooking pots to go and wage a liberation war against these men with guns, knives and poison. Please join me with whatever weapons you have. We must liberate our country from Museveni’s occupation.

    Geoffrey Oduk Noted

    Amooti Ruhweza May be she is one of the suspects inthe AIGP murder ..uganda zaabu

    Roland Byamukama Story

    Tayebwa Rodger Old news leave the details

    Blessing Poshlyn Ndamz What? Now what has she done?

    Peter Atherton They are infringing on her right to freedom

    David Owiidi Where is freedom of movement and why allow besigye and stop her.

    Okuwan Yafes Atleast she has not been shot dead so afuss abt it they will sort out,afterall freedom of is not anon derogable right it can supressed on various grounds

    Said Bin Arab Arab Is she one of the suspects of kawesi murders

    Bau Gedeon Kijja kugwaa

    Omia Samuel Ivan Confused state and completely disorganized…… Why are we cursed w leaders…. Eheh….you step down you people if leading us has failed

    Awany Andrew Take care of this rotten regime otherwise she may get here self in another world , what I know her protection will come from God not from State.

    Alibet Moses In north korea she would b put on firing squad! And shot using ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADE! (RPG)_aleader is lying dead en u travel! omg!

    Teriyeitu Samuel This is ug not south Korea pliz.bogus talk

    Peter Lubega What exactly do u mean ‘a leader lying dead’? shd a country come to a standstill because sm1 is dead?

    Masiga Keneth Gard Ndianabo How long have you been there brother?

    Christine Yeko ????????

    Denis Okidi Nosense

    Alfred Karuhanga Total idiot…next time save ur garbage for fellow fools

    Sande Moby waliwo abafa nebabaziika naye Uganda ewunya yetaaga kuziika

    Kayira Tonny Nwooooo gaswade

    Nyombi Daniel Christopher john be serious,intercepted for what?she is not a political problem,you guy try to respwct yr age,some of us are not fools like u.

    Balibuza Banuli its d truth sebbo

    Nyombi Daniel Christopher am not denying,am only asking that ‘why’.

    Faisal Kirunda Nkutu Very sad. They want to make her lya enfufu. I knew they were laying a trap for her

    Kamanzi Davis Lukyamuzi Who is that woman anyway

    Amanya Obed George Jr. She is the mother of the nation who fights for the girl child education…a human right and a concerned citizin

    Kamanzi Davis Lukyamuzi Then being mother, i see no reason her leaving her children behind to go in another nation.

    Daniel Matovu Did you inform them that you Nnalongo?

    Were Ber Is she safe now is she one of the politicians or what Uganda needs prayers

    Mugs Eric Our lady .behind her

    Byaruhanga Sulaiman I thought she said she is powerful and can do anything. Why cry now.

    Amanya Obed George Jr. She is a law abidng citizen not those who think the law only works for those who cant speak….

    Dennis Goldwater Nuwagaba She is powerful indeed dats why she is an issue.

    Masiga Keneth Gard Ndianabo The reason they are always shot

    Masiga Keneth Gard Ndianabo With that kind of impunity and disgrace they should hope and expect more shootings

    Mayor T. Richmondshire Ida amin was very good but you refused him

    Amanya Obed George Jr. At any point in time, its a human nature to regret every decision he or she makes in life whether good or bad….Its OUR Uganda all the right to change the current situation whether bad or good lies in our hands

    Aloysius Ssempala The Banyarwanda(western Ugandans) gunmen(crime cartel) are such a nuisance. But I suppose that goes without saying.

    Amanya Obed George Jr. Can u plz be specific…….and live ur age and stop exposing ur arrogancy.
    When you say western ugandans r gun men i personally dont understand can you clearly demacate ur statement. …….western uganda does not even make a quarter of uganda’s total population you are the pple who sit back and dont decide for yourself when its voting time! A few individuals can not RULE u and u accept stand up 4 ur ryt nd stop complaining…

    Amanya Obed George Jr. She is a hero! If continue keeping qt over things that are paining us most, we will die slowly! and we will be the ones to blame our children deserve something better!!!!!……

    Kabs May These goons


    Carlos Curts #set free…Mrs Stella Nyanzi…..

    Amanya Obed George Jr. #Nyanzi die hard

    Tusingwire Micheal Hahahaha

    Davis Bonzer Wampaya And when they die mbu kitalo…! Let them incite people

    Amanya Obed George Jr. so u think when they die ts them that are hurt! They r playing their roles as concerned citizens, today it may be mine but u never know tomorow it may befall ur family or friend…..”Uganda tegula mirambo”. Die a hero nd be respected or die a coward nd be eaten by voltures

    Davis Bonzer Wampaya So how does it help to die fatefully and yo future is tossed to other people after being used? We are men not condoms! I regret this young mans wasted brains for gun shot burial respect! Cmon

    Godfrey Iga Freedman fighter,they cannot break her

    Christine Yeko ?????

    Godfrey Iga Spell check issues, I meant freedom fighter

    Dennis Goldwater Nuwagaba Instead of mourning a fallen Hero first they are into beefing, let Afande Kaweesi first reach heaven Bambi is still resting on planet mass kwanza.
    Just like fighting wiz your wife in the presence of guests.

    Margaret Kirunda Why would anybody want to silence Dr.Stella Nyanzi? Let her talk, let her travel to wherever she wants to go. She is a talented creative free spirit, an intellectual and an academic. She like Matembe is good for Uganda. She is an asset. We want to watch her grow unrestrained, unretarded, untethered, unshackled and unafraid because that is who she is, a free spirit. Free Stella Nyanzi!

    John Lee Inform me, is she one of the murder suspects?

    Bamanyisa Patrick Abbooki How can they arrest someone going to import sanitary pads for our daughters? surely?

    Kamanzi Davis Lukyamuzi Let her undress for them

    Nassozi Luckie Sheenah twajjirwa m7 n his rotten regime

    Catherine Nakatudde Hmmmm…. Stella. U wait for KGS !!


    Me i have no sympathy words to that dead man,what did he do that may make me wish him rest in peace,did he uphold and defend the constitution as a role of a policeman,did he respect people’s rights??? mbu rip rip wama nze kaweesi sijja kulimba tonumye namu wadde nakatono though i never wished u this kind of death,i wanted u to stand b4 the judge then the judge speaks it go 4 kalabba or life imprison or even being innocent.


    Ensi enooo!!!! “”kaseese Killings Were Lawful”” Late Andrew Felix Kaweesi….what about.his??????????


    pray hard for Uganda. when you are in Kampala all the time, you dont know that such schools exist in the villages!

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